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"my mother always told me: 'never be a victim'"


for Google & Co however we should all be a happy victims kindergarten. And if we refuse to be happy victims, we are bad guys (radicals, racists etc).


21.08.21 (translated) [..] "I look forward to an answer soon as to why a former U.S. president is blocked while two Taliban spokespeople are allowed to continue to be active on the platform," U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn wrote in a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Lamborn and other critics argue that Twitter is providing the Taliban with a global platform on which the Islamist group can portray itself as a legitimate force. The argument of social media is that many Afghans depend on up-to-date information about the intentions (could their intentions ever be more clear than this) of the new rulers. Depriving the Taliban of any possibility of public communication could, in this view, run counter to the public interest. [..]
..does not apply to Donald Trump.

Apart of that: Do they have no Radio and no Television in Afghanistan ?

You eager hypocrites!



NYC Restaurateurs It’s Not Our Job to Enforce Vaccine Mandates

In a time where the guy who -in cooperation with the Beijing communist mafia- made the Sars-Cov-2 novel corona virus sits at the medical throne of America...making you all and the rest of the world to his and his friends in Beijing their slaves.

This is the outcome when you put safety before freedom. The outcome is: Lie and slavery!


Do you really believe that to be the better choice than that one of the original America ? Against every logic, against every common sense and against all historical proof.



Newly Released Documents Detail US-Funded Coronavirus Research at Wuhan Institute of Virology: Report

[..] New documents have been released detailing U.S.-funded research on various types of coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in Wuhan, China, where the first outbreak of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus occurred. [..]


[..] When Dr. Anthony Fauci confidently screamed at Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in July - calling him a liar for accusing him of funding so-called "Gain-of-Function" (GoF) research in Wuhan, China to make coronaviruses more transmissible to humans, the argument ultimately faded due to Fauci's unsupported claim that the research didn't technically fit the definition of GoF.
Now, thanks to materials released through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by The Intercept against the National Institutes of Health (which were unredacted enough to toss Fauci under the bus), we now know that Fauci-funded EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based nonprofit headed by Peter Daszak, was absolutely engaged in gain-of-function research to make chimeric SARS-based coronaviruses, which they confirmed could infect human cells. [..]

Main stream media ?

(Update: There esist no documents based on which the sudden change of definition of GoF could be based on or justified with)



Former FDA Commissioner: Fauci Funded Gain Of Function On Even Deadlier MERS-like Coronaviruses  |||  YT

[..] Former FDA head and current Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb reacted to further revelations this week regarding the funding of dangerous gain of function research by Anthony Fauci, noting that a previously unknown fact has emerged that lab tampering was undertaken on MERS-like coronaviruses, which are even deadlier than their SARS-like relatives. [..]

Eventually  it would be good for mankind to get its things straight and open its ears.



Fauci while funding "gain of function"-genetic manipulation of corona virus in Wuhan in order to make it more dangerous to humans: "this (gane-of-function research) is worth a pandemic"


26.09.21 (translated)
[..] Not quite two years before the COVID-19 pandemic * spread worldwide, scientists at the Wuhan Virus Laboratory were planning risky experiments with genetically engineered bat viruses. U.S. researchers were also involved. [..] According to a Sept. 12 Daily Mail report, in 2018 researchers wanted to genetically engineer SARS-related bat coronaviruses to make them more infectious to humans. They were then to be released into bat burrows.  [..]


PCR Sales Soared in Wuhan Before 1st Official COVID-19 Cases Publicized: Report
[..] Spending on tests to detect the novel coronavirus soared in Wuhan, China, several months before the first official reporting of COVID-19 cases, suggesting the virus was already circulating in communities during the northern summer in 2019 before it was made public by Beijing, according to research by Australian cybersecurity firm Internet 2.0. [..]

NIH Admits Funding Gain-Of-Function COVID Experiments; Gives EcoHealth Five Days To Report Data
Fauci "Knowingly. Willfully. Brazenly." Lied


NIH Scrubs 'Gain-Of-Function' Definition From Website After Wuhan Bombshells, Rand Paul Vindicated

Arch. 1|2|3|4  

With this kind of staff leading your country you're in a bad situation and you know that, and if most media do not report, expose, criticize, condemn, these corruptions/manipulations/criminal actions, but lie right into your face while most people refuse to realize what is going on and how they're sold for idiots, you're in big troubles as a deeply corrupt Nation. And you know that.

N.b.: Corrupt means broken character.


Fauci Funded 'Cruel' Puppy Experiments Where Sand Flies 'Eat Them Alive'; Vocal Cords Severed     (Deutsch)


Dr. Anthony Fauci in 2012: "pathogenic gain-of-function research is worth the risk of a potential man-made pandemic."
Meanwhile Fauci's institute is still financing Wuhan lab where gain of function research is supposedly still going on.


Fauci: Definition Of 'Fully Vaccinated' Will Be Changed
Manipulation = Change anything at anytime as required for your purposes.


Emails Expose Fauci, Collins Collusion To 'Smear' Anti-Lockdown Scientists


NIH: No Documents Available On Removal Of "Gain-Of-Function" Definition From Website
 [..] No documents exist explaining why officials decided to remove the definition of “gain-of-function research” from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website, the agency told The Epoch Times.  [..]


Other stuff about the American King





Does this all make any sense ?

Apart from the fact that you can't catapult the islamic

product of a modern day middle age into the future

within one generation or less.

But if you're already there and have it in your

hands, why to throw out of the window 20 years

of effords and probably billions if not trillions of Dollars,

only to get out the worst of all immaginable results.




Biden Vows to Bring Home Every American Who Wants to Leave Afghanistan
When you even don't know what an American is. For instance one that puts one of his feet 5cm on the American soil.


No  comment

02.09.21 "84 Billions in weapons and unbelievably.."



retired Military Generals and Admirals

demanding Defence secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Marc Milley to resign over the mess in Afghanistan."


America's top general "hid nukes" from Donald Trump


Retired general rips Milley for making secret calls to China
about Trump
: "Intollerable actions fall between treason and dereliction of duty"
More near to the communist party of China * * than to President Trump and to his own country.

Milley: "if we're going to attack, I am going to call you ahead of time.
It's not going to be a surprise."

And he is by far not the only one Chinese prolonged arm.





Biden Calls on Companies to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccination *

jeff topps
8/24/2021 at 12:45 PM
Biden* is the Don and he wants businesses to do his dirty work. They become the hitmen and will be blamed when this all goes bust. “Hey, I didn’t do it, they did!”

8/24/2021 at 12:41 PM
That piece of dog crap didn’t mandate White House employees get the clot shot.

Heil Bitler

Remotely controlled dog crap on your way



Border Patrol Arrests Nearly 8,700 Criminal Aliens Despite Thin Ranks
[..] Border Patrol agents have arrested 8,691 criminal aliens coming across the southern border in the past 10 months. Between them, the aliens have committed 12,685 crimes. [..]


White house press secretary: "Afghanistan pullout = greatest success."




This comes from the false flag corner. You know, attack is the best defence.




Today, we proudly present you:

The sand dollar

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444 px


Update 04.09.21



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Typical leftist derangement:

Lost the sight on the forest due the many trees.

First comes the constitution.

You can't argue to safe life while blindly destroying it, because there is no life worth this definition without constitutional rights and freedom, without which it is not life but slavery. Look at history to find out what disasters go on the account of those who ignore these fundamental truth.





AOC and the radical left is against the separation of children from their parents when it comes to immigration i/e border crossings but only a couple of years back we had several cases of children separation from their parents due to their parents critical view on islam here in Europe. However, it is everywhere the same: The left in general is working hard to inconspicuously, mentally and factually separate the children from their parents by disenfranchising the parenthood along to the indoctrination of the children with their hyperradical agendas. So, I can't find the moral in the left.

11|4|486   71   17




363633    42   22                                                                   YT


Two Senior FDA Officials Stepping Down Over Reported Disagreements With White House Over Booster Shots
[..] What finally did it for them was the White House getting ahead of FDA on booster shots [..]
Under Biden administration the White House becomes the Super-FDA itself ?




'Cash For Criminals': San Francisco Will Start Paying People Not To Shoot Each Other
You don't help with money. You help with the truth, with the Holy Spirit, and with  freedom instead of system.

Everything else is unsustainable doctoring around the symptoms. A lie. A business for some hypocrites.




5|35    44644    164

82|473   13    38




Candace Owens: "It isn't conservatives that are chasing people down in offices and restaurants."



Mother Of U.S. Marine Killed In Kabul Attack Censored By Facebook
[..] Mother of a Norco Marine killed in ISIS attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, has blasted U.S. President Joe Biden on social media. As soon as her publication gained popularity, her account was “incorrectly” deleted. [..]

While Taliban, Iranian leaders can freely spread their hatred and lies. Yet what a contrast to D.Trump could have been blasted as much as you want for any stupid reason. This is typical sinister.






Soros Slams BlackRock For Investing In China, Exposing Wall Street's ESG Hypocrisy
[..] "..Today, the U.S. and China are engaged in a life and death conflict between two systems of governance: repressive and democratic." To be sure, Soros is a lone voice when it comes to boycotting China on Wall Street, where the profit potential of the world's most populous nation is enticing enough to make everyone forget and override their ESG (Environment, Social and Corporate governance) pledges, with which they parade in a virtue-signaling procession practically every single day. [..]



Arizona Attorney General: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for City Employees Is Unconstitutional

Tucson Pauses COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate After Arizona Attorney General Deems It Illegal







If the vaccines are in fact vaccines and work then... what protection do those who choose to get them need ?


But if they don't work - if you get vaccinated and are still at risk - then why would someone take one?

It's stupid to take a jab that doesn't actually protect you.

New York City Teacher’s Union Wins Battle Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate



DeSantis Responds to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: ‘In Florida, We Will Fight Back’



On his website *, Elder calls for “returning to the bedrock Constitutional principles of limited government and maximum personal responsibility.”


The truth is the bedrock which the constitution shall be built upon.




Courts Will Rule Against Biden on Vaccine Mandate Penalties: Alan Dershowitz



916    168|833    13



Nearly 8 Million Illegal Immigrants to Get Amnesty Under Biden’s Budget Resolution Says House GOP
[..] Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee strictly oppose the immigration reform measures in the committee’s portion of the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget resolution package because they say the bill grants amnesty to nearly 8 million illegal immigrants and encourages more people to flood the southern border. “June was the highest month on record until July when 212,000 enforcement encounters took place; my guess is August will be higher yet. So, what are Democrats focused on in this legislation? Putting amnesty in a bill for—approximately 8 million illegal immigrants—in a bill that spends $3.5 trillion,” Jordan said in his opening statement to the House Judiciary Committee hearing Monday. [..]
Working hard, for destruction.


[..] "This Is Illegal" - Republican Senator Blasts FAA Decision To Ground Drones Filming Texas Bridge Border Chaos. “I believe that the reason that they’re limiting drone usage is because they don’t want the American public to know, and I think this is illegal,” [..]




Federal Judge Blocks New York State Health Care Worker Vaccination Mandate



3.7.1|512     11     383                                                           YT




65   12|659   12|6




US Announces New Defense Alliance to Counter China, Will Share Nuclear Submarine Technology With Australia
“We all recognize the imperative of ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific over the long term,” Biden said.

Hongkong-peace ?

What about Taiwan ? No mentioning of Taiwan.






The rules: 2|16  496    95    771 and then | this

Didn't these same strange people

for years warn over a looming Trump dictatorship ?

You either go with the right one, or with the allegedly good one,

with those who abide with the law in its foundations

or with those who manipulate it for their

sinister purposes because they do

not have a foundation.




Nicki Minnaj speaks out

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[..] Two North Carolina judges on Friday struck down a law that required identification to vote, alleging it “was enacted with the unconstitutional intent to discriminate against African American voters.” [..]

mikecsr comments:
9/18/2021 at 6:49 PM
Where did it say only blacks needed an ID to vote? That would be racist. Not one race was singled out in that law. Everyone has the same right to get an ID. What a bunch of morons. Now we have to prove a law is not racist?



[..] Meanwhile, San Francisco Mayor London Breed responded to criticism of her not wearing a mask inside a club by saying the “fun police” were making a story out of nothing. [..]
Just go ahead with the good one instead of the right one.



Sen. Kennedy: Biden administration 'lies like they breathe'  [..] "I can't think of a single presidential administration that has broken more plates in its first 9 months than the Biden administration." [..] "the second possible explanation is, that this is all intentional."


The literal openness of the American Democrats.

The only thing they're open is for destruction



Short-Staffed Michigan Hospitals Cut Workers, Beds Amid Patient Surge  [..] The Detroit-based Henry Ford Health Systems announced on Sept. 13 that it was cutting 120 beds from five of its eight hospitals due to a lack of nurses and other staff members to service them. Two days later, Beaumont Health Systems announced that it was temporarily closing 180 beds for lack of staffing. Henry Ford Health and Beaumont Health, along with most of Michigan’s hospital chains, implemented requirements earlier this year for all of their employees to be vaccinated against the CCP virus. Those who refuse to do so face suspension, firing, or resignation for refusing the shot. [..]

The task of the state in a flu epidemic is to provide enough hospital beds but not to play God in the politician's chair and do the exact opposite. What a mess. 




Federal Workers Sue Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

Where are now all those "my body-my choice"-feminist women who crowded the streets in the recent years. Does this credo apply to abortion only, (where indeed there are two bodies involved) but not to vaccination, where indeed there is only one body involved ?



Footage of the so called Capitol riot of Jan.06.2021 released:

5|99   439 2


Organized terrorist attack ?

Why do peoples representatives fear their own people ?

and then..


 FBI openly going Antiamerican

Jan. 6 Committee Confirms Schiff Presented Doctored Text Message Between Meadows and Jordan

Lawyer Calls for Special Prosecutor in ‘Evil’ Beating of Jan. 6 Protester Caught on Video
Biden's Capitol-racket-squad at work.

January 6: A Legacy of Troubling Questions

Videos Shed Light on Death of Rosanne Boyland at US Capitol on Jan. 6

Jan. 6 Narrative Depends on Who Tells the Story



198  45|2

Were the Democrats all conspiracy theorists ?





Rand Paul explaining the trick/trap/lie/game/betrayal/ of so called central bank stimulus i/e big spending and the hypocrisy of the big corporations in front of socialist agendas.





California to Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Students to Attend Schools



The real question is, who in the White House is pulling the strings. It can be anyone but not Biden.




This exists ?
[..] ..the health care workers in NY, that you were calling the heroes
and now you tell them (without experimental vaccine)

they're fired. ..[..]





Declassified Report Definitively Debunks 'Havana Syndrome' Attacks That US Officials Blamed On Russia
[..] Declassified US report "puts to rest the 'microwave attack' theory"... [..]

Russia the whipping boy


[..] The US Food and Drug Administration * announced the resignations of two top vaccine officials (Dr. Marion Gruber, the director of the FDA's Office of Vaccines Research and Review, and her deputy, Dr. Philip Krause) on Tuesday, and reports said the two were leaving in anger over the Biden administration's plan to roll out COVID-19 booster shots before officials had a chance to approve it. [..]

This is the tolerance of the left. And now is all left. The left are those who do everything wrong.




2|81   97|2   5555

 [..] the plane then grazed a lamppost and a traffic light and

finally crashed into a billboard [..]

that hurts



Pentagon Gives Civilian Employees Until Early November to Get Fully Vaccinated



06.10.21 (translated)

Washington Cathedral: 700 Bell tolls for more than 700.000 deaths

486 px

66   19   1

376 px

[..] Trepalle is a village (the highest in Italy) in the Italian Alps, a frazione of Livigno, Lombardy. It is considered to be the village located at the highest altitude in Europe (2,069 m or 6,7|88 ft at the parish church, with the village stretching up to the Passo d'Eira, at 2,209 m or 7,|2|47 ft). Some argue instead that the village of Juf in Switzerland (at 2,126 m or 6,975 ft) is Europe's highest with permanent population, although the same maybe claimed by the Georgian village Ushguli located between 2100 m and 2200 m in Caucasus mountains. [..]




Navy SEALs Lawyer: Military Ignoring Natural Immunity
"..why is natural immunity demonstrated by positive serology being ignored for this vaccine but it’s not for others?'”
Does people realize what is going on ?

Meanwhile RKI-Chief Lothar Wieler (The Robert Koch Institute is the German government's central institution for the identification, surveillance and prevention of infectious diseases) compares Corona to Flu.

"They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." – Benjamin Franklin, for the Pennsylvania Assembly in its Reply to the Governor, 11 Nov. 1755.



Biden(*)Doesn't Know That Vaccinated Individuals Can Still Spread Covid  [..] "We're making sure healthcare workers are vaccinated because if you seek care at a healthcare facility, you should have the certainty that the people providing that care are protected from COVID and cannot spread it to you." [..]
O  M  G



Pfizer Formally Asks Drug Regulators to Let Kids as Young as 5 Get Its COVID-19 Vaccine



Federal Judge Rules Against Natural Immunity Claim Challenging COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

bymimagu comments:
There is NOT an FDA approved “vaccine” available. Comirnaty isn’t available in the US. We are all lab rats…. Check the Judge’s financials. My guess he has Pfizer Moderna and J&J stocks.
This is madness




Oregon Senators Call for Investigation Into Alleged COVID-19 Statistical Manipulation

[..] The lawmakers stated that a whistleblower, under sworn testimony, said the data reported under the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System may have been underreported by a factor of five. [..]
Regarding the diagnosis of COVID-19 through widely-used PCR tests, the senators said that the CDC and the FDA’s setting of one particular test parameter—the cycle threshold—generated “false positives resulting in inflated numbers of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.” Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Michael Mina told The New York Times in August 2020 that tests with too high of a threshold may detect not just live viruses but also genetic fragments. [..]


Seattle Police May Fire ‘Devastating’ Number of Officers Over Vaccination Mandate





Heroine speaking

144     58    974

"America looks like more and more becoming a Police

state rather than being the land of the free."

Meanwhile Americans being sold for stupid.




"What's next, is the Tiananmen square crack down the next?" Woman who survived Maoist China claims school boards (daughter gets raped at school, angry father declared domestic terrorist in school board document) using 'communist tactics, (not only school boards), while  the true is..


Judge Orders United Airlines Not to Put Workers Seeking Vaccine Mandate Exception on Leave




[..] During the exchange, Gupta conceded that his network's framing of Ivermectin, a widely-prescribed anti-parasitic which has shown tremendous efficacy in treating Covid-19, was wrong. [..]



Oh Great, They're Putting Guns On Robodogs Now
These are despicable developments.

Where are now all those leftist students, professors and others.

Too much busy playing around with LGBTQ.




"who do you think is running the White House"

You can see this over and over again: The political left is without a spine, no principle, no character. No doubt that Obama is backed by the globalists, big tech, many administrations, election stealer, no border, banks and the federal reserve which seems to take over active government politics. But they're not alone. Its a big mafia.




For top jobs at "antidiscriminatory" Facebook:  Everyone welcomed except Americans.

In "antidiscriminatory" Biden administration every single American forced for vaccination by totalitarian mandates, while hundreds of thousands of migrants "they don't get tested, they don't get vaccinated, we don't check them for health reasons.."   It's all for your safety my friends.



[..] The jab - which doesn't prevent (neither active nor passive) transmission of Covid-19 will be available at pediatricians, local pharmacies, and possibly even at schools, according to the White House, which expects FDA authorization of the Pfizer ot for children - the least likely to fall seriously ill or die from the virus, in a matter of weeks, according to the Associated Press. [..]

Business is business.


Just GO ! They just want the best for you,

with  everything




[..]  Although the rule (of mandatory vaccination or weekly testing for employees) is not yet in effect, a large number of private companies have mandated vaccines for their employees in anticipation of the rule. [..] Very woke. This shows how corrupt it all has become. They remind me on the European entrepreneurs who gladly worked together with the fascist regimes.



Florida Governor Calls for Special Session to Counter Vaccine and Mask Mandates




The President of the United States of America speaking.

461|441     15    479


[..] “I know exactly when it was, * *” he told the Daily Mail. “Bruce Springsteen was going to play at The Stone Balloon and I had to go to Northern New Jersey to pay him in advance. [..]
[..]Somehow the police reports were lost. [..]

So, maybe thousands are there

but the Biden's one is missing.

no, really ..



Hunter Biden's latest scandal involves Russian oligarch








NIH Scrubs 'Gain-Of-Function' Definition From Website After Wuhan Bombshells, Rand Paul Vindicated





Did America hear the bomb ?



Parents Warn of Their Children Being Subjected to Transgender Indoctrination
[..] In the United States, a sharp rise in the number of children identifying as transgender has alarmed some parents. As these numbers rapidly grow, three mothers share the warning signs of transgender indoctrination. A study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics released in May 2020 showed nearly 10 percent of high school students in just one school district identified as gender-diverse. That 10 percent figure is far higher than past estimates, such as a 2017 government survey of U.S. high school students, in which only 1.8 percent said they identified as transgender. [..]


Putin Blasts Pushing Transgenderism On Children As "Simply Monstrous" In Critique Of West's 'Wokism'






NYPD's Largest Police Union Sues Mayor Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
While they enforce this kind of mandates like lockdowns, masks, distance.




73    6|73    469

The left will not give up before everything is destroyed.




H  73|5    22|5    13






[..] Top Florida Official Pleads With In-N-Out to Move After Vaccine Mandate Closures. Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis, suggested that In-N-Out Burger should move to the Sunshine State after several In-N-Out locations were shut down by California officials. “I’m writing you today not only as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, but as a small business owner who grew up in a family-owned restaurant and worked there for more than 30 years,” his letter reads. “I know how hard it is to turn a profit and make payroll on a good day, let alone when your own government is working to crush your business with absurd mandates. Once I heard the news of your shutdown for refusing to act as ‘vaccine police,’ I knew I had to reach out immediately.” [..]



[..] The Biden administration is mulling a plan to offer immigrant families separated during the Trump administration $450,000 per person in compensation, according to the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the matter. [..]
Completely deranged *







NYC Firetruck Availability Down to 55 Percent, Manpower Shortages Due to Vaccine Mandate: NY Firefighters
So insane, considering the average age of covid deaths is over 80 years, with 2-5 already existing conditions.

This is the way elites act that have in mind only your safety ..


Trump-Russia collusion: all fake, completely fabricated.











5 Unanswered Questions As FBI Raids Project Veritas Over A Missing Biden Diary
[..] Regardless of how one feels about Project Veritas, there should be calls from media outlets for some answers to these basic questions...



Fed’s Clarida Acknowledges ‘Much More Than Moderate Overshoot’ of Inflation Target










Ric Grenell: Germans dependency on Russia "makes us nervous"
Afraid of Russia, but ok with the Communist Party of China ? How does that work out ?




Taibbi: As America Braces For The Rittenhouse-Verdict Unrest, Profits Soar
[..] Keeping the folk at each other’s throats instead of pitchforking the aristocrats is an old game, one that’s now gone digital and works better than ever [..]  (update) (Biden)



"It Raises Serious Constitutional Concerns" - Appeals Court Re-Affirms Stay On Biden Vaccine Mandate
[..] "The mandate is staggeringly overbroad," the opinion said adding that the vaccine mandate "raises serious constitutional concerns" and "likely exceeds the federal government’s authority." [..] "The mandate is a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplaces (and workers)," Circuit Court Judge Kurt Engelhardt wrote for the panel. [..]



Hospital System That Operates in 19 States Blocked From Firing Workers Over Vaccine: Oklahoma AG


Biden Set to Tell Xi That China Needs to Play by Rules, Official Says
It doesn't matter what Biden says or not says is just for the show. Biden and Xi are both of the very similar fabric, so they are naturally attracted to each other.




Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Employees to Sue for $1 Million Over Mandated Vaccines
[..] A recently introduced Oklahoma Senate bill may allow employees of government and private entities to file lawsuits against their employers for as much as $1 million over health problems associated with vaccines or other forms of medical treatment. [..]
Here we go!




FDA Wants Until 2076 To Fully Release Pfizer Vaccine Data: Lawsuit
[..] While it can conduct that intense review of Pfizer’s documents in 108 days, it now asks for over 20,000 days to make these documents available to the public...




More and more personalities around with this heavy disturbing aura.




Bank of America Initiates Pilot Program Separating Vaccinated From Unvaccinated Employees

California Teachers Recruit Kids Into LGBTQ Clubs

[..] A leaked audio recording revealed California teachers mocking parents over concerns about homosexual and transgender indoctrination at school, said a source who attended a recent teachers union conference in Palm Springs. The recording, obtained by The Epoch Times, captured two seventh-grade teachers, Kelly Baraki and Lori Caldeira from Buena Vista Middle School in Salinas, Calif., telling other teachers how to recruit students into LGBTQ clubs, also known as “Gay-Straight Alliance” (GSA) clubs, at school. “It was horrifying to listen to not just one teacher but really all of the teachers in all of these seminars, excoriating parents,” said the source, who goes by the pseudonym Rebecca Murphy. [..]


Democrats' Tax Cuts For The Wealthy In NY, NJ Spotlights Build Back Better Hypocrisy  [..] State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions have made hypocrites out of the entire group of House Democrats... [..]


Kansas Governor to Sign Bill That Makes Businesses Allow Broad Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements



Judge Rules Local Missouri COVID-19 Orders Unconstitutional

[..] Judge Daniel Green of Cole County wrote that the Department of Health and Senior Services unconstitutionally gave too much power to individual local health officials and directors. As a result, he ruled, those orders must be lifted, meaning that local health orders must be rescinded. [..]  “This case is about whether Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services regulations can abolish representative government in the creation of public health laws, and whether it can authorize closure of a school or assembly based on the unfettered opinion of an unelected official. This court finds it cannot,” the judge wrote in his order. [..]




54     24|441     18

"Critical race theory has become the philosophic foundation supporting a Marxist communist agenda sweeping American society" Philosophy professor Jason Hill.




[..] A number of democratic countries—the report specifically mentions the United States in this section—have implemented COVID measures "that were disproportionate, illegal, indefinite or unconnected to the nature of the emergency," according to the IIDEA report. Those include travel restrictions and the use of "emergency powers that sometimes sidelined parliaments." [..]

[..] "It seems to me, early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive, suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death," he said. "And it was completely organized and intentional in order to create acceptance for, and then promote mass vaccination."
"In the U.S. only about 500 doctors really understand what’s going on … and there’s about a million," he added. [..]




I can only urge white, black, yellow, red and whatever else race: Stop letting yourself being played out systematically against each other by the profiteers of your credulity. Sure, there will always be some stupid racists, but they're the big exception, not the rule, as the sinister establishment want you to believe for their unholy sake. They will always find their ways to devide you by the creation of chaos either through alleged racism, 60 gender identities, feminism, mass migration, fear sparking and other hypes and destruction work.

If racism has an unmistakable face, then here is it.




88644   25

700 px



FDA Voting Member:„We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it.“


Twitter Slaps 'Unsafe' Label On American Heart Association mRNA Vaccine Warning


Books Including Adult Sex With Minors Back in Virginia School Library


Exclusive: Texas Law Enforcement Reports Reveal Scope of the Border Crisis [..] Reports detail drug seizures, gang activity, and illegal crossings—including the capture of individuals from terror prone countries  [..]



NFL Touts Chinese Propaganda, Publishes Map Claiming Taiwan Belongs To China

yesterday they sold HK
today they sell Taiwan
tomorrow they sell the USA

It's mathematic. And it's the lgbtq and anti-racism staff. 


"if they can do it to a President (and even without consequences), imagine what they can to to you and me.."


Former Harvard Chemistry Chair Admits to Taking Tens of Thousands of Dollars From China
The blessings of globalization


Still in act: " use the patriot act to go behind moms and dads."

America America America ..



Joe Manchin (Dem.) Reminds America Of Its Filthy Government Spending Addiction

Members From Clinton’s 2016 Campaign May Be Called to Testify in Special Counsel Probe: Durham
One takes care




Wokeness ?

Unfortunately when they say woke they mean drunk.




USA Swimming Official Quits Over Trans Swimmer Competing Against Women braking all their records.

Killing female sports 



[..] The irony is, had the novel coronavirus been treated the same way as its immediate predecessors, including SARS, the H1N1 pandemic of 2009, and the Hong Kong flu of 1968, no one would be talking about it, there would have been no lockdowns, no masks, no ruination of the economy, no destruction of the travel industry, no stealth takeover of private medicine and, most important, no unconstitutional loss of personal liberty. [..]




GOP Reps starts Biden impeachment prozess.



Beijing Steps Up Aggression as It Seeks to Lead ‘New World Order’

US Universities Maintain Ties with Chinese Institutions That Support Beijing’s Military Development, Report Says


Fauci Says 'Masks Forever' On Airplanes
"We want to make sure people keep their masks on. I think the idea of taking masks off, in my mind, is really not something we should even be considering."
Never forget who is speaking   



[..]Their (the childrens) vaccination (with mRNA experiment), while clearly questionable (=more precise: a criminal act) from a health perspective , acts as a “softening up” to the idea of government control from a very early age. Line up and get vaccinated, boys and girls. Under the cover of fighting COVID, fealty to the state is its most significant and enduring intent.
Another similar “softening up,” perhaps even more extreme with more direct impact, is the free Pre-K education by our government included in the massive “Build Back Better” proposal, all working, of course, from identical lesson plans. The Biden administration calls this “high-quality and developmentally appropriate curriculum.” [..]
The question is: What contents will be taught. 'Woke' ?














Dr. McCollough: Outpatient Treatments for COVID-19 Have Been Suppressed




Dr Robert Malone on the current American government’s covid policy  [..] "Our government is out of control on this," Malone continues. "And they are lawless. They completely disregard bioethics. They completely disregard the federal common-rule. They have broken all the rules that I know of, that I've been trained for years and years and years. These mandates of an experimental vaccines are explicitly illegal. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Nuremberg code. They are explicitly inconsistent with the Belmont report. They are flat out illegal, and they don't care." [..]



[..] The conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell for her pimping role in the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile sex ring would seem to have brought this whole sordid business to a welcome end. [..] Yet there’s one aspect of the trial that remains deeply disturbing. The U.S. government decided to keep out of the trial the names of the rich and powerful men that Epstein and Maxwell allegedly supplied with underage girls for their amusement and exploitation. This on the face of it seems inexplicable. It’s only explicable if something deeper and darker is going on. [..]


[..] The betting market becomes a bigger part of the economic system. We’re not a manufacturing economy anymore, the US is a casino. And the tightening has started even as the Fed is still buying bonds." [..]



Former Border Commissioner: ‘We Have Lost Control of the Southwest Border’


Nationwide Surge In Deaths Among People Aged 18-49: A State By State Overview
[..] Deaths among people aged 18 to 49 increased more than 40 percent in the 12 months ending October 2021 compared to the same period in 2018–2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, (i/e before the start of vaccinations) .. [..] The increase was notable across the country and in no state was COVID reported in more than 60 percent of the excess deaths. [..]
Not only in America.
















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