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[..] The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is opening police departments outside of China, including in New York. These offices are allegedly meant to monitor Chinese citizens living abroad and are the latest chapter in operations from the regime to export its persecutions of dissidents. [..]
Still no ears for the big bell ?




ESG criteria: Louisiana and BlackRock go their separate ways
After Florida, the US state of Louisiana is now also rejecting so-called ESG investments. The state is therefore divesting from investments with BlackRock. [..]



Biden Says Student Debt Program Passed by Congress—There’s 1 Problem With That
Midterm elections underway. So timing fits. Biden is out for buying votes. Never, I repaeat NEVER vote for someone who is buying your vote or trying to do so.


Dad stuns school board when reading from school library's gender book

Elon Musk finally got the Twitter deal done.
If the political censorship falls, this platform could politically finally be in the control of the people who use it.




The danger doesn't start from the people in the first place as they try to make you believe. The danger starts from the Kaspers. Such systems above work for certain people who need for everything a stamp for their orientation because they're missing their inner anchor and compass.


lesson of democracy


the other way  leads to

the Soviet version of democracy

with the "the one final warning" for voters.


Democracy without the principle is like

a ship without anchor and compass.

The principle must live in

the individuals.


[..] Per l'Alto Commissario delle Nazioni Unite Volker Turk, "come tutte le aziende, Twitter deve comprendere i danni associati alla sua piattaforma e adottare misure per affrontarli. Il rispetto dei nostri diritti umani condivisi dovrebbe stabilire le barriere per l'uso e l'evoluzione della piattaforma. In breve, vi esorto a garantire che i diritti umani siano centrali nella gestione di Twitter sotto la vostra guida", sottolinea l'Alto Commissario. [..]
I funzionari temono l'individuo libero e credente. Quando sempre le Nazioni si sono sottomessi al funzionarismo (non cambia nulla se nazionale, multinazionale o globale ) - e quindi al ruolo di una classe funzionaristica sopra la gente- invece di abbracciare la libertà, le conseguenze erano negative.


FBI Asks Court For 66 Years To Release Seth Rich Laptop Information


Boston Lab’s 80 Percent Kill Rate Virus Criticized as ‘Playing With Fire’
[..] Boston University is being criticized for creating a new COVID strain that showed an 80 percent kill rate in mice. Experts said the researchers were “playing with fire” by risking the outbreak of a lab-made pandemic. The NIH, meanwhile, has said it was unaware of the research, and took steps to distance itself from the controversy.  [..] Meanwhile, the Biden administration has set in motion a new strategy for future pandemics and biological threats. The National Biodefense Strategy states that the United States must address the “accidental release of biological agents, and threats posed by terrorist groups or adversaries seeking to use biological weapons.”  [..]

As we have have seen with Wuhan, no terrorists are needed in order to release viruses from a lab. so why you don't stop these unethical researches/programms ? Because you're a player. Everything fake, everyhing a lie, everything bad theater. It seems like they're looking forward for the next lab-pandemic because of their "never waste a good crisis" filosophy.


07.11.22 (translated)
GOP's top donor calls for moving beyond Trump era
Anyone can say that. But elections of the future will no longer be a casting of (too often false) sympathy but of hard facts and credibility. So, what about to call for moving beyond Biden era.



I am just embarrassed about this America. The most miserable government this Nation has ever seen and they get away with it, just like that ..

13.11.22 Banananation

      *                          *


14.11.22 (translated)
[..] Hidden Control | Joshua Philipp, editor and senior investigative reporter for The Epoch Times and host of EpochTV's "Crossroads" program, said in a special report titled "Border Deception: How the US and UN Are Quietly Running the Border Crisis" that America's border crisis is "not of natural origin."
"Behind the nearly 4.9 million illegal immigrants who have entered the United States since President Joe Biden took office are criminal cartels orchestrated by the United Nations and funded by the U.S. government. And while taxpayers are told that local law enforcement and the National Guard are working to solve the crisis, they are actually being used to funnel migrants to networks of nongovernmental organizations that then redirect them for resettlement across the country," his report states.
Philipp said his investigation shows "a coordinated effort involving cooperation with foreign governments, funding from the United States, and a pervasive program operated by various nongovernmental organizations and the United Nations to facilitate human trafficking at every turn, throughout Central America, up through Mexico and into the U.S. heartland."
"U.S. taxpayers fund mass migration into the United States, including operating costs and direct payments to migrants," he said. "The money flows through various non-governmental organizations involved in resettling refugees. The United Nations, meanwhile, facilitates migration to the United States under the direction of the State Department." [..]

42 Biden Admin Officials Put on Notice by House Republicans
[..] At least 42 Biden administration officials were sent letters by Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee this month requesting testimony from a variety of White House officials. Those letters primarily dealt with the suspected politicization of the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ), investigations into U.S. border security, and President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.  [..]


FBI Waited Over A Year To Fully Investigate Jan. 6 Pipe Bombs: House Judiciary Republicans

Secretly restricted function of smartphones: Apple's bow to Beijing
[..] AirDrop is a useful tool on Apple devices. It can be used for sharing during protests. In November, Apple restricted it for smartphones - but only in China. [..]
Big business and sinister politics together in the war against the people.

Leftist hypocrisy: Apple VX Twitter



Appointment of Special Counsel Amounts to Election Interference and Sets Dangerous Precedent
The war against D.Trump goes on. They fear this man like the devil fears the holy cross.



Elon Musk Releases THE TWITTER FILES: How Twitter Collaborated With "The Biden Team" To Cover Up The Hunter Laptop Story
[..] The “Twitter Files” tell an incredible story from inside one of the world’s largest and most influential social media platforms. It is a Frankensteinian tale of a human-built mechanism grown out the control of its designer.
-Twitter in its conception was a brilliant tool for enabling instant mass communication, making a true real-time global conversation possible for the first time.
-In an early conception, Twitter more than lived up to its mission statement, giving people “the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”
-As time progressed, however, the company was slowly forced to add those barriers. Some of the first tools for controlling speech were designed to combat the likes of spam and financial fraudsters.
-Slowly, over time, Twitter staff and executives began to find more and more uses for these tools. Outsiders began petitioning the company to manipulate speech as well: first a little, then more often, then constantly.
-By 2020, requests from connected actors to delete tweets were routine.  [..]

[..] On October 14, 2020, the New York Post published BIDEN SECRET EMAILS, an expose based on the contents of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop:
-Twitter took extraordinary steps to suppress the story, removing links and posting warnings that it may be “unsafe.” They even blocked its transmission via direct message, a tool hitherto reserved for extreme cases, e.g. child pornography.
-White House spokeswoman Kaleigh McEnany was locked out of her account for tweeting about the story,  [..]


Redacted with Clayton Morris: Wait! THIS is what they're doing with our money in Ukraine? | (while) 41% of small businesses can't pay rent this month, report warns | just the news


Anti-White-Schools - How 3 Billionaires and Radical Democrat Activists Pushed Critical Race Theory Into America's Schools


COVID Amnesty Could Lead America to Medical Tyranny: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
"the concerning thing we have is a typical: the worst types of human rights abuses happen under the sanction of law."
This happens when the anti-constitutionalists are on power.

The time of excuses is definitely over. There is no constitutionality without accountability.

Musk Confirms Political Candidates Were Shadow Banned By Twitter’s Censors
[..] Elon Musk has confirmed that political candidates were shadow banned by Twitter while running for office, in the latest revelation on the social media giant’s meddling in conversations of public interest, including by putting disfavored users on blacklists and suppressing distribution of their tweets. [..]

10.12.22  Abolish women in favor of 'birthing people' ?

Wise words



THE TWITTER FILES: The Removal Of Donald Trump, Part 2
[..] Yesterday, we detailed part 1 - via veteran journalist Matt Taibbi, which focused on the period leading up to January 6th, including details about Twitter executives regular meetings with the FBI and DHS. [..]







Justice Department Faces Questions After Effectively Preventing Bankman-Fried From Testifying In Congress
[..] The arrest of Sam Bankman-Fried yesterday was sudden and unexpected in light of Bankman-Fried’s plan to testify before Congress. As a criminal defense attorney, my reaction to the arrest last night remains unchanged: this is the first time that I can recall where prosecutors moved aggressively to stop a defendant from making self-incriminating statements. [..]


[..] We have seen over the last few years really the bankruptcy of the public health establishment we have seen a lot of ridicules partisanship. We now never forget after hectoring people in April of 2020 you left your house you were almost like a bad person, until you started to have Georg Floyd protests. And you had massive numbers of people that are meeting to protest. And these public health people wrote a letter where like hundreds, maybe thousands of them signed, saying yes we don't think you should be leaving your house normally but we endorse the protest and basically said that it was important that people went out even in big groups and protested. And then they said in the letter that does not mean they support protest for other things like people that want to protest lockdowns. And so that did just take the mask off, it just showed that this is all just a huge political farce  [..] | Ron DeSantis  - more


All the crooks and criminals of the world now gather in this new America they're 'building'. If you welcome the worst of Nicaragua you will get the worst of Nicaragua. If you welcome the worst of Venezuela you will turn into another Venezuela.
Dissolving the Nation means = dissolving your constitution =  no rights, no freedom, no truth, but of all of it the opposite. It also means no democracy anymore, but pure theatre|show, as this is already partially if not largely the case today. Do you want the big chaos and from there the totalitarianism with the mask of hypocrisy in full control of all your actions and thoughts.  How will you get back out once you're fully in no one is coming to cut you loose. You have to cut you loose now. And the cutting loose starts with the stone.



Pelosi, if you dare to refer to J.F.Kennedy, why you don't introduce the remdeemable gold- or silver backed Dollar, as Kennedy wanted to do so in order to save the American people before you socialist plunderer, manipulators, destroyers and war mongerer, and for which he has been eliminated by those of you hypocrite characterless individuals, right before he could accomplish this most fundamental job.


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25.12.22 Melania Trump



New "Twitter Files": COVID posts by doctors and experts have been censored

Zelensky's Wife Spent 40,000 Euros in Paris While Asking for More Money for Ukraine


Millions of Americans Are Choosing to Not Work as Welfare Gives More Than Income
[..] An estimated 7 million American men have given up on finding jobs. This is being blamed on a combination of socialist policies, where high taxes eat away at income and where welfare in many states pays more than most jobs. [..]

05.01.23 (translated)
Without parental knowledge: US school helps 13-year-old girl undergo sex change.






"Suddenly and unexpectedly"
Alarming Number of Sudden Cardiac Deaths in US Athletes Following Vaccination
Reminder: ~ 20% of excess deaths, since mRNA treatment enrolling.

"go and get that Covid vaccine"

COVID Boosters Trigger Metastasis
Patient after patient in stable remission are now suddenly experiencing an explosive relapse [..] Oncology doctors are sounding the alarm – the COVID boosters appear to be triggering metastasis. Patient after patient in stable remission are now suddenly experiencing an explosive relapse, triggering the appearance of new tumors just days or weeks after being forced to have a booster. [..]  Dr. Angus Dalgleish, professor of oncology at St. George’s University of London, warns that COVID boosters may be causing aggressive metastatic cancers. [..] Cancer rates have increased since the introduction of the COVID shots and is one of the top three leading causes of premature death among younger adults — a trend that in turn is driving down U.S. life expectancy. [..]


"US-government for technologies"

with its White House clowns.

[..] A BOMBSHELL new report claims shows that the Department of Defense - meaning the Pentagon - controlled the COVID-19 Program from the very beginning. If true, it means that everything we were told was political theater, right down to the FDA vaccine approval process.  [..]



Twitter Files: Democratic congressman had journalist's account suspended.


Kash’s Corner: How the Jan. 6 Committee Buried Crucial Evidence; Twitter Files Expose Extensive Government Censorship Pressure
[..] Two years on from the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach, we revisit what really happened in the weeks and days leading up to January 6. Crucial evidence Kash Patel shared with the January 6 committee was omitted from the final report, and his deposition was only released in the final moments of the 117th Congress without any of the evidentiary exhibits he asked to be included, ..[..]


10.01.23 Deep State Mafia
"The Bill Clinton appointed federal judge in the southern district of New York Lewis Kaplan ruled to keep secret the two entities that funded Sam bankman Freed's (SBF) 250 million dollar bail. SBF got to spend the holiday at his parents home in California, but the judge is hiding the names of those who are paying sbf's bond."



"..and smuggle us across the border. Won't that be fun !"  J.Biden.


Wisconsin Special Counsel Finds Zuckerberg’s Election Money Violated State Bribery Laws | Facts Matter

*|Documents Found at Biden Office Raise Concerns of CCP Connection: Paul Kamenar




15.01.23  America, Are you ok   Either you have a President or you have a mafia.




California Teen Begs City Council To "Protect Women" After Encountering Naked Man In YMCA Locker-Room
[..] ..the YMCA’s employees were quick to defend the man, who claims to be a woman. “I was made to feel as though I had done something wrong when I talked to people at the YMCA,” Phillips told city council members in a video reviewed by The Epoch Times. She said the YMCA told her that, in California, any man who is not a registered sex offender can shower naked with women. [..] “As long as you are not a red flag on Megan’s Law, the California sex offender registry, a grown male can shower alongside a teenage girl at your YMCA location in Santee,” she said. According to Section 51 of the California Civil Code, naked men have a right to the women’s locker room, if they claim womanhood. “All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, primary language, or immigration status, are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever,” the law reads. [..]

How was that thing with the "safe space", you hypoctrites.



20.01.23 (translated)

The freest state in the U.S.: Florida wants to ban mandatory vaccinations and masks forever. [..] While most of the world's countries introduced mandatory mandatory corona measures during the pandemic, people in in Florida could decide for themselves how to protect themselves and their families.Now, current gourmet Ron DeSantis wants to make sure that that it stays that way in the future. [..]

20.01.23 Hunter Biden


20.01.23 "Thank you for taking on the fake news media sir"


20.01.23 Explosive New Emails Prove That Fauci’s Cover-Up of Pandemic Origin was Based on a Lie

Musk's Father: "I'm Really Afraid Something Might Happen To Elon"
...says son is "a bit naïve about the enemies he’s making"...
Shouldn't you be proud of ?


Gun Sanctuary Movement Erupts: 61% of US Counties Become 2A Sanctuaries

Peter Schiff "what do we need the SEC for ?"

Maybe for the good feeling while you're on the wrong way, and for their justification for the wrong doing.



ESG is an instrument for the market of illusion. 


Taibbi Shreds Hamilton 68 'Laughable And Damning' Response To Being Exposed As Frauds


Utah Plastic Surgeon Allegedly Destroyed COVID Vaccines, Gave Fake Shots To Children
A men with the conscience in order.



What the hell are you doing with these leftist ideologues *







Hunter Biden and the Penn Biden Center Must Register as Foreign Agents of China: Paul Kamenar



Bill Mahler at its best: “Let’s get this straight. It’s not me who changed - it’s the left, who is now made up of a small contingent who’ve gone mental, and a large contingent who refuse to call them out for it. But I will. That’s why I’m a hero at Fox these days. Which shows just how much liberals have their head up their a--, because if they really thought about it, they would have made me a hero on their media.”


90 Percent of US Could Die From Chinese EMP Space Balloon Attack

[..] On Feb. 2, the entire country woke up to the threat of a Chinese communist spy balloon floating above the skies of Montana, where some of America’s nuclear weapons are stored. The reason that it had been identified as a spy balloon from China is because the Pentagon came out and confirmed that fact. And according to Brigadier General Pat Ryder, the balloon not only has some sort of a payload underneath the surveillance component, but at the same time, it has the power to maneuver. [..]


Trump: Truth About "Fake News" Reporting On "Russia Hoax" Is Finally Coming Out
[..] Despite a 22-month investigation by former special counsel Robert Mueller, none of the 103 allegations in the dossier was declared valid. [..] This summary of the CJR’s findings: Corporate media “knowingly suppressed facts that cut against popular narratives, ignored denials, eagerly laundered partisan attacks via ‘anonymous sources,’ and refuses to reflect on mistakes.  [..]

Military Experts Issue Warnings on Possible US-China Conflict After Spy Balloon Shot Down | *


CCP Tested Tech to Launch Hypersonic Missiles From Balloons; Canadian Doctors Coerced on Euthanasia

Why Are Vaccine Manufacturers the Most Protected Companies in America?

Gun Control Laws Backfiring In California
[..] With the country’s strictest gun control laws, California probably shouldn’t hold itself out as a model for the rest of the country to follow. The periods after 2000, 2010, or 2020 show a consistent pattern: The per capita rate of mass public shootings in California is always greater than the rate for the rest of the country. The rate is also much higher than for Texas, which gun control groups give an “F” grade for its gun control laws. Since 2010, California’s mass public shooting rate per capita is 43% higher than for Texas and 29% higher than for the rest of the U.S. From 2020 on, California’s rate was 276% higher than Texas’ and 100% higher than the rest of the country.
But while California is moving to create more gun-free zones, the problem is that it has already been virtually impossible to get concealed handgun permits in the parts of California where the attacks occurred. In Los Angeles Country, where two of the attacks occurred, there is only one permit for every 5,660 adults. In San Mateo County, where the other attack occurred, there is one permit per every 24,630 adults. By comparison, there is one permit holder for every nine people in the 43 right-to-carry states. [..]
It is so symptomatic for a lost society without anchor and compass.



90 Percent of US Could Die From Chinese EMP Space Balloon Attack



US Shoots Down ‘High-Altitude Object’ Over Alaska: White House
[..] The move came less than a week after the U.S. military shot down a Chinese spy balloon off the country’s east coast. [..]  | update 18,92,23



The globalists war against free speech
'Who The Hell Do You Think You Are!'




Watch Ron Johnson's Powerful Testimony At Hearing: "The FBI Has Been WEAPONIZED Against Us!"
A brief summary of the distraction work of a globalist administration with catastrophic morals.

Everyone has to realize that the clock is ticking.




"Rules based order"

is the order of the manipulators, of the anti-constitutionalists. While the constitutions based on the Christian-Jewish spirit grant to the people their sovereignty and protects their individual rights yet save the people before overreaching elites, in the so called rules based order all might is in the hands of the ruling elites who make the rules by themselves. So, this is a fall back into chaos and in its final outcome into the times of barbarianism.





University of truth or University of lie

144  4  77  2|9




[..] The White House criticized Republican lawmakers and the Trump administration on Wednesday, claiming they should be to blame for the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio: “Congressional Republicans and former Trump administration officials owe East Palestine an apology for selling them out to rail industry lobbyists when they dismantled Obama-Biden rail safety protections as well as EPA powers to rapidly contain spills,” said Andrew Bates, a deputy White House press secretary, according to a statement. [..]

However, National Transportation Safety Board Chair Jennifer Homendy, said last week on Twitter that the brake regulation would not have prevented the Ohio derailment, since it would have applied to “high-hazard flammable trains” (HHFT) transporting 20 or more loaded tank cars. She noted that the train derailed in Ohio was an HHFT but a “mixed freight train.” [..]

Man Finds Undetonated Blasting Cap 1.4 Miles From Ohio Derailment
Apart of an American president obviously and undeniably more concerned about Ukrainians than his own citizen, some people on the left will never take responsibility of anything.

10.03.23 *




US funded biolabs in Ukraine, | Germans were involved too  | *


03.03.23 ( translated)
Hearing at Select Committee: "China Has a Plan to Replace the United States"
[..] The Chinese Communist Party has stepped up its fight against America. Not only is it trying to dismantle the country from within, ex-Vice National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger even does not rule out a pre-emptive military strike against the United States. [..]

Department of Energy Now Says COVID-19 Came From Lab Leak, Confirming What Was Once Labeled ‘Misinformation’

People were given the muzzle on social media

 for telling the truth, so..




Every Nation has the President she deserves.



First-Time Homebuyers Are Absolutely Screwed Right Now
"We’re far from affordability for the masses..."
It's the monetary system that brings it all out of balance. It is just the beginning and it will get worse and worse until you understand and finally stand up for the truth.


Ford Files For Patent That Can "Remotely Shut Down" Parts Of Your Car When Your Bill Isn't Paid
And the patent coincidentally comes along at a time when many car owners are experiencing difficulty keeping up with rising rates...
Many of you wanted the trap, were laughing on the warners, now you're in.



Tucker Carlson |  Here is the Truth | Jan.6

So corrupt the whole system, except the few exceptions.

‘They Lied to Us All’: New Jan. 6 Footage, Kangaroo Court Coverup, Blackout on Police Firebomb | Facts Matter
And it's not only America, and not only the West.
Tucker: The government hid this from you about Jan 6

TUCKER CARLSONS SONDERSENDUNG USA: Neu enthülltes Videomaterial stellt offizielles Narrativ vom 6. Januar infrage „Fox News“

Fauci 'Prompted' Scientists To Fabricate 'Proximal Origins' Paper Ruling Out Lab-Leak: House GOP
[..] "New evidence released by the Select Subcommittee today suggests that Dr. Fauci “prompted” the drafting of a publication that would “disprove” the lab leak theory, the authors of this paper skewed available evidence to achieve that goal, and Dr. Jeremy Farrar went uncredited despite significant involvement." [..]


Fauci's Lies Exposed... Jim Jordan Over Scientists' Lab-Leak Flip-Flop [..] "So three days after they (Fauci advisers Dr. Kristian Andersen and Dr. Robert Garry) say it came from a lab, they changed their position, and the only intervening event was a conference call with Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins. Again, a call that Mr. Redfield (CDC Director at the time) was not allowed to be on ... And then three months later, Shazam! They get 9 million bucks from Dr. Fauci. Why, isn't that something?" [..]



Fabricated Russia collusion vs real China collusion.

All those people with their "Russia Russia Russia" phobia will never mention the real threat to their country, which is the Beijing regime * (Update: China's New Wave of Christian Persecution). How it comes. Btw, more and more I get the feeling that there is even a greater enemy to America, and that is America itself - exceptions excluded.


 2|71   11   73

"We can not normalize serious criminal conduct,

no matter who you are"

Democrats spying on 2016 Trump campaign
Russia collusion hoax

Trump allegedly 'not fit for office' (Biden yes)
impeachment hoax 1

impeachment hoax 2

2020 Election manipulation

Anti-1st-amendment censor-FBI in bed with Facebook

Mar-a-lago raid
Jan.6 inflated theatre+false accusations (“Kangaroo Court”)

don't miss:

Hunters laptop from hell

Biden China collusion

Nordstream pipelines

H.Clinton emails

'Afghan withdrawal' (Soldiers first, civilians last)

scandals after scandals

need more:

southern border mess

back into energy dependency

Dollar losing reserve currency status

United States: losing, United States: under destruction


The truth is:

There are two options for how they grab your savings,

fast or slow. But certain.




Biden's money from China
[..] President Joe Biden has repeatedly denied that his family received money from China. He has also denied any knowledge of his son’s foreign dealings despite direct evidence to the contrary, including a recorded message from the President to Hunter referencing the deals. The White House has simply refused to address the recording or photographs contradicting the President.
Now, there is confirmation that millions were sent from China and then money from a third-party account was distributed to at least three, and possibly four, Biden family members. [..]



Top General Admits Pentagon Is Training Coup Leaders In Africa



Trump indictment
[..] You remember it just like I do: Russia, Russia, Russia; the Mueller Hoax; Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine; Impeachment Hoax 1; Impeachment Hoax 2; the illegal and unconstitutional Mar-a-Lago raid; and now this. [..]

34 charges based on the testimony of a lawyer who has already been convicted and imprisoned for false testimony.

Alone the number of charges is a total joke, probably never seen before in the history of jurisdiction, except for mass murderer.


Eric Trump speaks out on father's indictment: 'These people are evil'

What has America to do. Lgbtq ?

Eric Trump "what product was he (Biden) selling that China is writing him a check for million dollars."

Our country is dead: Donald Trump



NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blames Tik Tok For 32% Surge In Car Thefts
"We don't need social media to contribute to social disorder.”


White House Refuses To Pay For Twitter Verification
[..] The White House won't pay to have its staff's official Twitter accounts verified, according to an email distributed to staffers and obtained by Axios. [..]



NYPD Won't Tolerate Violence or Destruction as Trump Arrives, Commissioner Warns
No one promotes that. Except the left defunding the police.




"Inflation is out of control. Russia has joined with China. Saudi Arabia has joined with Iran. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea formed together coalition. All that would have never happened if I would be president. Nor would Russia attacking Ukraine. All those lives would be saved all those beautiful cities would be stand. Our currency .."

Don't forget Africa turning to China too. I think most Americans just as most other Westerners do not have an idea in what mess this American administration and their earless helper have brought you. And this looks like just the beginning. But you were warned to be drunken by 6. So, don't whine, don't complain. Change!



CNN Trashes Trump Indictment!


Hannity: Even Trump haters are slamming Bragg's witch hunt

Rep. Jordan Subpoenas Former Manhattan Prosecutor Who Pushed for Trump Indictment
[..] Prosecutor Pomerantz, who authored a book titled “People vs. Donald Trump,” was a Manhattan prosecutor under District Attorney (DA) Alvin Bragg. Pomerantz earlier led an investigation into Trump’s finances but resigned in February 2022 because of Bragg’s initial unwillingness to pursue a criminal case.

The subpoena comes after Pomerantz rejected an offer to testify voluntarily. Pomerantz said he was instructed to refuse by the Manhattan DA’s office. [..]

The highly classified Pentagon documents which were leaked online in recent weeks, but which began being confirmed and reported as authentic by The New York Times and others only in the past few days, contain some embarrassing revelations. [..] CNN is confirming Monday based on one of the documents which appeared online that the US has been spying on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky - a disclosure which has caused officials in Kiev to be "deeply frustrated". [..]

What did you think ?




Former FBI special agent warns of politicization 'trickling down' from the top ..


.. and from behind



[..] Since Trumps arrest, a number of legal experts have publicly said that if the case didn’t involve Trump, charges likely wouldn’t have been brought. “If it wasn’t Donald Trump, no prosecutor in the world would have touched this,” former Manhattan assistant district attorney Daniel Bibb told Fox News. “If you and I did what Trump did, we never would have been charged.”
And former Manhattan prosecutor-turned-criminal defense lawyer Mark Bederow said that “if you bring an unprecedented case like this against a former president and current presidential candidate, it’s essential for the credibility of the criminal justice system to present a clear and cogent explanation of your theory as opposed to saying I don’t have to tell you.” [..]

Appeals Court Grants Bragg’s Request to Temporarily Freeze House Subpeona


13.04.23  Someone waking up

Are they (52%+6% ) dreamer or are they

systematically blinded by their own corrupt system.


Hersh: CIA Knows Zelensky & Top Generals Are Skimming Hundreds Of Millions In US Aid
[..] Hersh said according to one estimate by CIA analysts, at least $400 million in funds were embezzled last year. [..] "The senior generals and government officials in Kiev were angry at what they saw as Zelensky’s greed, so Burns told the Ukrainian president, because 'he was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals.'"   [..]

Progressive lgbtq-wonderland
Portland's Meltdown: A Progressive Experiment That 'Has Gone Colossally Bad'



"Joe Biden Is A Criminal" Says Ex-Obama Whistleblower Alleging Family "Kickback Scheme"



Watch: Carlson Exposes How Establishment Media Is Desperate To Help Cover Up Info From Intel Leak
[..] “The administration apparently used illegal surveillance techniques to identify this kid apparently with the help of The Washington Post and The New York Times,” Carlson emphasised, further charging that the media is working in lockstep with the intelligence community. “If it’s illegal to see these documents if you don’t have a security clearance, how is the Washington Post doing this legally?” Carlson asked, further noting “They don’t have a security clearance. Well, obviously, they were given them by the U.S. Intel agencies and are working alongside them.”
Carlson asserted “this is information that is relevant to the public in a so-called democracy. You cannot lie about things that jeopardize our collective future and get away with it and you certainly shouldn’t be doing that with the assistance of the news media.”
“The news media whose job it is to inform you of what your government is doing, but instead they are working actively late into the night to lie to you on behalf of their masters in permanent Washington. By the way, just last week, the plan was to lie in an even more grotesque way and blame Russia for this,” [..]


16.04.23, updated 25.04.23

Today  California,  tomorrow  USA, a Nation in which poverty has already become the fourth leading cause of death, while the megarich and the megabanks are now so mighty like never before, they even don't know where to put all their money anymore, because thanks to all the systemic trickery and immoral financial rescue actions -which the taxpayer has to pay through inflation- the megarich and megabanks their financial patrimonies built on sand are multiplying by themselves, now even without risks, until the whole castle of cards comes down. But there are those who have privately profited from this scam for many decades. There is no man on this globe who will not be seriously affected by the coming developments in this regard, in one way or the other.






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Taiwan has to be put into conditions to defend itself, immediately.







A Billionaire Progressive playing a leading role in destroying America.
[..] He’s the biggest donor to the Democratic Party. He spent millions to elect district attorneys who are freeing felons to wreak havoc in American cities. Evidence of his influence is everywhere you look, from Ukraine to the U.N. And his billions back everything from the U.S. media to the climate change agenda. The 92-year-old’s legacy will outlive even his fortune. So what’s motivating George Soros to punish the country that took him in? [..]



Biden Admin 'Mishandling' Hunter Biden Investigation Says IRS 'Criminal Supervisory Agent' In Charge Of Probe
[..] What's more, the supervisor says he has evidence showing "preferential treatment and politics improperly infecting decisions and protocols that would normally be followed by career law enforcement professionals in similar circumstances if the subject were not politically connected." [..]



Marjorie Taylor Greene Bares Fang-Fangs, Throws House Meeting Into Chaos Over Swalwell 'Sexual Relationship With A Chinese Spy'
[..] Swalwell allegedly banged an alleged Chinese spy who helped him fundraise in 2014. After an FBI briefing on the woman, the top Democrat said he cut all ties with the woman - Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang(s). [..]




Covid Derangement Syndrom.
How America’s National Security Complex Took Over the Pandemic Response: Debbie Lerman



Facebook censoring Pulitzer price winning Seymour Hersh over Nordstream findings. Who is behind ?    



Ukrainian Prosecutor General Asked Point Bank About Hunter Biden And Burisma


Ex-CIA Official: Blinken orchestrated intel letter discrediting Hunter Biden Laptop story


"Entire Downtown Is Effectively Dead:" Baltimore City Descends Further Into Turmoil


New York's Democrat Mayor Says Migrant Crisis Has 'Destroyed' The City, Biden Admin Has 'Turned Back'



[..] The lawsuit alleges that the Biden administration infringed on the public's First Amendment Rights through its efforts working with Big Tech employees to engage in content moderation related to election integrity, COVID-19, Hunter Biden's infamous abandoned laptop, and more.
For instance, Landry released a document in January showing that the White House urged a Facebook employee in April 2021 to restrict posts about Fox News host Tucker Carlson claiming that there have been efficacy issues with "vaccines." The White House also told Facebook in May 2021 that "slowing down" posts appearing to be "anti-vax" would be "reasonable," and also urged Twitter to remove a post by anti-vaccine critic Robert Kennedy, Jr., who recently announced his Democratic bid for White House in 2024, documents show. -Washington Examiner
"Government should be freedom’s strongest defender, not its greatest threat," said senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, Travis Barham, in a Wednesday statement. "Americans don’t look to the White House or Silicon Valley to discover and express the truth. That’s not the role of government, and it certainly isn’t the role of Big Tech. [..]
How was that thing with the conspiracy theorists.


Johnstone: Biden DOJ Indicts Four Americans For "Weaponized" Free Speech

[..] Looks like the United States has decided to dispense with those freedoms as well.
This fake and racist case flows from the Russiagate hysteria that convinced millions of Americans that Russia was paying dissident groups to destabilize the US political system
The FBI was unable to find anything real, so it went after the African People’s Socialist Party
— Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) April 19, 2023
The superseding indictment containing these charges consists of a lot of verbal gymnastics to obfuscate the fact that the DOJ is prosecuting US citizens for speech and political activities in the United States which happen not to align with the wishes of the US government. [..]
In an environment where everything is fabricated , how can you believe this to be a real case. It is statistically increasingly impossible, especially when Biden is under pressure.



Rep. Luttrell Slams Sec. Mayorkas For Taxpayer Funding of His Private Lawyers















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