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29.09.11 apropos  SStupid..

Aschura islamische Selbstgeiselung in Bonn ex deutsche Bundeshauptstadt, Anno Domini 2011 [hier ein Ausblick auf die weitere 'intelligente' Entwicklung in ex-deutschen Landen ]. Voll geile Richtung, nicht wahr?


Die Veranstaltung fand unter strengen Auflagen statt heist es offiziell. Polizeisprechers Frank Kreft “Wir haben so gut wie keine Handhabe, eine solche Veranstaltung zu untersagen und das wollen wir auch nicht


#3 Eurabier auf PI fragt mit mehr als gutem Recht: Und wann wird es die ersten Steinigungen unter “strengen Auflagen” geben, gedeckt durch Art. 4, GG?


Leute ich sage Euch, da stolzieren sie die schon wieder gesellschaftsfähigen und von unseren Heuchlern umworbenen Braunen des 21.Jahrhunderts im Schafsfell der Scheinheiligkeit, deren Handlanger mit Kravatte in Politik und MSM dabei sind Deuschland mehr und mehr zu übernehmen. WER wird sie wohl aufhalten wenn die Massen nicht aufwachen aus ihrem ungeheuerlichen Lemmingschlaf ? Merkel u. Wulff und die ganze korrupte Liga wohl als allerletzte.


Polizeisprechers Frank Kreft “[..] aber das muss eine Gesellschaft ertragen.“

Ogmios Antwort:


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  of 29.09.11 [~for(2) 9911]at 10:09







As in all totalitarian ideologies and doctrines, also Islamic conditioning is based on the autocratic and totalitarian philosophy of domination/submission and on the powers of fear, causing on a long term changes in both the individual and the society favouring the spread of SOCIOPATHY. Humanity can see the partially horrendous consequences of such developments every day, every hour, every minute, around the globe.


Il condizionamento islamico -come in tutte le ideologie e dottrine totalitarie- si basa sul potere autocratico e totalitario, sulla filosofia di dominazione/sottomissione, e sui poteri della paura, causando dei cambiamenti profondi sia nell individuo che nella societa condizionata causando la diffusione di SOCIOPATIA. I risultati orrendi sull'umanita li vediamo ogni giorno, ogni ora, ogni minuto, attorno il globo.

































  • Glibness and Superficial Charm

  • Manipulative and Conning
    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.


  • Grandiose Sense of Self
    Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."


  • Pathological Lying
    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.


  • Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt
    A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.


  • Shallow Emotions
    When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.


  • Incapacity for Love


  • Need for Stimulation
    Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.


  • Callousness/Lack of Empathy
    Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.


  • Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
    Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.


  • Early Behaviour Problems/Juvenile Delinquency
    Usually has a history of behavioural and academic difficulties, yet "gets by" by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviours such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.


  • Irresponsibility/Unreliability
    Not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.


  • Promiscuous Sexual Behaviour/Infidelity
    Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.


  • Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
    Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.


  • Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility
    Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.



Other Related 'Qualities':

  1. Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them

  2. Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them

  3. Authoritarian

  4. Secretive

  5. Paranoid

  6. Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired

  7. Conventional appearance

  8. Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)

  9. Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim's life

  10. Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim's affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)

  11. Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim

  12. Incapable of real human attachment to another

  13. Unable to feel remorse or guilt

  14. Extreme narcissism and grandiose

  15. May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

(The above traits are based on the psychopathy checklists of H. Cleckley and R. Hare.)








Disorder definitions


NOTE: In the 1830's this disorder was called

"moral insanity."

By 1900 it was changed to

"psychopathic personality."

More recently it has been termed

"antisocial personality disorder"

in the DSM-III and DSM-IV. Some critics have complained that, in the attempt to rely only on 'objective' criteria, the DSM has broadened the concept to include too many individuals. The APD category includes people who commit illegal, immoral or self-serving acts for a variety of reasons and are not necessarily psychopaths.  


17.09.12 The forensic psychiatrist:        

delinquency promoting ideology







Diagnostic Criteria (DSM-IV)

    A. Repeated acts that could lead to arrest.
    B. Conning for pleasure or profit, repeated lying, or the use of aliases.
    C. Failure to plan ahead or being impulsive.
    D. Repeated assaults on others.
    E. Reckless when it comes to their or others safety.
    F. Poor work behaviour or failure to honour financial obligations.
    G. Rationalizing the pain they inflict on others.











[Written by Derek Wood, RN, BSN, PhD Candidate]

Antisocial Personality Disorder results in what is commonly known as a Sociopath. The criteria for this disorder require an ongoing disregard for the rights of others, since the age of 15 years. Some examples of this disregard are reckless disregard for the safety of themselves or others, failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours, deceitfulness such as repeated lying or deceit for personal profit or pleasure, and lack of remorse for actions that hurt other people in any way. Additionally, they must have evidenced a Conduct Disorder before the age of 15 years, and must be at least 18 years old to receive this diagnosis.

People with this disorder appear to be charming at times, and make relationships, but to them, these are relationships in name only. They are ended whenever necessary or when it suits them, and the relationships are without depth or meaning, including marriages. They seem to have an innate ability to find the weakness in people, and are ready to use these weaknesses to their own ends through deceit, manipulation, or intimidation, and gain pleasure from doing so.

They appear to be incapable of any true emotions, from love to shame to guilt. They are quick to anger, but just as quick to let it go, without holding grudges. No matter what emotion they state they have, it has no bearing on their future actions or attitudes.

They rarely are able to have jobs that last for any length of time, as they become easily bored, instead needing constant change. They live for the moment, forgetting the past, and not planning the future, not thinking ahead what consequences their actions will have. They want immediate rewards and gratification. There currently is no form of psychotherapy that works with those with antisocial personality disorder, as those with this disorder have no desire to change themselves, which is a prerequisite. No medication is available either. The only treatment is the prevention of the disorder in the early stages, when a child first begins to show the symptoms of conduct disorder.











Psychopath. We hear the word and images of Bernardo, Manson and Dahmer pop into our heads; no doubt Ted Bundy too. But they're the bottom of the barrel -- most of the two million psychopaths in North America aren't murderers. They're our friends, lovers and co-workers. They're outgoing and persuasive, dazzling you with charm and flattery. Often you aren't even aware they've taken you for a ride -- until it's too late.

Psychopaths exhibit a Jekyll and Hyde personality. "They play a part so they can get what they want," says Dr. Sheila Willson, a Toronto psychologist who has helped victims of psychopaths. The guy who showers a woman with excessive attention is much more capable of getting her to lend him money, and to put up with him when he strays. The new employee who gains her co-workers' trust has more access to their chequebooks. And so on. Psychopaths have no conscience and their only goal is self-gratification. Many of us have been their victims -- at work, through friendships or relationships -- and not one of us can say, "a psychopath could never fool me."

Think you can spot one? Think again. In general, psychopaths aren't the product of broken homes or the casualties of a materialistic society. Rather they come from all walks of life and there is little evidence that their upbringing affects them. Elements of a psychopath's personality first become evident at a very early age, due to biological or genetic factors. Explains Michael Seto, a psychologist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental health in Toronto, by the time that a person hits their late teens, the disorder is almost certainly permanent. Although many clinicians use the terms psychopath and sociopath interchangeably, writes psychopath expert Robert Hare on his book 'Without Conscience', a sociopath's criminal behaviour is shaped by social forces and is the result of a dysfunctional environment.

Psychopaths have only a shallow range of emotions and lack guilt, says Hare. They often see themselves as victims, and lack remorse or the ability to empathize with others. "Psychopaths play on the fact that most of us are trusting and forgiving people," adds Seto. The warning signs are always there; it's just difficult to see them because once we trust someone, the friendship becomes a blinder.

Even lovers get taken for a ride by psychopaths. For a psychopath, a romantic relationship is just another opportunity to find a trusting partner who will buy into the lies. It's primarily why a psychopath rarely stays in a relationship for the long term, and often is involved with three or four partners at once, says Willson. To a psychopath, everything about a relationship is a game. Willson refers to the movie 'Sliding Doors' to illustrate her point. In the film, the main character comes home early after just having been fired from her job. Only moments ago, her boyfriend has let another woman out the front door. But in a matter of minutes he is the attentive and concerned boyfriend, taking her out to dinner and devoting the entire night to comforting her. All the while he's planning to leave the next day on a trip with the other woman.

The boyfriend displays typical psychopathic characteristics because he falsely displays deep emotion toward the relationship, says Willson. In reality, he's less concerned with his girlfriend's depression than with making sure she's clueless about the other woman's existence. In the romance department, psychopaths have an ability to gain your affection quickly, disarming you with words, intriguing you with grandiose plans. If they cheat you'll forgive them, and one day when they've gone too far, they'll leave you with a broken heart (and an empty wallet). By then they'll have a new player for their game.

The problem with their game is that we don't often play by their rules. Where we might occasionally tell a white lie, a psychopath's lying is compulsive. Most of us experience some degree of guilt about lying, preventing us from exhibiting such behaviour on a regular basis. "Psychopaths don't discriminate who it is they lie to or cheat," says Seto. "There's no distinction between friend, family and sucker."

No one wants to be the sucker, so how do we prevent ourselves from becoming close friends or getting into a relationship with a psychopath? It's really almost impossible, say Seto and Willson. Unfortunately, laments Seto, one way is to become more suspicious and less trusting of others. Our tendency is to forgive when we catch a loved one in a lie. "Psychopaths play on this fact," he says. "However, I'm certainly not advocating a world where if someone lies once or twice, you never speak to them again." What you can do is look at how often someone lies and how they react when caught. Psychopaths will lie over and over again, and where other people would sincerely apologize, a psychopath may apologize but won't stop.

Psychopaths also tend to switch jobs as frequently as they switch partners, mainly because they don't have the qualities to maintain a job for the long haul. Their performance is generally erratic, with chronic absences, misuse of company resources and failed commitments. Often they aren't even qualified for the job and use fake credentials to get it. Seto talks of a patient who would get marketing jobs based on his image; he was a presentable and charming man who layered his conversations with educational and occupational references. But it became evident that the man hadn't a clue what he was talking about, and was unable to hold down a job.

How do you make sure you don't get fooled when you're hiring someone to baby-sit your child or for any other job? Hire based on reputation and not image, says Willson. Check references thoroughly. Psychopaths tend to give vague and inconsistent replies. Of course the best way to solve this problem would be to cure psychopaths of their 'illness.' But there's no recipe for treating them, say psychiatrists. Today's traditional methods of psychotherapy (psychoanalysis, group and one-on-one therapy) and drug treatments have failed. Therapy is more likely to work when an individual admits there's a problem and wants to change. The common problem with psychopaths, says Sets, "Is they don't see a problem with their behaviour."

Psychopaths don't seek therapy willingly, says Seto. Rather, they're pushed into it by a desperate relative or by a court order. To a psychopath, a therapist is just one more person who must be conned, and the psychopath plays the part right until the therapist is convinced of his or her 'rehabilitation.'

Even though we can't treat psychopaths effectively with therapy, it doesn't mean we can't protect ourselves, writes Hare. Willson agrees, citing the most important factor in keeping psychopaths at bay is to know your vulnerabilities. We need to "realize our own potential and maximize our strengths" so that our insecurities don't overcome us. Because, she says, a psychopath is a chameleon who becomes "an image of what you haven't done for yourself." Over time, she says, "their appearance of perfection will begin to crack," but by that time you will have been emotionally and perhaps financially scathed. There comes a time when you realize there's no point in searching for answers; the only thing is to move on.

Taken in part from MW -- By Caroline Konrad -- September 1999








These people are mentally ill and extremely dangerous! The following precautions will help to protect you from the destructive acts of which they are capable.

First, to recognize them, keep the following guidelines in mind.

(1) They are habitual liars. They seem incapable of either knowing or telling the truth about anything.

(2) They are egotistical to the point of narcissism. They really believe they are set apart from the rest of humanity by some special grace.

(3) They scapegoat; they are incapable of either having the insight or willingness to accept responsibility for anything they do. Whatever the problem, it is always someone else's fault.

(4) They are remorselessly vindictive when thwarted or exposed.

(5) Genuine religious, moral, or other values play no part in their lives. They have no empathy for others and are capable of violence. Under older psychological terminology, they fall into the category of psychopath or sociopath, but unlike the typical psychopath, their behaviour is masked by a superficial social facade.

If you have come into conflict with such a person or persons, do the following immediately!

(1) Notify your friends and relatives of what has happened.

Do not be vague. Name names, and specify dates and circumstances. Identify witnesses if possible and provide supporting documentation if any is available.

(2) Inform the police. The police will do nothing with this information except to keep it on file, since they are powerless to act until a crime has been committed. Unfortunately, that often is usually too late for the victim. Nevertheless, place the information in their hands.

Obviously, if you are assaulted or threatened before witnesses, you can get a restraining order, but those are palliative at best.

(3) Local law enforcement agencies are usually under pressure if wealthy or politically powerful individuals are involved, so include state and federal agencies as well and tell the locals that you have. In my own experience, one agency that can help in a pinch is the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service or (in Canada) Victims Services at your local police unit. It is not easy to think of the IRS as a potential friend, but a Swedish study showed that malignant types (the Swedes called them bullies) usually commit some felony or other by the age of twenty. If the family is wealthy, the fact may never come to light, but many felonies involve tax evasion, and in such cases, the IRS is interested indeed. If large amounts of money are involved, the IRS may solve all your problems for you. For obvious reasons the Drug Enforcement Agency may also be an appropriate agency to approach. The FBI is an important agency to contact, because although the FBI does not have jurisdiction over murder or assault, if informed, they do have an active interest in any other law enforcement agencies that do not follow through with an honest investigation and prosecution should a murder occur. Civil rights are involved at that point. No local crooked lawyer, judge, or corrupt police official wants to be within a country mile if that comes to light! It is in such cases that wealthy psychopaths discover just how firm the "friends" they count on to cover up for them really are! Even some of the drug cartel biggies will scuttle for cover if someone picks up the brick their thugs hide under. Exposure is bad for business.

(4) Make sure that several of your friends have the information in the event something happens to you. That way, an appropriate investigation will follow if you are harmed. Don't tell other people who has the information, because then something bad could happen to them as well. Instruct friends to take such an incident to the newspapers and other media.

If you are dealing with someone who has considerable money, you must realize that they probably won't try to harm you themselves, they will contract with someone to make the hit. The malignant type is a coward and will not expose himself or herself to personal danger if he or she can avoid it.


Update: A thorough article. You may also find more at I, the creator of this site, am not a psychologist and no special expertise in the subject. I created the site as a public service, because no similar site existed in 2003. I occasionally get sad calls and emails. I urge you to consult either a clinical psychologist or the police depending on the problem you face, and wish you good luck.




Auszug aus Thilo Sarrazins Buch


Es reicht aus, dass Muslime unsere Gesetze beachten, ihre Frauen nicht unterdrücken, Zwangsheiratenabschaffen, ihre Jugendlichen an Gewalttätigkeiten hindern und für ihren Lebensunterhalt selbst aufkommen. Darum geht es.

Wer diese Forderungen als Zwang zur Assimilation kritisiert, hat in der Tat ein Integrationsproblem. Vielleicht sollte er einmal einen Gedanken daran verschwenden, weshalb es in ganz Europa Vorbehalte gegen Muslime gibt – mit guten Gründen:

• Keine andere Religion[*] in Europa tritt so fordernd auf.
• Keine andere Immigration ist so stark wie die muslimische mit Inanspruchnahme des Sozialstaats und Kriminalität verbunden.
• Keine Gruppe betont in der Öffentlichkeit so sehr ihre Andersartigkeit, insbesondere durch die Kleidung der Frauen.
• Bei keiner anderen Religion[*] ist der Übergang zu Gewalt, Diktatur und Terrorismus so fließend.

[*]Bedenke: Islam nennt sich zwar Religion, ist aber Ideologie im Religionskleid -de fakto ANTI-Religion (=Hinweis Ogmios)




Die zum großen Teil arbeitslosen männlichen Familienoberhäupter haben zwar zu Hause das Sagen, aber nach außen können sie gegenüber ihren Söhnen nicht mit dem Prestige des Ernährers aufwarten.

Umso eifriger vermitteln sie dem männlichen Nachwuchs übersteigerte Vorstellungen von einer tapferen, um der „Ehre” willen jederzeit gewaltbereiten Männlichkeit. Diese Rolle nehmen die jungen Männer umso eher an, je mehr ihre Erfolge im Schulsystem zu wünschen übrig lassen – und ihre Leistungen sind noch schlechter als die der muslimischen Mädchen.

Zum Schulfrust gesellt sich sexuelle Frustration, und beides trägt zum Aggressionsstau der jungen Männer bei, die in einer libertären, mit Sex und Porno allenthalben angereicherten Gesellschaft leben.

Die muslimischen Mädchen sind aber aus religiösen Gründen vor der Heirat sexuell nicht verfügbar, ja selbst harmlose vorsexuelle Annäherungen sind vielfach nicht möglich. Und die „besseren“ deutschen Mädchen lassen sich nicht auf jemanden ein, den sie im Bildungssystem als „Loser“ wahrnehmen.

Falsche Rollenvorbilder >, mangelhafte Bildungserfolge und sexuelle Frustration können zu einer erhöhten Gewaltbereitschaft führen, die vornehmlich in Jugendgangs ausgelebt wird, der eigentlichen Heimat vieler junger muslimischer Migranten. Dort finden sie die Anerkennung, die sie suchen, wenn auch für das Falsche, nämlich Gesetzesbrüche, Diebstahle, Schlägereien.

In Berlin werden 20 Prozent aller Gewalttaten von nur 1000 türkischen und arabischen jugendlichen Tätern begangen, eine Bevölkerungsgruppe, die [heute noch ] nur 0,3 Promille [!] der gesamten Berliner Bevölkerung stellt. Aber im Integrationsbericht der Bundesregierung wird deren Kriminalität relativiert  ... PI





Update 28.08.2010



Update 25.01.11











Update 08.03.11


"Die vorliegende Pathographie des emeritierten Marburger Medizinhistorikers Armin Geus kommt nach Sichtung der literarischen Quellen zu dem Ergebnis, dass der Prophet an einer

chronischen, paranoid-halluzinatorischen Schizophrenie

erkrankt war."


[..] doch kommt er nach Sichtung der wichtigsten islamischen und europäischen Quellen zu dem Ergebnis, daß es sich beim Koran um die „Chronik einer Krankengeschichte“ handelt, und Mohammed an paranoid-halluzinatorischer Schizophrenie mit definierten Wahnvorstellungen und charakteristischen Sinnestäuschungen litt. Die vermeintliche Rede Allahs also nichts als eine chronische Halluzinose und religiöser Wahn? Die unheilvolle Verflechtung von Politik und Religion, die sich im Islam zu einem politiko-religiösen Totalitarismus besonderer Prägung ausgeformt hat, bekommt durch diese bahnbrechende Erkenntnis ein noch grauenvolleres Gesicht.







05.11.13 PI 


Zitat [..] Bildung und Wissenschaft sind nicht mehr frei, wie unter anderem die Tatsache zeigt, dass der Zeuge Prof. Dr. Armin Geus auf eine Strafanzeige einer saudiarabischen Bildungseinrichtung von der StA Marburg verfolgt und das Verfahren erst eingestellt wurde, nachdem der Verteidiger 30 international renommierte Psychiater benannt hatte, die alle bereit waren zu bestätigen, dass es sich bei “Die Krankheit des Propheten” um eine korrekte wissenschaftliche Abhandlung auf höchstem methodischen und inhaltlichen Niveau handelt. [..]

 documentation 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|

Die Metaphysik des geistigen & phsychischen Gewebes, oder:

       Licht VX Dunkelheit









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Date 25.06.2011 [5+6=11] => 221111 = 2211 / 1111 / 1001

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'OSLO 2011'


In der WELT schreibt der Schweizer

Psychiater &Psychoanalytiker

Josef Ludin:[2222]


zur Doktrin der sinistren Systemfunktionäre die da [oh Wunder...] lautet:



[..] Nach der Tragödie in Norwegen, scheint es eine ausgemachte Sache zu sein, dass Islamgegner oder fanatische Islamgegner oder aber krankhafte Islamgegner eine Mitschuld an dieser Mordorgie haben. Hier muss dringend etwas richtig gestellt werden.

Die Tat dieses Menschen ist wahrscheinlich nur psychopathologisch zu verstehen, wenn überhaupt eine Erklärung für solch ein Ausmaß des Gräuels möglich ist.

Es gibt das Phänomen des “erweiterten Suizids” aus der forensischen Medizin, in das diese Tat nicht hinein passt: Jemand bringt sich und seine Familie um, weil er sich in einer inneren oder objektiven Not befindet und meint nur der kollektive Tod könnte noch einen Ausweg darstellen.

Man kann selbst auf Selbstmordattentäter eine solche Sicht entwickeln, wenn sie nicht von kriminell-terroristischen Ideologien und ihren Vereinigungen instrumentalisiert werden würden. Hass kann sich auf das weitere Umfeld ausweiten und kann dann beliebig um sich schlagen. Auch nachvollziehbarer Hass.

In Norwegen haben wir es mit einem Menschen zu tun, bei dem es unnachvollziehbar bleibt, woher sein Hass genährt wurde. Weder die Menschen, die er ermordete noch die Gesellschaft, in der er lebte, hatten ihm etwas angetan, was wir verstehen könnten.

Er lebte in einem Land großer demokratischer Sicherheit, einem freiheitlichem Land und obendrein mit höchstem Wohlstand. Da er offenbar nicht manifest schizophren oder wahnhaft ist, muss man aus psychiatrischer Sicht von einer schweren Form einer schizoiden Persönlichkeitsstörung ausgehen, die vordergründig „normal“ daher kommt.

Persönlichkeitsstörungen (Hitler, Goebbels, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-il etc., die Liste ist sehr lang) können in ihrer Gefährlichkeit wesentlich aggressiver sein als wahnhaft-schizophrene Erkrankungen. Sie sind auch wegen ihrer äußeren „Normalität“ gefährlich und werden selbst von Fachleuten häufig übersehen. Sie kommen auch seltener in die psychiatrisch-psychotherapeutische Behandlung – häufig nur bei milderer Ausprägung – weil sie unter anderem auch therapieresistent sind. Sie sind ja „normal“, sogenannte nette Nachbarn.

Dass der Täter in Norwegen mit einer islamophoben Ideologie kokettierte, ist nichts anderes als dem Zeitgeist verpflichtet. Als Kafka-Leser ist er offensichtlich nicht antisemitisch, was der gleiche Charakter zu früheren Zeiten mit Sicherheit gewesen wäre.

Siehe auch die amerikanischen Evangelikalen, heute glühende Verteidiger Israels, in früheren Jahrzehnten, sichere Antisemiten. Diese schwer gestörten Menschen können sich für die Inhalte ihrer Gedankenwelt aus irgend einem Zeitgeist bedienen.

Es ist sinnlos, die gesellschaftliche Debatte um die Stellung des Islam in der europäischen Gesellschaft aus diesem Kontext heraus zu diskreditieren. So wie es Moslems betrifft, könnte es auch Homosexuelle, Juden, Schwarze oder andere Menschen betreffen.

Die „Ideologien“ dieser gefährlichen Charakterstörungen verändern sich, gegeben hat es diese Menschen immer schon. In vielen Regionen der Welt sitzen sie sogar auf hohen Posten, foltern, töten und lassen Menschen zu Tausenden verhungern. Der zivilisierte Mensch, für den auch die Psychopathologie und die Psychoanalyse zu einem Erkenntnisinstrument geworden ist, muss wachsam bleiben. Unsere Regierenden schütteln jeden Tag die Hände dieses gemeingefährlichen „Nebenmenschen“ (Freud). Nihil nove sub soli.

Gesehen auf  PI

published 26.07.11             







is withdrawn, vacuum is created which needs to be filled by...






[..] Every person who takes part only in some degree to the intellectual life of our time, clearly  recognizes the present inferiority of Mohammedan countries, the decline of Islam dominated countries, the spiritual void of peoples, which they owe only and alone to their culture and the upbringing of that religion. [..]

Ernest Renan (1823-1892)  more >



[..] In the German-speaking countries more and more young immigrants even in the  in earliest youth show antisocial behaviour. Many studies have documented the direct relationship between low IQ and that antisocial behaviour already in earliest youth. Among other a most recent research at London's College and Boston University from 2006, according to which antisocial behaviour is determined to 61 percent by (genetic) inheritance, to 27 percent by the environment and to 12 percent by the IQ. [..] the behaviour of asocial immigrant populations from countries with low average IQ: German hostility, violence and youth crime. Over their whole lifetime they will not be able to change the system of values ​​and norms that those young fellow have been taught.  Their cognitive abilities are not sufficient for changes. Many of them the instinct has replaced  the intelligence. They strike instinctively steal instinctive of attack us instinctively. In court, often they can not explain why they have acted so: it was their instinct. - Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, posted by UltraorthodoxerUnglaeubiger # 10 (October 30, 2011 17:47) on PI



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Jede Person die nur einigermassen an dem Geistesleben unserer Zeit theilnimmt, erkennt deutlich die, gegenwärtige Inferiorität der mahomedanischen Länder, den Niedergang der vom Islam beherrschten Staaten, die geistige Nichtigkeit der Völker, die einzig und allein ihre Kultur und ihre Erziehung jener Religion verdanken. [..] Ernest Renan (1823-1892)

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[..] Immer mehr junge Migranten fallen im deutschsprachigen Raum schon in frühester Jugend durch asoziales Verhalten auf. Viele Studien belegen den direkten Zusammenhang zwischen geringem IQ und diesem asozialen Verhalten bereits in frühester Jugend, zuletzt etwa die Forschung am Londoner’s College und der Boston University aus dem Jahre 2006. Danach wird asoziales Verhalten zu 61 Prozent (genetisch) vererbt, zu 27 Prozent von der Umwelt beeinflusst und zu zwölf Prozent vom Intelligenzquotienten bestimmt. [..], dem Verhalten zugewanderter asozialer Bevölkerungsgruppen mit durchschnittlich niedrigem Länder-IQ: Deutschenfeindlichkeit, Jugendgewalt und Kriminalität. Das System von Werten und Normen, das diese jungen Mitbürger erlernt haben, werden sie ihr ganzes nicht verändern können. Ihre kognitiven Fähigkeiten reichen dazu nicht aus. Bei vielen von ihnen ersetzt Instinkt die Intelligenz. Sie schlagen instinktiv zu, stehlen instinktiv oder fallen instinktiv über uns her. Vor Gericht können sie dann auch nicht mehr erklären, warum sie so gehandelt haben: Es war ihr Instinkt. – Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, geposted by

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The 32-year-old Kurd Orhan S. has dismembered his wife in front of his


children after a marital dispute. According to the testimony of a witness he has shouted 'Allahu akbar'. He then went with her head and body parts up to the roof of the five-storey house located in the Köthene street and threw from there the head and one hand down in the courtyard. He should repeatedly have beaten and kicked his wife in the past. Orhan S. is also known to the police for various offenses, including negligent injury, traffic and drug offenses. We can guess the outcome of the process. It certainly comes at the expense of the German taxpayer to psychiatry, even though with the practice of beheading he has just applied to the regular islamic sharia law. So this is certainly no activity that would be alien to Islam. (Part of the "quality press" conceal the origin of the perpetrator.)



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