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This is one of the very few dates in which I expected some happening, because of its unique numerology:   08.08.11 =



On my way back home from the gym today I noted the nice yellow bouquet [pic1] behind the window of a bar which I use to frequent from time to time, although I never paid any attention to its name/logo. This day I have been later than usual so the bar was already close. Anyway, I stopped and admired that wonderful bouquet, noting that all window decoration was in yellow. Inside some red items [pic2]. Then the exposed price list [pic1] captured my attention with the prices:  99 / 119 / 119 / 189 / 89 / 89 / 89 / 45 . From here it was clear a new message to be underway. So I checked more details and found the two more 99 / 99 prices on the board outside near the window, though couldn't see what is new, except ..-and this was the first time I paid attention to it-...'maybe the bars logo' [see pic3], this was my thought while proceeding toward home. Two days later on...




on youtube I got friend invitation by Le SCINTILLA [ 8 / 222 / 124]  with the following video placed on her channel frontpage



Next day

11.08.11 [~ 811]

This morning I suddenly started twittering a random melody. After a while I reflected what melody it was and found it was the melody of Pippi Longstocking. That was most probably the first time since my childhood I twittered this melody. It took me a while to find out which melody it was. But then I realized even why: Pippi had a white horse!



Finally on

14.08.11 [ 14 at 811]

we were invited by Ivana's parents for a lunch in a restaurant near Prague, because of Ivanas half brother his birthday. At the table, when I saw David sitting near Veronika in front of me, I suddenly realized on Davids new shirt [he bought it two days before] was a white horse with large wings. And indeed someone has worn white on this today, as never seen before...



Since I am not a good photographer [at least not with the Ipod] back home I decided to make an extra shot of David's top to be added here below


Finally at the same time back home when I took off my own top I realized there were the eagle heads and flowers on the shirt which myself have worn on that same day. /// "Eagle" by ABBA, crossed on 15.08.11



added 13.08.11



adding of 15.08.11

Today Ivana showed me her new bag, she had bought few days ago. Ivana didn't know about the white horse story yet. The new bag was white, figuring among other an unicorn horse. Neber before in her life Ivana bought a white bag.

Just a coincidence ?

WHICH coincidence?






tubed and added on16.08.11 at 00:06, as I went back to the white horse video, I found the


sticking on the visitor counter. Just a coincidence? WHICH coincidence?



Interestingly this white-horse-story is the same story which friend Micha told me since from the beginning years ago when we spoke [wrote over youtube] for first time together the first thing he explained me that earlier in his life he has got a divine inspiration over the immense power of reciprocal love. True [reciprocal(!)] love in balance between two individuals works like a trigger lifting both of them up to unknown spiritual highs and great benefits.




email to friend Micha in regard to the meaning of the white winged horse:

Es ist die Symbiose des Adlers [oder Falken etc] mit dem Pferd. Freiheit mit Kraft. Das Pferd ist [zumindest am Beginn] genaugenommen ein Einhorn. Da ist also ein Horn. Es symbolisiert die treibende Kraft die allerdings gezügelt und kanalisiert werden will um zur reinigenden und heilenden Kraft zu werden. [=Farbe Weiss].

Als Individuen steht das weisse Einhorn für Veronika, der Falke für mich. Die gewünschte fruchtbringende Vermischung beider spiritueller Substanzen entfaltet eine heilende Wirkung und macht das weise Einhorn auch frei. Frei von den hemmenden seelischen und spirituellen Störungen, von den Turbulenzen die der jungen gesunden starken potenten Natur innewohnen, Bildlich ist dieser Vorgang dadurch symbolisiert dass das Pferd die Flügel des Falken erhält bzw in sich aufnimmt und abhebt, d.h. den Fesseln der Erdkräfte entwächst, lernt sie zu beherrschen, statt sich zu versklaven ihrer also Herr wird, und sich damit zum FREIEN gefügelten Geist erhebt, den [der hl.Geist] =die Engel tragen.





25.08.11 - I get friend invitation by TaliforGod

After saving the screen shot on this present page I realized the time [23:22] not only contains the 222 but 23hours converts into 11pm, resulting once again into the





Apropos 'leSCINTILLA'











This evening walking through the Paris street with David and Ivana at the HERMES show window a bag with a white horse captured my attention. Just a case ? Never say this word ! While watching the bag I heard the sound of a carriage coming near and indeed as I turned around a carriage with white horses came along. Although I had my iphone already switched off I yet managed the shot here above.



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