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Islam has NEVER been a religion. Islam is a plagiarism and is like all plagiarisms nothing else than the result of GODLESSNESS. Is is one more face of the uncountable faces of the same hydra named atheism. All ideologies are fruit of atheism yet all bloody tyrants of human history from Hitler to Stalin to Pol Pot, KimYong, Lenin, Saddam, Mohammed, Gaddafi .. were nothing else than unscrupulous, godless beings =atheists, camouflaged as populist prophets of peace, freedom and benevolence, THIS SHALL HAVE AN END! It is UNTHINKABLE for an individual which truly believes in the Christian Godfather to fall for such systematic bastardry. UNTHINKABLE

added 01.05.11








will NEVER calm down as long as fed up by its own enemy, it will continue to grow up creating more and more tension. It will start playing out everyone against everyone, hijacking one group for the attack on another group and vice versa, systematically weakening or even swallowing possible adversaries [while being fed up by themselves!] until finally definitely take over power, eating its own children, those who have fed it up.




The HYDRA-Strategies  SPIRIT OF MANIPULATION , FEAR  [1] [2] >


1] Demographic weapon, islamic immigration, large families ['mammut families'], family reunion etc.

2] Infiltration/corruption [2] [3] [*]of the state apparat, becoming political consultants, functionaries, minister - Undermining free speech

3] Infiltration/corruption of the executive apparat [later through it]

4] Infiltration/corruption of the judicative apparat [later through it]

5] Infiltration/corruption of the Church [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [later through it]

6] Infiltration of media - Undermining free speech

7] Infiltration/corruption through dirty oil dollars, into banks [1], schools [1], universities, institutions, high technology, ammunition production, building mosques and other projects, along with mafia business on clan level and plagiarism leading to harmful marked distortions at the expense of the honest business people because destroying their natural competitiveness.

8] DIVISION of the once united society by a] creating chaos and fear through thread/terrorism [+threat/pressure on the judicative], offering Islam itself as the solution, b] socialize Islamic habits, rules, headscarf, extra pray rooms and separate halal [*] departments in schools, universities,  public places.

9] Corrupt/hijack other powers/groups/possible adversaries, play them out against each other.

10] Installation of large scale mafia business. [*] Drugs, prostitution, blackmailing.

11]legalization of[*] incest [required for islamic forced marriages], legalization of vagina mutilation [*] required for definite female enslavement,... sharia

12] Criminalize islam critics [blasphemy instead of democracy]

13] Finally along to the demographic weapon and immigration get rolling a conversation wave in order to take over political power the sooner the better, along with media control, state control, corrupt the church, executive control, judicative control, peoples privacy under control, introduction of sharia law.


The strategies are flexible and depend on the current situation. If the islamic leaders feel that in a specific situation [or period] terrorism could have counter productive effects, they will pursue other strategies applying more taqiyya.


Note: The so called "moderate" [=the bad muslims] certainly help to pave the pay to the mankind's plague they have nothing more to say once islam mafia takes its grip on power.


[*] links added successively


[added 30.12.10] A respective update on PI over the systematic manipulations and falsifications of islamic leaders in regard to the Danish Mohammed cartoons and their network arrangements in order to create and achieve a maximum of hatred and agitation . [Without those wolves inciting manipulations the original cartoons have even not been noted in the Arab world.!]



youtube posting on UK atheist channel 12.12.10

      Since for the moment the church [or important parts of it] seems to do a step back from its temptations [ 1 2 3,..] to pack with islam, I can see the islamic tactics have changed. The atheist community is now being hijacked by muslims in atheist clothes, which abuse of the atheists for their fight against their biggest enemy that is the Christianity. So, atheists are currently doing a wonderful job as the useful idiots. Soon, when UK will be islamized, they will be the first one hanging on the cranes by those for whom they attack the church today but will legalize the pedofilia as soon as on power.


A respective update on PI [22.12.10]: Islamic public billboard action in UK, attacking Christmas. [ online printscreen 1 > , 2 > ]


...und hier deren geistig verwandten Verbündeten am Werk.

Mein Kommentar dazu:

"Bei dieser schraegen sinistren Bande ist jeder der nicht offen fuers freie Kinderf..en ist, [d.h. fuer den Islam] nichts anderes als ein Heuchler. Dass unter diesem Gesichtspunkt der Islam geschont werden muss, sie selber sich aber im selben Moment mit derartigen Aktionen als die groessten aller Heuchler entlarven schert sie nicht. Sie wollen endlich frei und offen ihren niederen Instinkten gehorchen. Der Rest geht ihnen buchstaeblich LINKS am A… vorbei."





 youtube conversation with an Atheist December 2010.



If Muhammad was alive today, and went to Britain, due to the age of his wife (I'm certain you already know this, as young as six, as old as nine when they were wed, to a much older man), I have no doubt that he would come to face the same issues that the pope had faced when he visited England, and for the same reasons.

First it doesn't make sense at all to compare the pope with Muhammad. If then Muhammads deeds have to be compared with Jesus Christ his deeds.

Anyway there is no need for Mohammed being alive today, the islamization of the whole globe is fully underway. Nowaday every single day 8000 girls are being mutilated on their vagina in the name of Allah and his prophet [with rising tendency!] and no one is disturbed of, though if there are some pedofilia cases among the priests [and to be considered that this is not at all a typical problem of the church but of the general human imperfection], then suddenly everyone plays police.
In MY mind, those 8000 mutilated girs/day [btw 4000 out of them die every day under unspeakable pain] are not less important than ANY sexually abused children. Evidently most people think differently because islam -for what hell reason ever- can't be touched [false moralism on the shoulders of those victims],

and that is shabby.

There is no need for Mohammed being alife today.
According to latest stats in 50/60 years UK will be of islamic majority -if they manage to get rolling a conversion wave then even much earlier- that means islamic rules for all UK citizen. You know once islam has taken its grip on a country there is no way back anymore, but only "forward".

I already know about cases in Germany and Italy [ and I am sure in UK it is the same or even much worse] where muslim children have been married [sold] to old uncles in accordance to the prophets example. We only know about those cases which become public, let alone the real number is certainly much higher.

While we are just at the beginning, though you and your people around in Europe still sleeping. Not only that you do not realize what is going on. You atheists are even being hijacked by the muslims as useful idiots for their plans to bring down their biggest enemy -the Christianity.




The Quran should be rejected in its entirety, since it is the main source of Islamic law system of Sharia which applies in any place and any time, and [for devout Muslims] stands above the man-made laws such as the civil constitutions.
[Mark A. Gabriel, Ph.D. Professor of Islamic History at Al-Azhar University, Cairo]












Today I realized there was not yet any confirmation from the team for this present page. Though while I thought how such a confirmation for this page could be look like, in the same moment I remembered on that T-shirt with a snake design which was given by Ivana to David as one of her Christmas gifts two days ago, and which -when I first saw it- astonished me so much because I know Ivana would usually not buy such type of 'design'. So I asked her for my own curiosity when she had bought that top and why such a design with snakes and she said she bought it already in the summer but actually did even not pay much attention to the details of the pattern [let alone if it could have a meaning]. Anyway, in that moment [on Christmas day] I did not put the things together yet, until today. [two days afterwards] Btw: the picture of that shirt with snake design  had the number 2630 sum up = 11




Just finished these lines I went straight to PI getting this one video:


 video by  jeremyyyTM  

Just by case? DOESN'T EXIST!

Respective PDF document on the page for the church, showing THE MARK OF THE BEAST message contained in the bible.




  pic nr 2666


This late evening I decided to have a minute of relax on the TV sofa. While sitting down a new Skoda commercial started on a Czech channel. I was surprised by the ingeniousity of this commercial though the hammer was when I saw the engine made up of snakes.

An engine made up of snakes!

You know what is an islam-infiltrated or taken over society?


Do I have to mention that this inspiration in exactly these days has been arranged by the team as a perfect pointing re-reconfirmation of this present page and do I have to remind that SKODA translates into disaster/damage/catastrophe?

The clip shows a green skoda car. Green is the cover-colour of islam plague, which in reality [within] is black!



This heavens reconfirming message:

An engine [=society] made up [=based on/taken over/infiltrated] by snakes [=by the doctrine of the lie/falsity/intrigue =islam] is mathematically doomed for "skoda" [=disaster]!


I did not manage to catch that sequence with my iphone in that moment, though on the next morning [31.12.10] I found the same video commercial on you tube from which I took that picture here above. Note the picture Nr.2666.





Today I got invitation by friend 666IslamScharia to watch this one video , in which I noted this quotation...


"I know [..] the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a synagogue of Satan."


"ich kenne [..] die Heuchelei derjenigen die da sagen, sie seien Juden, und sind's nicht, sondern sind des Satans Schule."


...while on PI I just read the article about the apostles of the bloody barbarian demonstrating with the Jewish yellow budge, selling themselves as the victims.
















Lesenswertes Posting auf der AbendzeitungMü


@ Anonymer Benutzer


Schauen Sie sich die Veränderungen im Erscheinungsbild der Städte an. Gehen Sie in die Grundschulen und machen sich ein Bild von der Zusammensetzung der Klassen. In den Großstädten sind bereits 2/3 der Kinder im Alter unter 5 Jahren die Nachkommen von Einwanderern. Unser Anteil daran steigt von Jahr zu Jahr. Machen Sie sich mit den Gedanken unserer politischen Führer wie z.B. Recep Tayyip Erdo?an und Ahmet Davutoglu vertraut. Betrachten Sie die Arbeit unserer Verbände wie DITIB und Milli Görüs. Achten Sie auf die teilweise enge und vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit der Verbandsvertreter mit Mandatsträ1gern der Parteien, z.B. mit der SPD. Registrieren Sie, wie Mitarbeiter der Verwaltungen auf unsere Forderungen eilfertig eingehen (Frauenschwimmen, Halalessen in Schulmensen etc.). Alle politischen Parteien buhlen um unsere Gunst. Die meisten Journalisten der Zeitungen sind auf unserer Seite, ebenso die öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten. Unsere Partei (BIG) nimmt bereits in diesem Jahr an den Wahlen teil. In absehbarer Zeit werden wir die kritische Masse an Wählern erreichen, so dass auch die 5% Hürde kein Hindernis mehr darstellt. 2013 werden wir mit massiver Unterstützung der Mutterpartei an den Bundestagswahlen teilnehmen. Was können Sie dagegen setzen. Den Freiheitsverein des Herrn Stadtkewitz aus Berlin? Unser Bevölkerungsanteil beträgt nicht einmal 5%. Was machen Sie, wenn er 10 oder 20% beträgt? Der Tenor Eurer Äußerungen in Internetforen oder den Kommentarspalten der Zeitungen ist defensiv. Ihr verteidigt Euch. Von Eurer überlegenen Leitkultur ist nichts zu merken. Im Grunde erkennt Ihr unsere natürliche Überlegenheit schon jetzt an. Unsere Kultur, also die islamische, wird die Leitkultur der Zukunft sein. Findet Euch damit ab oder sucht Euch einen anderen Platz zum Leben.

screen shot

Antwort eines anderen Nutzers

@ neue Realität

Was Sie da schreiben (natürliche Überlegenheit ihrer islamischen Leitkultur... etc.), ähnelt sehr einer braun, faschistischen Idiologie, die wir hier bereits überwunden haben! Mich wundert, dass Sie noch nicht unter die Zensur der AZ gefallen sind. Aber wie auch immer, die von Ihnen propagierte "natürliche Überlegenheit" des Islam hat der Welt noch nichts gebracht. Keine Menschenrechte, keine Gerechtigkeit, keine soziale Verpflichtung, keine Verpflichtung gegenüber der Umwelt, keinen Tierschutz, keine Verpflichtung zu Bildung und Weiterentwicklung, keine Hygiene und Sauberkeit, keine Verpflichtung zur Arbeit, keine Wissenschaft und Forschung, keine Toleranz, keine Gleichbehandlung der Geschlechter, keine Liebe - nichts, was der Menschheit dienlich wäre. Sehen Sie sich in den islamischen Ländern um. Es ist überall gleich: Dreck, Elend, Armut, Korruption, Verbrechen, Mittelalter, Krieg und Hass auf alle Nicht-Moslems, die an allem Schuld sind. Wenn es anders wäre, wären Sie und Ihresgleichen nicht hier sondern könnten friedlich den Wohlstand Ihres Heimatlandes genießen. Ich kann Ihre Ausführungen nur so interpretieren, dass Sie hier einen Dschihad führen, mit dem Ziel, das Land dem Islam unterwerfen zu wollen. Warum vertreten das Ihre Organisationen (DITIB, Milli Görs), Ihr Präsident und Ihre Imame nicht öffentlich sondern faseln von Gemeinschaft? Ist das alles gelogen? Dann hätte Sarazin in der Tat Recht.



März 2011

Charlatanminister DeMaiziere forciert die Einführung des

Unterrichts der 'Ideologie des Menschenfeindes

im Sonntagskleid' in Deutschland.












Ps: Auch bei den Nationalsozialisten wusste man woran man ist, denn sie haben ihre Einstellung nie verheimlicht! Mit den Funktionären des blutigen Halsabschneiders in Kravatte allerdings kommt eine nie dagewesene Qualität der Lüge bzw des Menschenfeindes auf die [noch] freie Welt zu um sie von innen her zu erobern und zu unterwerfen. Derweil ist es für diejenigen die da mitmachen u/o tatenlos zusehen

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