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Open exhibition of modern sculptures. Wonderful female face attracting my attention. Standing before it, watching it and following those wonderful fine lines/silhouettes at a point I noted this sculptures number to be 11. While continuing to admire this wonderful art piece Ivana and David read the artists presentation on the near poster, Ivana said:

11 names Veronika!







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"made in heart - He and She"





Friendly provided by GalakFyarr         








Ivana passed me on this picture- no further comment








Today out with David and Ivana for for a birthday dinner, when we surprisingly came across an open festival on the Jan Palach square. Suddenly I got the idea to check around for anything particular that could have a significance, and as I "opened my (inner) eyes" I just saw blue and green balloons all around and everywhere. I repeat: Blue & Green balloons everywhere. No further comment.






[added] Dec,17.10





Artwork by Lenka Klodova  [*1969] =969

"LOVE BINS" 2570 = 2+5+7= 14


taken on 11.12.10, at 13:26  [2+6=8]






[7+7=14+1=15 / 14=>15 / no further comment]





Today once again Ivana showing me an animal with one blue and one

green eye, which she crossed on a news web. No further comment.










View from the window on 03.02.11 morning.

Two crosses, connected in the middle.



The cross gives you back the ability to love:



Das Kreuz verleiht die Fähigkeit der Liebe:







[added Jan,17.11]


A yellow taxi of the modry andel [=blue angel] taxi company with the number 213 parked right in between our boutique [=civic nr 13] and the crucifix in the background. Note: the number 2 [Lightworker/Angel] being closely related to the number 9 [see symbolisms] can be replaced with the 9 resulting into 913 . Note the date: 14.Feb. = Valentine day ...





March,05.11 - March,06.11 [added 08.03.11]

[5+3=8.11 // 6+3=9.11 // 8+3= 11:11]






This Saturday Ivana, David and me spending together in the old town. Then this one:

Have you ever seen a golden car?

Note the 4 circles of the Audi sign. Applying numerology the reg. plate [1AS 1781] results into A=8 // S=8 // 1+7+8+1 = 17 / 1+7= 8 ==> 1/888



Exactly one hour later: This guy fitted in gold painted dress from top to bottom. From here it was clear: Today is more in the pipeline...



Ford GT with 7777 reg.plate parking right in front of us. This is the car from 21.08.2010 !

This time I got occasion for more details and re-confirmations:

1] The upper line of car reg code 9S3 = 983

2] On the next shot I noted the civic nr = 4 !

3] That shot had the picture number 3444 !

4] The blue straight double strip. [Highway!] = the contrary to the double SS-curves.



This same day evening a taxi crossing our way, stopping exactly in front of us. Taxi number




An immediate reconfirmation highlighting the symbolism of the Ford GT which crossed our way this same afternoon at 16:27, showing again that none of those occurrences comes just by case. I did never come across of any similar car with a large double strip since my first encounter with a Ford GT half a year ago on 21.08.2010. Today that same Ford GT along with another car with the same outfit.


Next day 06.03.11


Today we went out to the lord of the dance life show. There was this flute playing lady again dressed in gold from top to bottom. On the picture the dress seems of various colours which is due to the light on glimmer effects, in reality the dress was entirely in gold unicolour. Last but not least...

someone which I most love, once played the flute...



This message published on 08.03.11 WOMENSDAY

On the left the Google logo of 08.03.11 . The logo picture is originally named by google: "womensday11-hp"





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26.06.11 - ABBA GOLD














DeXter [9]




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