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The Most Important Podcast You Can Hear About COVID-19
Commentary: If you ran out to get one or more COVID jabs (and even a booster) because you were afraid of getting COVID-19, this new information is sure to rock your world. Already had COVID?

"It was clear that Hydroxychloroquine was the most

promising drug we had for Covid 19."

"I can tell you as a doctor: The FDA, the CDC and the NIH are public service agencies to me and you. We don't work for them. They don't issue us relieves. They work for us, and I am telling you as a leader in academic medicine my expectation was monthly reviews from those three entities and a white house task force. In fact a white house task force can do it. I needed a monthly report of what drugs are working and what drugs are not. We didn't see any of that."



Natural Immunity Lasts for at Least 18 Months: Study






So erzeugen mRNA-Spike-Impfungen Vakzin-AIDS
[..] Die Anzeichen verdichten sich, dass die mRNA-Impfungen ein Immunschwäche-Syndrom erzeugen – ein Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome oder Vakzin-AIDS. Nach aktuellem Stand könnte dies über Wochen, Monate oder Jahre in Geimpften weitere Krankheiten auslösen.
Es mehren sich Berichte über Erkrankungen wie Krebs, Herpes, Gürtelrose und Autoimmunerkrankungen bei Geimpften. Allen diesen Krankheiten gemeinsam ist, dass ihre Abwehr von der einwandfreien Funktion des Immunsystems abhängt. Verschiedene Berichte belegen zunehmend Impfschäden, die im Krankenhaus oder auf der Intensivstation behandelt werden.Gleichzeitig mehren sich die Warnsignale .. [..]


"A Recurring Fountain Of Revenue": FDA Exec Admits Biden Planning Annual Shots, Including Toddlers
"The drug companies, the food companies, they pay us millions of dollars a year..."




Sweden and Denmark showing there are better ways.



Peter Schiff Prognose wird wahr! Jetzt wird es hässlich! Bereite deine Familie vor! *

COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations Jump Among Vaccinated: CDC Data
[..] COVID-19 case and hospitalization rates increased among people who got a COVID-19 vaccine following the emergence of the Omicron virus variant, according to newly published data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
According to the data, which is submitted to the CDC by health departments across the country, the COVID-19 case rate in fully vaccinated people rose by more than 1,000 percent between Dec. 11, 2021, and Jan. 8, 2022.  Fully vaccinated refers to people who received two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines, or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. [..]


By summing up all vaccinated (boostered and without booster), you will find out that the gap between not vaccinated and vaccinated gets quickly narrower.

I have just heard that my fully vaccinated sisterheart Erika - the only one (fully) vaccinated in our family - has been tested positive.





German reporter passes out on TV while demanding forced jabs. * 137|2|575




New Zealand High Court: Vaccine Mandate Not ‘Demonstrably Justified,’ Breach of Rights
Police and defence force staff challenge upheld


Großbritannien: Offizielle Zahlen belegen erhöhte Sterblichkeit nach Impfung [..] Die britische Sterbe- und Todesursachenstatistik belegt deutliche Sterbewellen in zeitlichem Zusammenhang mit den Corona-Impfungen. Auch die Sterblichkeit unter jüngeren Geimpften scheint doppelt so hoch wie unter Ungeimpften. [..]
Kinder und Jugendarzt: „Impfstoffe haben überhaupt keinen relevanten Fremdschutz“ [..] Eine Impfpflicht sei weder juristisch noch medizinisch „in irgendeiner Art und Weise“ intelligent, moniert der Kinder- und Jugendmediziner Steffen Rabe – und widerspricht damit offen der herrschenden Agenda. [..]
Impfungen: Spike-Proteine im Zellkern und DNA-Schädigung nachgewiesen [..] In einer kürzlich erschienenen Peer-Review geprüften Studie zeigen Wissenschaftler der Universität Stockholm erstmals in Laborversuchen, dass das Spike-Protein von SARS-CoV-2 in den Zellkern eindringen kann und die Fähigkeit der DNA zur Selbst-Reparatur schädigt. Darin sehen die Forscher eine mögliche Erklärung für schwere COVID-19-Infektionen und heben die potenziellen Nebenwirkungen von Impfstoffen auf Spike-Basis hervor. [..]


Studie: Corona-Impfung erheblich gefährlicher und tödlicher als Infektion [..] Omikron ist die beste Impfung, sie verbreitet sich schneller und von selbst und sie ist ungefährlicher als alle am Markt befindlichen Impfstoffe. Das belegen Daten gleich mehrerer nationaler Behörden – einschließlich des RKIs. Eine neue Studie weist dies nun ebenfalls detailliert und für (fast) alle Altersklassen nach.
2021 zeigte eine Studie von drei Wissenschaftlern auf Basis verfügbarer Daten, dass zwei Todesfälle durch die COVID-Impfung zu erwarten seien, um drei durch COVID-19 zu verhindern. Um die Veröffentlichung in der Fachzeitschrift „Vaccines“ (MDPI) gab es sofort heftige Kontroversen, denn das Ergebnis zerstörte jegliche Rechtfertigung für die Impfkampagne. Daraufhin.. [..] Inzwischen - via Omicron- dürfte sich das Verhältnis schlagartig zugunsten der Infektion umgedreht haben.




Pandemic Lessons Learned: Omicron Versus Bill Gates
[..] At the Munich Security Conference on Feb. 18, Bill Gates was asked to assess where we are at in beating the pandemic. He replied: “Sadly, the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron, is a type of vaccine. That is, it creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity.”
Maybe Mr. Gates read my Jan. 5 opinion piece, “Omicron May Help End the Pandemic This Winter”? I’m glad he agrees with me that Omicron is like an effective vaccine that is helping end the pandemic.
As a veteran vaccine scientist who spearheaded a vaccine project in 2003 against the original SARS, I was quite confident projecting where Omicron would lead the pandemic, given its characteristics after it emerged late last year. But knowing that the world’s most famous influencer looks at it the same way is quite satisfying.

But why did Mr. Gates say “sadly? [..]

[..] If vaccines achieve sterilizing immunity, great. If not, and instead naturally occurring Omicron brings an end to the pandemic, equally great.
It’s not a competition, it’s whatever gets the job done—that is, unless you value the success of vaccines more than ending the pandemic. [..]



The answer to the question.


In preparation: WHO global pandemic treaty can undermine national constitutions (Among others pushed by Gates & Co)
After this total vaccination disaster..





The difference between a known bat virus and SARS-COV2 consists
in 12-19 nucleotides in one unique bloc/cluster.
Quote: "Highly unusual"  "not seen before"

So, nature, as far as we know, doesn't do this.

However, eventually it does do it a certain type of 'human nature'.

144 | 16

Put this together with all the facts we know about the first

appearance along to all the spear head connections * * and following

cover up attempts, and then say me:

On a scale of probability,

which version is the real conspiracy version:

the bat version or the laboratory (gain-of-function) version.



APROPOS 'human nature' ↑






50 Wissenschaftler unterzeichnen „Hamburger Erklärung 2022“ [..] Am 22. Februar veröffentlichten 50 Wissenschaftler die Hamburger_Erklärung_2022 zur weltweiten Beendigung der „hoch risikoreichen ‚Gain-of-function‘-Forschung an Krankheitserregern mit weltweitem Pandemie-Potential“. [..] Die Unterzeichner möchten damit „auf eine große Bedrohung für das menschliche Dasein aufmerksam machen, welche sich in den vergangenen Jahren durch neuartige biotechnische Verfahren zur Veränderung gefährlicher Krankheitserreger ergeben hat“. [..]


"this is not supposed to happen"



Fact Check: "The Covid-19 Vaccine Does Not Change Human DNA"

Intracellulare Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BionTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 in Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line. *

No Sex Required: Body Cells Transfer Genetic Info Directly into Sperm Cells, Amazing Study Finds  [..] A revolutionary new study reveals that the core tenet of classical genetics is patently false, and by implication: what we do in this life - our diet, our mindset, our chemical exposures -can directly impact the DNA and health  of future generations. [..]


When will mankind stop seeing genetics like mechanics. Some time you will realize that even your thinking and feelings influence your and your children's genetics. These things might be very difficultly detectable because theses are expremely slow processes in both healing and damaging direction.





Efficacy of Children vaccination dropping from 60% to 12% within 28days after vaccination and/or full vaccination.  "12 to 17 years of age performed a little better"

It will kill them   

( → update 07.03.22: Autopsy: Post-Vaccination Myocarditis “Primary Cause” of Two Teens’ Deaths *

07.03.22 Update
[..] “JCVI has said that vaccination of children aged 5 to 11 years who are not in a clinical risk group would prevent a relatively small number of hospitalizations or intensive care admissions. For a variant like Omicron, it would take around four million vaccine doses to two million children to prevent one admission to ICU, and for less severe illnesses, 58,000 child vaccinations would prevent one-child hospitalization. Children admitted recently to hospital with COVID had an average length of stay of 1-2 days. The Omicron wave saw no more children in hospital than before Omicron hit the UK.” [..]



Ultra-Vaccinated, Locked-Down New Zealand Sees Record Infection Rate




Perhaps the Most Effective Weapon Against Viral Infections
Nebulized hydrogen peroxide offers an immediate and direct supplement to the body's natural immune response
The only problem: Doesn't interest anyone because politically not helpful since bad politics has taken over.



[..] So, in all, for the 21 months covering January 2020 through September 2021,  the total COVID-19 death toll in England and Wales was 17,371 — a far cry from what’s been reported. As of the end of September 2021, the U.K. government reported there were 137,133 deaths within 28 days of a positive test, and these deaths were therefore all counted as “COVID deaths.” [..]



[..]  As Night and Seneff Ph.D., a senior research scientist who has been conducting research at MIT for over five decades explain in their paper, there’s overwhelming reason to suspect that these gene transfer injections will have devastating impacts in the long term, resulting in excess deaths over the next decade. What’s more, it’s clear that the death toll from the COVID-19 infection itself in the U.S. has been vastly exaggerated, as it’s based on positive PCR tests and even mere suspicion of COVID in the absence of testing. Many died from other causes and just happened to have a positive COVID test at the time of death. [..]  “Seneff suspects that in the next 10 to 15 years, we’ll see a dramatic spike in prion diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases at younger ages, and blood disorders such as blood clots, hemorrhaging, stroke and heart failure.” [..]


What Is a Covid Detox?
[..] Many people who have contracted Covid-19 or have had vaccine injections may be looking for ways to "detox" and counter long-term effects. Is this possible? And what does it mean? [..]




How to Regain the Immunity We Lost to Lockdowns: Doctor
[..] Doctor breaks down the lingering effects of lockdowns, and how we can reverse the impacts [..]



To place (fake (update 03.03.22)) safety and security on first place in a society, ends in poverty.

The spirit of freedom in fairness, along to endeavour, challenge, within an order relevant system brings prosperity. A sound monetary system (*) (instead of socialist junk money which must end in chaos, impoverishment and expropriation through inflation etc.)  along to the elimination of every form of leveraging in the speculation business will help to avoid the worst. Nations which breach these basic rules, may have to be excluded from such sound trade system.

Alles andere mit diesem künstlich gepushtem Expansionswahn - von dem in Wahrheit ohnehin immer nur die Wenigsten profitieren, dafür großartig, aber auf Kosten der Meisten (**) - wird immer in der Hochzockerei enden (update (***) 03.03.22) (update 04.03.22), und dann in den Kriegen mit den angeblich Bösen gegen die angeblich Glorreichen, und heute sind wir mitten drin.

Wer nicht hören will ..


(*) So, give it to the King rather than to the gambler.


(**) denn abgesehen von den so produzierten Blasen und Crashes wird damit eine systematische, großangelegte Umverteilung von unten nach oben betrieben. Es ist also ein zutiefst ungesundes und ungerechtes System das hier betrieben wird.

(05.03.22 ".In a word, the boiling frog is nothing more than massive monetization of the public debt — financial fraud on a biblical scale." )


(***) Not only in America. It's everywehere the same. It's mankind.





'Be Nice' comment:
"Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind." — John F. Kennedy
That is correct, and Kennedy also knew how to begin with since fiat money is the money of the war mongerer: Replace the socialist junkmoney with redeemable Dollar in Silver or Gold, and this is why he has been eliminated by the (today still in power) deep system fiat money power mafia (which btw has been put in power by the goodists and which btw is also the war power mafia), before he could accomplish that.




Dr.Malone, Inventor of mRNA Tech Used in Covid Vaccine Tells All on Podcast
[..] Not only are children at high risk for severe adverse events from the COVID shots, but having healthy, unvaccinated children in the population is crucial to achieving herd immunity. [..]
In the radio news I heard the global death rate rose by 18 millions over the two Covid years 2020, 2021.

[..] There is good modeling studies that probably half a million excess deaths have happen in the United States (alone) due the intentional blockade of early treatment by the the US government. [..]

Not only in the US. And don't forget the vaccine deaths included in these numbers and the billions of victims -first of all children- of crazy mandates.




Boosters May Weaken The Immune System Says European Medicine Agency (EMA)  Let's review their message and the mechanism of T cell exhaustion behind the message.
[..] "if you exhaust a cell and it becomes a memory cell, then that memory cell when activated would stay exhausted. It is not like us that we go to gym we became exhausted, came back, went to sleep, woke up and we're fresh. If you put a cell to sleep and the cell was already exhausted, meaning it was showing those proteins on its surface then if it becomes memory cell and then in the future you activate it because the actual exposure occurred then the memory cell will activate but into the exhausted state. This is the problem." [..]
= permanently weakened immunity system.


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The Difference Between mRNA Injections and Vaccines
[..] "If the US government would call the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ by what they really are, far fewer people would be lining up for their two shots."

Did you know that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines aren’t vaccines in the medical and legal definition of a vaccine? They do not prevent you from getting the infection, nor do they prevent its spread. They’re really experimental gene therapies. " But if by all definitions it is not a vaccine, why are they calling it a vaccine ?" [..]

Dr. Robert Malone: CDC Got Caught Hiding Data, Vaccination Might Increase Risk of Omicron Infection


Dr. Ryan Cole: Alarming Cancer Trend Suggests COVID-19 Vaccines Alter Natural Immune Response



Covid-19 Can Leave a Mark on the Brain



[..] He called the results of a newly released study disturbing. The study, titled “Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, and germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination,” shows that messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) from the vaccine stays in the body much longer than expected. Messenger RNA is a single-stranded molecule that carries genetic code, usually from the DNA in a cell’s nucleus, to ribosomes, the cell’s protein-making area.
“It shows the messenger RNA is in the lymph nodes months after the vaccine had been received. This is proven,” McCullough said. “The vaccines are not leaving the body. It’s found in the lymph nodes at 60 days. The thought in the FDA briefing book was that these vaccines were going to be in the body for a day or two, generate immunity, and then be out.”
He cited another paper published in February by a team of researchers led by Associate Prof. Yang De Marinis at the Department of Clinical Sciences of Lund University, Sweden, that shows “reverse transcription” is happening—that is, an enzyme makes a copy of DNA from RNA.

“This is getting into human chromosomes,.. [..]

A little Chernobyl on a global scale ?


14.03.22 (previous   )

Peter Schiff  "It's never been worse" * (16)



9 in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People: Report
A report released by the UK government has confirmed that 9 out of every 10 deaths related to COVID-19 are found in those who are fully vaccinated. Although the virus variant is the same and the UK approved only one different vaccine (AstraZeneca) from the United States, the data in the U.S. are different. This may be due in large part to the CDC definition used to identify who is “vaccinated.”
U.S. data are also likely to become even more sparse in the coming weeks and months. In addition to the CDC hiding data, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) quietly decided in early February to stop recording deaths attributed to COVID-19. [..]
Nothing else to be added here. Just one question.
Ready  for your future jabs ?



Spike Protein Gets In The Blood of Vaccinated Individuals
"So, very quick, if I can spill the beans, the amount of spike protein after the Pfizer Biontech vaccine present in the blood - the amount- is equal and in some cases more than the spike protein present in the blood after acute Covid infections."


Study: only half of people get infected after Covid exposure.

[..] Recently an unprecedented study was conducted in the UK; a Covid-19 “Human Challenge Trial.” In it, 36 unvaccinated young adults were recruited to be injected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 through the nose. While the ethics of this study are undoubtedly questionable, the results were even more surprising. None of these people got seriously sick, and, more importantly, only half of these people exposed to the virus were infected. The study raised an important question: Why didn’t everyone get sick? Even though the virus was injected directly into their noses, some weren’t infected. [..]

44 Studies on Vaccine Efficacy That Raise Doubts on Vaccine Mandates

So just thank the couragious and critical minds that free science is still somehow alive.




Potentially Reduced Brain Immunity Caused by Pfizer Vaccine
"and this vaccine when put into the brain cell also alters
the production of new mRNA.."




[..] Es war nicht länger zu halten, die offizielle Erzählung, wonach die Corona-Impfung vor Infektion schützt. Nun schickt die Regierung eine Beraterin los, die Innsbrucker Virologin Dorothee von Laer, eine aus dem riesigen Heer der teuren Corona-Regierungsberater um das offiziell zu verkünden.
Infektionsrisiko für Geimpfte und Impffreie gleich hoch [..]
Unter der 3G-Regel sind damit die Unbehandelten -die sich als die einzigen vor dem Zutritt zu gewissen Bereichen testen lassen müssen- die einzigen Verbliebenen die im Sinne der so eifrig von den Impfkaspern in der Panikpolitik und deren blinden Anhänger propagierten "Solidarität" agieren.



Data Reveal Disturbing Trend From COVID Jab

[..] After mining the Department of Defense database (one of the best in the United States) and comparing 2021 data gathered before the COVID shots, three whistleblowers are sounding the alarm about a 10x to 20x increase in malignancy post-jab, as well as other alarming early warning signs. [..]



Until the peoples of this world don't realize that there is a hidden war going on against them and against the truth they will always be played out against each other easily.




Mit der Digitalisierung des Geldes bzw Digitalen Währung * des Systems übergibt der Bürger die Hoheit über seine Brieftasche und seinen Ersparnissen vollumfänglich dem sozialist-, zentralist- manipulatoren- System. Sie werden dann immer mehr Zahlungen über dieses neue Digitalgeld-Konto verlangen. Wer nachgibt, willigt ein. Damit ist die Sache auch rechtlich geritzt.

Für was das dem Bürger dienlich sein soll, das muss mir erst einmal einer erklären können, denn dieses Ding dient einzig und allein den Manipulatoren, und sie werden es vollümfänglich gegen euch verwenden.

[..] "The reason why this situation is because we have allowed a central planner Dr. Fauci to be in charge of everything. In a free society everyone is in charge of their own healthcare. You go to doctors until you find a doctor that you think has an opinion that is valid and you get your choice. So if Dr Fauci were a family doctor in Peoria he would only be damaging the people silly enough to see him as a doctor. But because he is employed by the government and his dictates go down through the system as he makes errors they are propagated everywhere."  [..]

Go with the establishment, go with your false gods, go ..



25.03.22 (translated)
Pathology professor warns of high number of unreported "vaccine deaths"
[..] According to Professor Peter Schirmacher, director of the Heidelberg university's pathology department, research shows that in 30 percent of people who died unexpectedly and shortly after receiving the Corona vaccine, the vaccination was the cause of death.
As early as August 2021, Schirmacher warned of a high number of unreported "vaccine deaths." Now the director of the university pathology spoke in the Corona podcast of the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung" again about the results of autopsies in connection with the Corona vaccination and a general vaccination obligation. Normally, he said, autopsies are not performed on the group of people who died suddenly and without clinical contact. "We are the only ones who take care of these cases. Our investigations show a direct vaccination connection in 30 percent," Schirmacher said. Therefore, he said, it must be assumed that the vast majority of these cases are not recorded in Germany, creating an important information gap. [..]  The problem here, he said, lies with the external coroner's inquest, the prosecutorial approach and the lack of support for a broad, qualified and systematic investigation at all levels. Ultimately, he said, it is "a question of not wanting to know." The death figures published daily by the Robert Koch Institute do not express whether people have died causally from Corona. [..]



[..] … I think we can say this with confidence that if we’re having menstrual irregularities, we are having alterations in fertility.” [..]



Heart Issues Detected Months After COVID-19 Vaccination: Study
[..] Cardiac imaging of the remaining 16 patients, performed three to eight months after they were first examined, showed 11 had persistent late gadolinium enhancement, a heart abnormality, though at lower levels than months earlier. The followup imaging also revealed abnormal global longitudinal strain, a measure of heart function, in three-quarters of the patients, with little change from the initial examinations, ..[..] Pfizer and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did not respond to requests for comment. Dr. Anish Koka, a cardiologist who was not involved with the study, said the study suggests that 60 to 70 percent of teenagers that get myocarditis from a COVID-19 vaccine may be left with a scar in their heart. “Certainly, children who had chest pain severe enough to merit seeking medical attention need to at least make sure they get a follow up MRI,” he told The Epoch Times in a message on Twitter, adding that the findings “should have clear implications for the discussion around vaccines, especially for high risk male teenagers … and definitely for vaccine mandates.”

27.03.22 (translated)
Most corona cases hospitalized for other illnesses
[..] Recent publications by the Helios hospital group show that most of the documented Corona cases in the hospital there are treated for other diseases. The reason for being classified as a Corona-infected person was a positive Corona test on admission. [..] Of the 1,500 corona cases currently listed at Helios hospitals, 1,000 have not been admitted for treatment for COVID-19 at all, but for other diseases or medical procedure [..]
This is worldwide the same.

Go with the establishment, go with your false gods, go ..




Philosoph: „Die radikale Trennung von Religion und Kirche führt zum Totalitarismus“
Der radikale Säkularismus, das Prinzip der Trennung von Religion und Staat, ist laut Philosoph Dennis Prager eine linke Ideologie und verbirgt sich hinter den Corona-Maßnahmen und den Maßnahmen gegen die sogenannte Klimakrise. Das Wohlergehen der Kinder sei dadurch gefährdet und sollten diese Maßnahmen unangefochten bleiben, würden sie zum Totalitarismus führen.  [..]
Die Ablehnung jüdisch-christlicher Werte – Werte, auf denen die USA basiert und die ihnen zu Wohlstand verhalfen – würde unsere Gesellschaft zersetzen. Ein Beispiel dafür sei die jüngste Verunglimpfung der Gründerväter durch die Linken, weil sie Sklaven besaßen. Dies sei eine zerstörerische Sichtweise, so Prager. In diesem Zusammenhang zitiert er die Bibel, der zufolge eine Person im Kontext ihrer Generation beurteilt werden sollte.
„Sklaverei gab es in jeder Gesellschaft, in jeder Kultur, in Afrika, in Asien, in Latein- und Nordamerika. Man beurteilt die Menschen also nicht danach, ob sie Sklaven besaßen“, erklärte Prager. „Man beurteilt die Menschen danach, ob sie ein System schufen, mit dem die Sklaverei abgeschafft werden konnte – und das taten sie.
Während der Corona-Pandemie sei die Suche nach einer starken Führung sichtbar geworden. Deswegen hätten die Menschen bereitwillig Masken getragen, obwohl sie nichts zum Schutz beitragen. Auch konnten Kinder zwei Jahre lang nicht zur Schule gehen, obwohl es Beweise gab, dass der Präsenzunterricht sicher und der Fernunterricht schädlich sei, führt der Philosoph weiter aus.

Freiheit als Ziel ist sinnstiftend
Dennis Prager ist sich sicher: Sollten die USA die jüdisch-christlichen Werte annehmen, würden sie den Menschen einen Sinn geben. Auch würde die Gesellschaft besser werden.
Eine Gesellschaft, die auf Freiheit, „In God We Trust“ (Wir vertrauen auf Gott) und „E Pluribus Unum“ (Aus vielen eines) basiere, sei sehr sinnstiftend. „Das ist der beste Weg zu einer guten Gesellschaft. Und ich denke, eine gute und freie Gesellschaft aufzubauen, ergibt unglaublich viel Sinn.“


Die Linken fürchten die Freiheit und wer die Freiheit fürchtet ist Sklave. Ideologie *  ist ein Werkzeug um dies zu vertuschen.



Pandemic Lessons Learned: CDC Versus Natural Immunity
[..] We’ve now gradually come to realize that the most effective force that would eventually end the pandemic is natural immunity. Even Bill Gates has admitted that “the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron, is a type of vaccine.” With the rapid spread of Omicron and with many asymptomatic infections, millions of people have developed natural immunity, which is driving COVID-19 out of its pandemic stage and into endemicity.
With its $15.4 billion annual budget, one would think the CDC would have done a good job providing taxpayers with data on COVID-19. Such as ... [..]  The CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published on Jan. 28 presented some very interesting information from California and New York comparing immunity against COVID-19 from four groups of people, indicating natural immunity alone provides the best protection. [..]

They have tried to use Corona for their 'great reset', but it didn't work out.


mRNA Vaccines Put You at Risk for Acute Coronary Syndrome * *


Brocken Science:

Dr. Martin Kulldorff: How to Dismantle the ‘Cartel’ of Public Health Funding and Rekindle Open Scientific Inquiry



04.04.22 8 (translated)
U.S. research agency deleted virus information from Wuhan lab
[..] According to documents obtained by a non-governmental organization, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services agency - called the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - may have deleted genetic information about the Corona virus.  According to reports, the research agency made the change at the request of the Wuhan laboratory. The Wuhan facility has been the focus of debate for more than two years - regarding the origin of the pandemic. Some experts suspect the virus escaped from the lab - while officials say the pandemic originated in a seafood market in Wuhan [..]

Good morning !



Study: COVID Jab Is Far More Dangerous Than Advertised
Game over



Numerous Health Problems More Likely Because of COVID-19 Vaccines Than Coincidence: VAERS Data Analysis
[..] A random adverse event unrelated to the vaccine should be dose-agnostic. A stroke randomly coinciding with a vaccination shouldn’t be picky about which dose it was. In the VAERS data, however, a number of the reported problems are dose-dependent. Myocarditis in teenagers is reported several times more often after the second vaccine dose than after the first dose. [..]

Compare the number of Myocarditis cases on children with that one on older people. "Coincidence" ?



Hinter dem Coronawahnsinn:
Die Milliarden und Billionen werden den Eliten regelrecht in ihre Taschen gestopft, während der Sklave nichteinmal mehr krank werden darf, damit die aus dem Ruder geratenen Schuldenberge nicht über ihn zusammenstürzen.

We are now living in a monetary system which has come to the end of its pole, where one portion of population is greatly profiting from, while the rest is required to pay the price and is not even allowed to get sick anymore, so that the mountains of debt that have gotten out of hand do not collapse on him.




Rechtsstaatprinzp VX Mehrheitsprinzip

In einem Rechtsstaat halten sich alle ans Gesetz und hierbei vorallem ans Grundgesetzt, auch und vorallem auch die Politik.

Der Totalitarismus hingegen gründet nicht auf dem Prinzip der Menschen- und Grundrechte sondern auf dem Prinzip der Mehrheit. Die Mehrheit lässt sich manipulieren, die Mehrheit lässt sich produzieren. Menschenrechte und Grundgesetz stehen dem nur im Wege. Wenn es einmal soweit ist, dass die Grundrechte der Mehrheit geopfert werden, hat der Totalitarismus die erste Schlacht schon gewonnen. Am einfachsten öffnen die Machthabenden diese Türe der Selbstbemächtigung und übergriffigen Machtergreifung mittels angeblicher Notstände.

05.04.22 Update H.Kickl *

Heute geht es einerseits darum wer morgen die Welt beherrscht und andererseits darum zu verhindern als erster den finanziellen Kollaps zu erleiden. Um letzteres zu vermeiden bzw hinauszuzögern ist die Flucht nach Vorne auf dem Programm: Doch um die Welt zu beherrschen muss man folgende Machtfaktoren in einer Hand haben:

4.Mediale Macht
6.akzeptierte (später indirekt aufgezwungene) Leitwährung

Energie steht nicht umsonst an erster Stelle.
Energie ist auch der Grund warum der Westen unbedingt einen der 'Seinigen" im Kreml installieren möchte. (*) Um es schnörkellos auszusprechen: Um zu plündern und auf Kosten der Russen die eigenen - längst geplünderten - Staatskassen zu konsolidieren.

(*) Wie skrupellos es hierbei zugeht siehst du in der Ukraine:

Sogar Nazis sind gute Nazis wenn es unsere Nazis sind.




Die Pandemie ließ nicht nur Covid-Kranke sterben
[..] Die Corona-Krise brachte Todeszahlen über dem normalen Maß. Doch laut einer Studie fällt der Großteil der Übersterblichkeit auf Menschen zurück, die gar nicht an Covid erkrankt waren
Die Corona-Wellen sorgten für Hochbetrieb in den Intensivstationen – was in letzter Konsequenz auch mehr Sterbefälle unter Menschen verursachte, die sich nicht mit Covid angesteckt hatten.

Geht es allein nach den Todeszahlen, dann hat Österreich im Pandemiemanagement wenig Fortschritte gemacht. Im ersten Corona-Jahr 2020 starben hierzulande deutlich mehr Menschen als in gewöhnlichen Zeiten, und auch im Jahr darauf war das – wiewohl auf niedrigerem Niveau – nicht anders. Im Vergleich zur Prä-Covid-Periode 2016 bis 2019 betrug die Übersterblichkeit 2021 laut Berechnung der Austrian Health Academy 6,8 Prozent.

Besonders bemerkenswert ist dabei aber: Der hohe Todeszoll lässt sich keinesfalls allein mit jenen Infizierten erklären, die das Virus dahingerafft hat – im Gegenteil. "Der Großteil der Übersterblichkeit ist auf Menschen zurückzuführen, die zum Zeitpunkt des Todes gar nicht an Covid erkrankt waren", sagt Maria M. Hofmarcher, Co-Autorin der Studie: "Die Pandemie (*) hat das Sterberisiko für alle erhöht." Gerade einmal acht Prozent der Todesfälle über das gewöhnliche Maß hinaus entfallen auf Corona-Kranke. [..]

(*) Nicht die Pandemie, sondern der Hype drumherum und all jene die ihn getrieben haben, haben den 92%tigen Anteil an der Übersterblichkeit zu verantworten.

Danke Lauterbach & Co Paniktreiber

Noch ist nicht aller Tage abend. Mal schauen was für Desaster da sonst noch hinten raus kommt.


mRNA Vaccines Lead to Spike Protein Entering Nucleus, Rise in Vascular Events, 40 Percent Increase in ‘All Cause Deaths’: Dr. Urso  *



Uni Marburg entdeckt Long Covid-Symptome nach Corona-Impfung

[..] Eine Corona-Impfung kann die gleichen Beschwerden hervorrufen wie Long Covid, fiel den Ärzten am Marburger Universitätsklinikum auf. Für diese Menschen bietet das Klinikum eine Spezialambulanz an. [..]


Beschädigtes Immunsystem Hauptgrund für Pandemie der Geimpften
[..] Wie in einem anderen Artikel berichtet, verursacht jede Impfung Toleranz gegenüber dem Keim – vermehrte Impfung auch vermehrte Toleranz. Das ist auch bekannt von den Grippeimpfungen. Das Immunsystem lernt, toleranter gegenüber dem Virus zu werden. Damit werden die Geimpften anfälliger gegen Infektionen, was sich schon seit Mitte 2021 in den Infektionszahlen der Länder mit höherer Impfquote schlagend gezeigt hat.
Impfung kann also die Pandemie nicht beenden und verhindert die Entwicklung einer Herdenimmunität, indem sie die angeborene Immunreaktion gegen dieses Virus verringert. Anstatt einen Impfstoff zu entwickeln, hatten Moderna und Pfizer versehentlich eine Immuntoleranz erzeugende Therapie produziert.
Es war nicht sofort offensichtlich, dass die Impfstoffe das Infektionsrisiko erhöhen, indem sie die angeborene Immunität ausschalten, denn anfangs wird der Körper mit neutralisierenden Antikörpern gegen das Virus überschwemmt. Erst wenn die Antikörper zu schwinden beginnen, wird klar, dass die wichtigsten Methoden, die der Körper normalerweise zur Verhinderung oder zum Abbruch einer Infektion einsetzt, ausgeschaltet wurden.
Anstatt ständig auf der Suche nach diesem Virus zu sein, bringen die Impfstoffe unserem Körper bei, dieses Virus zu tolerieren. [..]

[..] Beschädigtes Immunsystem Hauptgrund für Pandemie der Geimpften: Die zweite große Entwicklung ist, dass Geimpfte in zunehmendem Maß von Infektion, schwerer Erkrankung und Todesfällen betroffen sind. Der wichtigste Grund dafür ist die Unterdrückung der angeborenen Immunantwort. Dies scheint das größte Problem zu sein, mit dem wir es im Moment zu tun haben.  Kinder sind von Beginn an in der Lage, einer SARS-CoV-2-Infektion zu widerstehen, und der Grund dafür ist ihre starke angeborene Immunreaktion. Die Impfstoffe unterdrücken und schädigen die angeborene Immunreaktion, und infolgedessen kommt es in Populationen, die vollständig gegen dieses Virus geimpft sind, zu Ausbrüchen, wie man sie noch nie gesehen hat. Schon im Mai 2021 erschien eine Studie, die die Unterdrückung und Störung des angeborenen Immunsystems nachwies.  [..]

Impfwirksamkeit bei Kindern: Niedriger als Null?
[..] Der unter dem Pseudonym „Subjektiver Student“ seit Beginn der Pandemie als Datenanalyst aktive Twitter-Nutzer entdeckte in den letzten Wochenberichten des RKI, dass das regierungsnahe Institut die Wirksamkeit der Impfung gegen eine symptomatische Infektion in der Altersgruppe der Fünf- bis Elfjährigen jeweils exakt mit null Prozent angegeben hatte.
In einer Excel-Datei des RKI, die nicht in dessen Wochenbericht enthalten ist, stieß er auf diesen Hinweis: „Bei niedriger Effektivität kann es insbesondere bei niedrigen Fallzahlen zur Berechnung von negativen Werten kommen, diese werden mit Null ausgewiesen.“ [..] Auf Anfrage der „Welt“ teilt das RKI mit, [..] ein negativer Schätzwert bedeute nicht, dass die Impfung an sich das Risiko, zu erkranken, erhöht. [..]

Selbstverständlich bedeutet er das, was denn sonst.




Nanotechnology Used in Covid Vaccines, 2,000 Foods, Goes Unlabeled
[..] scientists have continued to call for greater oversight of these substances by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because of their size. Because they easily cross the blood-brain barrier, they may damage it by altering the layer of cells that line the inner wall of blood vessels. [..] Because these particles are so small, studies have shown that they can breach the blood-brain barrier. [..] These particles are also able to circulate throughout the body and get absorbed into the bloodstream and organs. They can penetrate cell walls and potentially create inflammation and disease. [..] “They may pass through the lining of the gut and enter the bloodstream, which may trigger an inflammatory or immune response,” Harvard School of Public Health’s Georgios Pyrgiotakis told WebMD. “They may also build up in various parts of the body, including the lungs, the heart, and reproductive organs.” [..]



COVID-19 Vaccines ‘Greatest Fraud in History’ | Art Moore | Larry Elder
[..] Children aged 12 to 17 are five times more likely to be hospitalized with COVID jab-induced myocarditis than they are to be hospitalized for COVID-19 infection. [..]







40% surge in working age deaths  *


In perfect contrast to all these bad news:

"There is treatment for Covid and people do not have to die."
But corrupted system censors this fact, because they do not

want you to know about.

They want you to stay in great fear

for the rest of your life, so they

can own you much better.

486 px



                       apropos liver




What Is COVID Injection Fatality Rate?

[..] In Dr. Pantazatos’ opinion, the risk associated with COVID injections is comparable to the risk associated with getting COVID — if the risk associated with COVID is assessed at the high, early-in-the-pandemic level. And given that the two risks are comparable, and the injection risks seem to increase with each subsequent dose — and the pharma companies are pushing for boosters from here into the horizon — he believes that we really need to discuss the VFR (vaccine-induced fatality rates) [..]
"States that had more vaccine doses distributed in a given month tended to experience a  higher mortality in the next month relative to other states that had fewer vaccine doses. So between February and August 2021 this approach -depending on what parameters you assume- it estimated between a 150.000 and 180.000 deaths due to the vaccine in about half a year where the vaccines were rolled out. "

1. here we can speak of the deaths directly induced by vaccination. But there are also the indirectly induced deaths. (see above)
2. covid largely affects senile and pre-stressed people, while the deaths and complications after vaccination extend across all age groups.

"Normalerweise wird ein Medikament nach etwa 50 ungeklärten Todesfällen vom Markt genommen."



24.04.22 (translated)

WHO chief promotes Bill Gates' book on 'next pandemic'



26.04.22 (translated)
Corona lockdowns in the USA were counterproductive
[..] A recent U.S. study shows: States with the strictest rules failed to manage the Corona pandemic - while loosely governed states like Florida navigated the pandemic best.  "Shutting down the economy and closing schools were by far the biggest mistakes governors could have made during the pandemic." That's the central finding of Stephen Moore, senior fellow at FreedomWorks and co-founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. [..]


Study reveals significant impact of Corona measures on children
[..]  Mandatory masking and social distancing can affect children's language and social skills. Physical development in this age group was also impaired as a result of the measures. This is shown by a study from Great Britain. Scientists agree that young children learn language not only by hearing, but also by intensively observing the mouth parts and facial expressions of the people around them. The majority of experts assume that language learning will be delayed if mask-wearing becomes the norm [..]



Unheard concerns: WHO investigating possible link between COVID vaccine and hearing issues
[..] The WHO is examining a possible link between COVID-19 vaccines and the onset of tinnitus, hearing loss. Health experts stress that these cases are still extremely rare and recommend that everyone eligible gets vaccinated to protect themselves from severe illness and death. [..]

It's a fig leaf to cover all the other links of great concern they prefer not to look into it.  (update 30.04.22)



Britische Corona-Fälle: Bis zu dreimal mehr Ansteckungen unter Geimpften
[..] Neue Analysen britischer Corona-Fallzahlen zeigen, dass die Corona-Impfungen kaum Eigen- und keinerlei Fremdschutz bieten. Im aktuellen Fall bewirkt die Impfung sogar das Gegenteil: Mit jeder zusätzlichen Dosis erhöht sich die Übertragungswahrscheinlichkeit. [..]



At the radio I heard them boosting with data which allegedly say that the covid death rate is four- (or even more) fold lower in vaccinated persons. Even if this is to believed, with an overall death rate of 0,1 % only, the overall safety gain could be quantified as puny. Yet in the moment when we take into consideration the British study which found that vaccinated people are now up to three times more likely to get covid in comparison to non-vaccinated people (the more jabs the more likely), even that seeming advantage turns out to be a zero number. But then one has still to add all the disastrous vaccination side effects including the extra risk of consequently dying from (all-cause mortality data say it), without knowing the real reason behind (resp.update) (resp update), over the months after the vaccination, over all groups of age.

resp update 04.05.22: Mysterious Hepatitis Outbreaks in Children : [..] At least 10 more states across the United States are reporting similar cases of severe acute hepatitis—liver disease of unknown origin—after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a national health alert regarding a mysterious cluster of the virus on April 21. [..]

Finally let's not forget the manipulation of the covid deaths counting standards:[..]  So, in all, for the 21 months covering January 2020 through September 2021, the total COVID-19 death toll in England and Wales was 17,371 — a far cry from what’s been reported. As of the end of September 2021, the U.K. government reported there were 137,133 deaths within 28 days of a positive test, and these deaths were therefore all counted as “COVID deaths.” (even if you died by a car accident or anything else) [..] The average age of death in the U.K. from COVID in 2021 was 82.5 years. Compare that to the projected life expectancy in the U.K., which is 79 for men and 82.9 for women. This hardly constitutes an emergency, least of all for healthy school- and working-age individuals.  [..] .. also admitted that about 40% of patients presently counted as hospitalized COVID patients were not admitted due to COVID symptoms. They were admitted for other conditions and simply tested positive.  [..]

updated 02.05.22



18-Year-Old Boy Dies From Gene Therapy: Did We Open Pandora’s Box?
[..] In 1999, the kind-hearted Jesse volunteered to participate in a gene therapy trial with the hope to help others with the same disease. However, a few days later, he became the first person to die as a result of a gene therapy experiment.  [..] The tragedy shocked the drug development community, and immediately cooled the research boom in gene therapy. The entire gene therapy industry began to crumble: investors withdrew their funds, startups went bankrupt, the heads of R&D projects were stripped of all their titles, and gene therapy centers were shut down.  [..]

There are limits.




Study Links Increase In Emergency Heart Events With COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout



Cardiologist Estimates 30 Percent of U.S. Pilots May Have COVID Jab-Induced Heart Conditions



Genetic Warfare

„Biowaffen-Forschungslabors“ in der Ukraine und China
[..] In einem Dokument, das chinesische Wissenschaftler und Beamte des öffentlichen Gesundheitswesens im Jahr 2015 verfasst haben, wird vorhergesagt, dass die biologische Kriegsführung die Grundlage für die Führung des „Dritten Weltkriegs“ sein wird.
In dem Dokument mit dem Titel „The Unnatural Origin of Sars and New Species of Man-Made Viruses as Genetic Bioweapons“ („Der unnatürliche Ursprung von Sars und neue Arten von künstlich erzeugten Viren als genetische Biowaffen“) heißt es, dass Sars-Coronaviren als „neue Ära genetischer Waffen“ entwickelt werden könnten, die „künstlich in ein neu auftretendes menschliches Krankheitsvirus umgewandelt“ und dann als Waffe eingesetzt und auf noch nie da gewesene Weise auf die Bevölkerung losgelassen werden könnten.
Es wird behauptet, dass das Nationale Labor für Biosicherheit in Wuhan nur ein Deckmantel für die Erforschung und Entwicklung chinesischer Biowaffen ist. Könnte Sars-CoV-2 im Wuhan-Institut für Virologie biotechnologisch hergestellt worden sein? Trotz offener Spekulationen von angesehenen Wissenschaftlern und anderen bleibt der Ursprung des Virus unbestätigt, wenn auch sehr wahrscheinlich. [..]




Synthetic mRNA Suppresses Immune System, Possibly Leads to Cancer, Blood Clots, Fertility Issues, Spontaneous Abortions: Dr. Malone




The Many Ways in Which COVID Vaccines May Harm Your Health

[..] COVID-19 vaccines are capable of causing damage in a number of different ways. Disturbingly, all these different mechanisms of harm have synergistic effects when it comes to dysregulating your innate and adaptive immune systems and activating latent viruses. The worst symptoms of COVID-19 are created by the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, and that is the very thing gene-based COVID vaccines are instructing your body to make. [..] While the natural spike protein is bad, the spike protein your body produces in response to the vaccine is even worse, as the synthetic RNA has been manipulated in such a way as to create a very robust and unnatural spike protein. The spike protein is toxic in and of itself, and has the ability to induce vascular, heart and neurological damage  [..]  In her paper, “Worse Than The Disease: Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19,” published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research in collaboration with Dr. Greg Nigh.  [..]


The triumph of natural immunity
Given these numbers, why are the CDC, the FDA and the government pushing hard for all children to get vaccinated against covid? Why are some schools and universities mandating covid vaccines for children and young adults? The majority already have superior natural immunity.
All of them are at minuscule risk from dying from covid even if they have not had it, a risk that is smaller than dying from any of a whole range of other causes such as motor vehicle accidents, drowning, homicide, suicide, drug overdoses or cancer. While anyone can get infected, there is more than a thousand-fold difference in covid mortality between older and younger people.
To sell a drug or a vaccine, we require pharmaceutical companies to conduct a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to show that it works to prevent serious health outcomes or death. Pfizer and Moderna have not done that. For adults they only showed a reduction in symptomatic disease.  [..] To remedy this, a recent Danish study used the RCTs to evaluate all-cause mortality. For every 100 who die in the placebo group, there are 103 deaths among mRNA vaccinees,  [..]



10.05.22 (translated)

[..] Together with his team and colleague Professor Walter Lang, Burkhardt re-examined organ and tissue samples preserved in pathology or forensic medicine in 40 cases (of vaccinated people) that had been "cleared" in the usual way as natural or unexplained deaths. A probable association of the multifactorial death process with the previous vaccination was found in 80 percent.
Since the tissue damage found often corresponded to changes observed in toxic exposures and occurred in unusual accumulation and combination, detection was performed for the toxic spike protein, which is produced by the body itself as a result of "vaccination." In fact, the spike protein was found specifically in the tissue lesions, especially in endothelia and vessel wall inner layers, Burkhardt said. [..]
No doubt, they will keep this under the carpet and going on with their killing machinery.




Ein Drittel der Befragten im Gesundheitswesen nach Corona-Impfung krank
[..]  Ein Drittel der Beschäftigten im Gesundheitswesen hat sich nach der Corona-Impfung krankschreiben lassen. Dies geht aus einer deutschen Studie hervor, die auf dem diesjährigen Europäischen Kongress für klinische Mikrobiologie und Infektionskrankheiten vorgestellt wurde. Der Kongress fand in der Zeit vom 23. bis 26. April in Lissabon, Portugal, statt.  [..]


„Die Symptome nach der dritten Impfung sind am stärksten“
[..] Zahnärzte registrieren zunehmend gesundheitliche Probleme bei ihren Patienten. Parodontose, Mundfäule, Herpes, Gürtelrose und Hautekzeme gehören zu den Begleiterscheinungen. [..]

People Who Pushed Idea of Universal Vaccination Are ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’: Former Pfizer VP


Pfizer’s Protection Against Omicron Fades After a Few Weeks: Study
For that you take the known vaccination risks plus your general health conditions and natural immunity system get weakened with each jab a bit more, that is not the way a good deal looks like.



Sinnlose PCR-Tests: Australische Behörde gibt zwei Jahre Betrug am Volk zu


What Are They Hiding?—Dr. Robert Malone on the Pfizer Documents and Evidence of Cardiotoxicity, Birth Defects, and the Rise in All-Cause Mortality


Missouri Bill Prevents Doctors Being Disciplined If They Prescribe Ivermectin Or Hydroxychloroquine



COVID-19 Is Treatable and Preventable With Vitamin D: Dr. Robert Malone

Anstieg bei Totgeburten im Zusammenhang mit Covid-19-Impfungen
[..] „Es war absehbar, dass es negative Auswirkungen auf die Empfängnis und die Fähigkeit, eine Schwangerschaft auszutragen, geben würde“, erklärt der ehemalige Pfizer-Vizepräsident Michael Yeadon. Neue (alte) Erkenntnisse zu Covid-Impfstoffen und Schwangerschaften. [..]





"I Think It's Gone Too Far" - Pioneering Trans Psychologist Says Too Many Teens Are Taking Hormones "Because It's Trendy"
[..] "A fair number of kids are getting into it because it’s trendy," she previously told the Washington Post. "I think in our haste to be supportive, we’re missing that element." [..]






Welcome in the deep debt central bank economy

When they tell you inflation will be transitory, you have to know that after all the huge trickery they did, (you give them the trickery tools in their hands so they trick you, what else ?) they would have to radically rise the interest rates to fight the inflation, but if they do that they would kill the by themselves so created deeply indebted economy, the 'deep debt economy', which is btw already dead while the high tricksters have reached the top of the wall. →

added 11.05.22

APROPOS "Top of the wall"



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→ So, the only option left for them is to rise the interest rates very slowly, in a symbolic way, so they can say "we do something". That policy is laid out in their hope to "cook the frog slowly" in the hope he doesn't even noticing it, at least for another while. Meanwhile the inflation will rise and siphon the value of your income, your pension, your savings away. Where will that value go:  It will fill some of the deep holes the thieves and high tricksters among us have dig out over the recent decades not only to fill their pockets and put their hands into everything to control it, but also to build destruction and killing machines with which one high trickster defends against or purposely provokes another high trickster when that financial holes are up to get out of control. Because the more vulnerable a currency becomes the more power and influence is needed in order to sustain it. Don't worry, they will always find a fig leaf. Btw, we already are in midst of it. And even when they fail, they can still blame the fig leaf.
Now the working class and the middle class as well as those who use to save some money all their life long in order to pass on a little patrimony to their children, will be left the tricked one because it is up to them to refill the trickster holes, certainly not to those who live from a free basic income without doing anything, let alone by the manipulators and profiteers themselves. And that all after you have already been tricked for so many years by statistical trickery on the baskets for inflation calculation, making them completely unrealistic. (update 18.06.22)

B.t.w., they will manipulate Gold down with all means and tools at their disposition in order to avoid people rescuing their savings with gold purchases.




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It was in 2015/2016 when the FED and Co manipulators said Inflation is dead, there will never be inflation again.
Here is the truth
In 2021 they said inflation will be moderate and transitory, nothing to be worried about.


What else ?

Still sure you need them ?



Update 27.05.22

From the statements that I heard over the recent days it looks like they (FED & Co) decided to present you the bill (for their own doing = the quiet plundering of the National wealth for the advantage of a few). It will be good to take care of yourself.




Demonization as a part of propaganda tactics:

As long as people can point their fingers toward others they don't have to care about their own bad mindsets, mistakes and weaknesses.




Corona will still accompany you for quite a while.

It depends on mankind itself.



Jab-induced spike injuries are on the rise
[..] With such a novel technology, the chance of success is predicted to be no more than 2 percent, which is consistent with virologists’ warning that it’s theoretically unfeasible to make a vaccine for an RNA virus like SARS-CoV-2 because the virus mutates so fast. This is precisely the reason an RNA virus vaccine has never been accomplished for HIV, SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, Hepatitis C, and so on.
With such an unprecedented, risky vaccine, it is not surprising to see so many unexpected serious adverse events since the launch of the first COVID-19 vaccine in early 2021. [..]
'We've Never Seen Anything Like It': CDC Reports 1 Million Non-Covid Deaths
Ex-WHO Scientist David Bell: Will New Pandemic Treaty Cause Permanent Lockdowns?



Latest US Data Shows Vaccine Injuries Skyrocketed.
[..] according to estimates published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the number of adverse events reported by the VAERS was less than 1 percent of the actual number. [..]

[..] Adverse events from drugs and vaccines are common, but underreported. Although 25% of ambulatory patients experience an adverse drug event, less than 0.3% of all adverse drug events and 1-13% of serious events are reported to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Likewise, fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow the identification of “problem” drugs and vaccines that endanger public health. New surveillance methods for drug and vaccine adverse effects are needed. Barriers to reporting include a lack of clinician awareness, uncertainty about when and what to report, as well as the burdens of reporting: reporting is not part of clinicians’ usual workflow, takes time, and is duplicative. Proactive, spontaneous, automated adverse event reporting imbedded within EHRs and other information systems has the potential to speed the identification of problems with new drugs and more careful quantification of the risks of older drugs. Unfortunately, there was never an opportunity to perform system performance assessments because the necessary CDC contacts were no longer available and the CDC consultants responsible for receiving data were no longer responsive to our multiple requests to proceed with testing and evaluation. [..]




US-Militärärztin schlägt Alarm – Beate Bahner fordert Fakten von Bundeswehr [..] Wenn gesunde Soldaten nach einer Impfung nicht mehr arbeitsfähig sind, sollte dies Anlass zur Sorge sein. So sieht es jedenfalls Beate Bahner, Fachanwältin für Medizinrecht. [..]


KEIN EINZELFALL: Spitzenpilot erleidet Herzstillstand nach obligatorischer Corona-Impfung



9 in 10 COVID Deaths Are in Vaccinated People: Report
[..] A report released by the UK government has confirmed that 9 out of every 10 deaths related to COVID-19 are found in those who are fully vaccinated. Although the virus variant is the same and the UK approved only one different vaccine (AstraZeneca) from the United States, the data in the U.S. are different. This may be due in large part to the CDC definition used to identify who is “vaccinated.” [..] In addition to the CDC hiding data, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) quietly decided in early February to stop recording deaths attributed to COVID-19. [..]  ..Nothing to see here



Peer-Reviewed Studies Confirm Vaccine/Mask Mandates Did Not Stop COVID Spread In Schools & Universities
'These school and university mandates beg the question: what are they hoping to achieve?'



NIH, Wuhan were working on monkeypox "coincidentally before the outbrake"



FDA Flags Heart Inflammation Risk Over Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine
[..] The company has developed a protein-based vaccine rather than an mRNA-based vaccine like those made by Pfizer or Moderna, or an adenovirus-based vaccine such as the ones made by Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca. [..]



Unter den Teppich gekehrt: Nesselsucht – Mit der Covid-Impfung kam der Ausschlag – und ging nicht mehr weg

Former Pfizer Vice President: ‘Massive Fraud Playing Out on a Global Scale,’ Reckless to Vaccine the Whole Population



[..] Das würden neue Zahlen bestätigen. „Bei der Bundeswehr explodieren die Inzidenzen und die Erkrankungsfälle in erschreckender Weise – und zwar genau seit Beginn der Duldungspflicht (=Impfpflicht) Ende November 2021“, erklärt die Medizinrechtlerin. [..]
"Biological catastrophe" Pfizer, Moderna, J&J Vaccines Should Be ‘Immediately Pulled Off the Market’—Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake




Zunahme von Krankheitsrückfällen nach COVID-19-Auffrischungsimpfungen
[..] Die Reaktivierung latenter Viren könnte die Ursache für Long COVID und andere Erkrankungen sein. Zu diesem Ergebnis kommt der Augenarzt und Spezialist für Medikamentenentwicklung, Dr. Richard Urso. Auffrischungsimpfungen könnten somit direkt zum Anstieg anderer Krankheiten beitragen, insbesondere in Patienten, die glaubten, eine Krankheit überstanden zu haben.
Einige Viren bleiben nach einer Infektion ein Leben lang im Körper. In den meisten Fällen sind sie einfach da. Sie können jedoch reaktiviert werden, um erneut eine Infektion oder eine andere Erkrankung zu verursachen. Laut Dr. Richard Urso werden diese latenten Viren bei vielen Menschen nach einer COVID-19-Auffrischungsimpfung reaktiviert..  [..]



Increased emergency cardiovascuar events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third Covid-19 wave



Without Vaccines, Children Have the Strongest Immunity to COVID-19


Schädigen die Corona-Impfungen mehr Menschen, als sie Leben retten?



Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals


In the West people believe democracy to be the new religion.
They believe if you have a system where people can go to elect some representatives, -which today do not have any say anymore (update * 17.06.22) -, that this system per se gives you a higher morality, no matter which direction its societies take. ( update 14.06.22) Tell me: What is democracy without freedom ? What is democracy where everything gets controlled, politicized, censored, centralized, manipulated, sexualized ? What is democracy without any root and sense of life ?
So, democracy is neither a religion nor is it the anchor.
That means that democracy without religion in truth is an empty shell which over time risks to turn into a system of ideologies, democratic tyranny and deceit, which isn't an example to set for others.

Without direction everything is nothing.




ECB: dancing on their own edge of their own knife.



To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead. | Thomas Paine
So, I think we have to reanimate some of those dead.



Der Spiegel:
Unerklärliche Symptome nach der Coronaimpfung - und alle ducken sich weg
[..] Sie wollten sich und andere schützen, nun leiden einige Geimpfte offenbar an diffusen Symptomen. Die Betroffenen fühlen sich von der Politik im Stich gelassen. Unter manchen Ärzten scheint das Thema ein Tabu zu sein. [..]

Lieber spät als nie. Aber was jetzt, wenn das Lieblingsblatt der linken Mitbürger zum Verschwörungsblatt mutiert


Vaccination Increases Risk of COVID-19 Infection: Study




Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, Mad Cow Disease, and Bizarre Blood Clots Raise Questions About Vaccines
[..] A phenomenon of strange deaths has fallen under the label of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). The real cause of the deaths is unknown, but is affecting young people primarily in their sleep. The Spectator reports, “They simply do not wake up after going to bed, or collapse during the day,” and claims cases have been increasing. Meanwhile, there are new phenomena of fatal conditions, including the brain disorder commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, a sudden increase in myocarditis and heart failure, and strange blood clots being found in cadavers. [..]



Stanford, UCLA Study Finds "Excess Risk Of Serious Adverse Events" From Pfizer, Moderna COVID Jabs

‘These Aren’t Normal Cancers’: What Doctors Are Seeing After COVID Shots.  Doctors All Over the World Are Noticing That "Something Is Wrong"
Pfizer Vaccine Impairs Sperm Count


KBV-Papier enthüllt 2,5 Mio. Patienten mit Impfnebenwirkungen bis Ende 2021 [..] und betrafen 4,04 Prozent aller Geimpften. Diese Zahlen umfassen jedoch ausschließlich Nebenwirkungen, die eine wie auch immer geartete ärztliche Behandlung erforderten. – Die Anzahl nicht behandelter unerwünschter Wirkungen bleibt unbekannt [..]

Die Frage ist inwieweit die mittel- bis langfristigen Folgen, bzw diejenigen die erst später zutage kommen, hier überhaupt berücksichtigt wurden u/o werden. Generell wohl eher nicht.


COVID-19 Vaccination Reactivates Highly Contagious Virus: Studies

Reports of people being diagnosed with shingles on the rise.
[..] Doctors and scientists are seeing an increase in the reactivation of the chickenpox virus, known as varicella-zoster virus (VZV), following the COVID-19 injections. [..]


China Just Achieved A "Brain Scale" AI Computer
All this computer technology has both chances and risks. Unfortunately with the wrong elites the chances must turn into risks.
















DeXter [9]


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