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USA: Super Bowl:

Coca Cola - Spot in Arab language



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22.02.14 DWN


American media

under system control

America overtaking Russia, China, Iran etc, on the left ?




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Quotation DWN (translated) [..] Obama moving toward comprehensive censorship. The U.S. government wants to send officials to the media newsrooms in the country. Journalists are accountable whether they report about the 'right things' or whether they have 'prejudices'. [..]

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Quotation PI (translated) [..] The U.S. was so far still known as the outpost of freedom of expression. Until now! But now has leaked that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) submitted a plan to the Obama administration, to check all editors regarding 'the balance' of their reports. That means, all items must bear the special interests of the minorities concerned, or else face sanctions!

 H  Dear Americans, are you still sure to be the boss in your own homeland ?


Update 09.03.14 PI


US-court prohibits

US-flag due Mexicans


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 H  ABSOLUTELY SICK. SOCIALIST MADNESS! Corrupted judges, traitors par excellence. There is nothing else to say.



Socialist trap

Smashed by the socialism

Update 23.02.14 NSA spying on advocates | law firms





 H  From 1913 America has become
the worlds nr1 fake money production &

machine, masquerading as a country, yet infecting

the rest of the world. [and that is sad!]
In reference to John
Russia is a Gas Station masquerading as a Country"

American constitution Section 10, clause1:
"No State shall [..] make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts."

Pay particular attention to the term "coin". It's important. The only legal money, which is recognized by the U.S. Constitution, is defined as "coin".  [..] The credibility of the U.S. dollar has been highly estimated by the Congress, the law stipulated that, if the weight of a dollar is reduced by normal wear and tear under 409 grains (that is, if he lost one percent of its weight or value), those coins must be taken off circulation and re-coined. With these stringent requirements the U.S. dollar was as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. [Der KlareBlick→]

 H  The founders of America knew exactly and precisely what they were talking about, and how fundamentally important a non-corrupted money is, as they knew where the technical foundation of the spirit of LIBERTY lies, to be carefully protected from the highly dangerous corrupted system of money socialism!




America or Muslica ?



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 H  So, from today there are two types of policeman in America: muslim and unbeliever. Guess, if Christians asked to apply the crucifiX or Buddhists their swastika on their police helmet, what would happen? They would send them into the nuthouse!

THIS is the world in the hands of the communists i/e socialist mafia!

Oso *  Landslide *











There was this famous cat hero video * conquering the internet community only few days back. Indeed, this cat was a hero. Though what does not fit into this story is the striking fact that those same mice-people who celebrate this cat they themselves behave perfectly opposite. They turn away from the burning hut. Eventually they prefer the cinema brain drug.

What a hypocrisy!   

Thus, the reality beneath the surface looks more and more like THIS !




While removing some old stuff we found this death cat *→  beneath/under the trailer→  to be removed. And this is how how it looked shocking when I opened the bag with the death cat next day:




Details that I realized while working over this event



published 22.05.14            



Will|is tower


Today while cleaning up the ex Ars Vetrum work room, a tempered glass was broken. Half an hour later then, after its removal and end of work, I had crossed this one news:

 meters  412    hour 1|8:13

Will|is tower



Orig. crop 2|77 px


As I didn't document the mentioned broken tempered glass in the work room, here a later shot from the next morning, showing some remains.


posted on 31.05.14

09.06.14 novinky 



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Seen at 20:32


tubed via Ivana, received at 12:50



until 9th of June [~6]





The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”.

Barack Obama *





Islamic moderates



Pentagon Funds ‘Cold War-Style’ Science Study

To Track Mass Civil Unrest



24.08.14 Napa






Orig. crop 512 px


Ask the 'system out of control'

Once again


Yet once again

[compare the shadows on the necks]


Everything staged, arranged, falsified.





* 11 Jets "Stolen" in Libya
UPDATE: The list of planes "possibly" taken include models that can fly anywhere in the world. But nothing confirmed, only that they can "only hit Egypt" which means it is PATENT B.S.  Planes purportedly taken: 7 Airbus A320's with a range of 6,150 kilometers, 3 Airbus A330's with a range of 10,100 kilometers, and an Airbus A340, with a range of 14,500 Kilometers. Yet these can only hit Egypt? That is patent B.S., WE HAVE BEEN SET UP FOR THE NEXT 911, FLIGHT 370 BE DAMNED. So this is the plan? Since the beheadings failed, now they are claiming that 11 commercial jets have been stolen from the Tripoli airport. Obvious B.S., and they are saying they can do Africa but not America. OK. fine. Please give us the tail numbers and if they cannot, they cannot also report the jets stolen. Theft means the aircraft is identified, and there is no way they could not possibly end up NOT IDENTIFIED. Any report that does not read like "Allahu Akbar Airlines lost a 737 with registration number __________ and a capacity of ________ and a range of _____________" is a load of crap, if 11 jets really did get stolen that info would be front and center. The fact it is not means FALSE FLAG WITH JETS THAT HAVE BEEN PARKED OUT AT THE MOJAVE BONEYARD FOR 10 YEARS ON SCHEDULE FOR SEP11 2014. [Taken from Jimstonefreelance. com]
 H   If you steal a large jet, you must flight out from one airport and land on another one. If you steal 11 jets you must do this 11 times for that you need 11 professional pilots. Where do terrorists take them from ? And how many such  large libian airports are under Islamic terrorists their control? Last question: For how stupid do they sell you all?




Quotation [..] In the USA, the police regularly and arbitrarily seizes cash money from motorists. Under random pretexts they stop vehicles and confiscates the inmates their money. U.S. law divides the seized money between the Government and the executing police station. The looted citizen has little chance of legal action against this actually illegal expropriation. The Washington Post has more than 400 such cases examined in more detail within 17 states.

 H  Its not about a single law. Its about the whole corrupted system, corrupting even the good old American Sheriff. Are you still OK with socialism taking over ?


Muslim prayer in Washington National Cathedral




 H  The same God ? Do you know the term 'corrupt' ?

I think they fear the truth like satan the holy water.



Quote [..] Erst kürzlich wies US-Präsident Barack Obama Anschuldigungen zurück, die USA würden die Proteste in Hongkong unterstützen. Wie der Independent berichtete, sagte Obama, dass die USA sich nicht in die Angelegenheiten anderer Staaten mischten. Gleichwohl hätte alle Bürger, die für Werte wie Demokratie und Freiheit kämpften, die Unterstützung der US-Regierung. Die staatliche chinesische Volkszeitung hatte der amerikanischen National Endowment for Democracy (NED) vorgeworfen, die Demonstranten in Peking zu unterstützen.
Im Falle der Occupy Wall Street-Proteste in New York hatte sich die Regierung dagegen auf die Seite von staatlichem Recht und polizeilicher Ordnung gestellt. [..]

 H  Everywhere stir, suppress at home.

The times where America was a model are gone.


























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