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Ibtimes 12.07.13 1:51pm London:

Boeing 787 caught fire []


[..] In what could be a major blow to Boeing, a B787

7 * 787

passenger airplane caught fire on the tarmac at London’s Heathrow

heat  throw

airport on Friday. The Ethiopian Airlines jet was parked and empty, and no one was injured, airport authorities said. The incident


a fire on a Japan Airlines 787 at Boston’s Logan airport in January, when a battery caught fire. [..]  It's still unclear what may have caused the fire.






Dailymail 12.07.13 17:09:

no water for British kid/s in Ramadan



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  Ramadan 666   Save the Children







34-year-old British woman died while swimming across the English Channel [scr sh]


Quotation (translated) [..] A


-year-old British woman died while swimming across the English Channel. When trying to swim across the English Channel between Dover and Calais, a 34 year old woman from Great Britain was killed. The French newspaper

"La Voix du Nord"

The voice of the Nord

on Sunday reported online, the French rescue agencies of a boat that accompanied the swimmer, alarmed and asked for a


Quoting wikipedia [..] defibrillator. This depolarizes a critical mass of the heart muscle, terminates the dysrhythmia, and allows normal sinus rhythm to be reestablished by the body's natural pacemaker, in the sinoatrial node of the heart.

By a helicopter of the French Navy the woman was brought on board of the


and taken to hospital in Boulogne-sur-Mer. There, the doctors on Sunday night confirmed the death of the woman.





PI  VIDEO 28.07.13


understanding the Ideological Foundation

of Sexual Abuse in Islam












Seen on EDL video



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My good friend, beside of some cheap slogan,

● It is about the Spirit 8  VX Antispirit 6

It is about the right 9  VX wrong 6 direction

It is about islam plague and the future of your children!

● finally, what did you solve by destroying Britannia making of it a new Jugoslavia and how do you want to reverse once it falls apart ?






Time to learn WHO are the new masters over UK.



comparing this one news→

Scottish guy using bacon against mosque



 →with this one news

Muslim girl gang kicking and pulling out hairs to British girl on street, while yelling 'kill white slag':



on Iphone


915[5 912


1.312 789


on laptop

22 45







The sinister inflated system showing its true face.


Quotation (translated) [..] The British newspaper 'The Guardian' still under attack by the British government due to its Snowden-publications on the work of Western intelligence agencies of the UK government. British Prime Minister David Cameron has now demanded the Parliament to set up a commission of inquiry. However, this should not deal with a possible legal violation of the intelligence agency GCHQ, which is responsible for a comprehensive monitoring of the Internet. Instead, should be checked to what extent the Guardian with its reporting was breaking the law and inflicting damage to the national security.

Apropos: visa to terrorists for 'national security'


 H  You see what such terms like 'national security' mean for a mafia without principle, i/e for camouflaged communists, unscrupulous players, corrupted marionetts and gamblers behind their mask of goodists, while they are keeping on to bring hundreds of thousands of -according to their own religious ideology- potential terrorists to your country ?


Abused security pretext

Goldsboro security





26.10.13  Lifeleak



2538 sum up = 9

 H  This is how the greatest friend suddenly becomes the greatest enemy of his own country and people. Because the greatest enemy is not that one on the other side, but the one that sits and eats with your own people at your own table.


We all agree there is only  ONE  ISLAM

Smiling on the shoulders of the victims


It means we have two perfectly opposite examples:

Christ VX Mohammed.

[In Islam the term CHRIST does not exist. The antispirit fears this term like pest!] WHICH one of them is the incorporation of Truth and WHICH one the incorporation of the spirit of mafia i/e the lie? Let us be clear: Only individuals who donate their life to their dick can mix the day with the night i/e the plus with the minus and finally opt for the latter one. One other option remains: Isn't there a psychical health problem (psychological instability) ? No doubt that islam offers simpler solutions for the week i/e unstable soul, and so misleading them even deeper into troubles because this is the wrong anchor. Its the one that tears you down into the darkness of the deep see. Everyone can see the fruits around the globe.


The Quran is a Knife!
It is a knife not only against any non-muslim, but on a long run even against the muslim himself, though first of all it is a knife against our children! I don't know how it is possible to shake hands of individuals who actively promote the islamic agenda. Those individuals keep a knife in their back just waiting for the right moment to stab. Who ever believes that a convinced muslim i/e an active and faithful Allah/quran believer could be honest, serious, fair individual toward non-muslims has obviously no idea about the essence of islam that is sharia & taqiyya based on the unmistakable example of a bloody plunderer and murderer, OR he has given up OR he has been corrupted.
The one however, who has ('only') given up will with this step start to cooperate with the enemy. My strong suggestion to the REAL English people for the sake of your home, your country, your soul and your children:



to your and your country's declared enemy [for those who have eyes and ears and can read].




Updated 27.10.13 





added  01.11.13 



Dailymail |

Quote: " Briton: 'Non-British' couple kept British, Irish and Malaysian women for 30 years as their slaves. In Briton."


 H  From 9 to 6. Why suddenly all that excitement ? Don't you know that islam allows muslims to keep kuffars as their slaves ? So ? You never read quran ? Did you really believe that beyond of some daily islamic taqiyya your peace of soulless paper of a kuffar-constitution would be higher for them than their Allah, their prophet and their holy scriptures ? Guess, once Islam becomes majority.






15.12.13 Daily Mail



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Two things are limitless:

1. The Universe   

2. The human madness.

Only that in the first case we aren't sure yet. [Albert Einstein]




16.12.13 PI GH Birminghammail


Koran 'was ripped up at Birmingham City match'


999 1.964 25

 H  Those upset hypocrites there, before talking about hate crime they should be sentenced by court to publicly read in state TV what is written on that pages, and the rest of qURAN.




Briton: 32 EDL-members jailed by the systemic mafia, while:




19.02.14  PI  AlArabiya

2|8 2|6



03.03.14  PI  daily telegraph


Islamists' children should be taken into care

[London major Boris Johnson]


1248 5555 8369



Talking about saving them









 H  Crucifying your own people at the favour of the islamic hatred ideology. You would never believe how deep a folk can sink for the sake of false peace for fake profit.




PI Dailykenn *  Manchestereveningnews



Quote [..] A mob of blacks in Manchester -- described as Muslims -- prompted a young white lad to defend the honor of his sister. When he did, the entire mob piled on him. Big mistake. Within moments a group of British onlookers came to his defence; some were military personnel, reports say. The diversity dance was caught on CCTV (security video) and police are studying it to find some evidence of white racism, no doubt. [..]

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JUL.14 12.07.14

 H  During a short stay in Prague, I heard from a lady which lived in UK for a recent period, that the English heirs have to give up to the state 40% of the current value of the parents house/reality. No average man can bear such a load. That means that any English average man are now forced to sell their family properties when it comes to inheritance. According to that lady, people in UK villages are building communities who can buy at least a part of those properties for sell, in order to avoid any foreign [fake money]-mafia building their temples everywhere and/or taking over everything.


I replied to that lady, that the English state expropriates his own people because they need the money to feed up islam.







1331 8111 *



Quote [..] Over the years about 1,400 children and young people, mostly girls, were abducted, raped, abused, sold About 100 babies were born from the rapes, in order to be forcibly "removed" after birth. [..]





The socialist sort of democracy

at the Scottish vote


39|22   648


Democracy ? Fairness ? What is that ?

The typical socialist mind at work here.



17.01.15 PI




Quote: (translated) [..] Anti-Semitism: Jews see no future in the UK. According to a recent survey 58 percent of all Jews in Britain see no "long-term future" in their homeland. Last year there were the most anti-Semitic attacks since 30 years. Just like the French Jews many of the British Jews plan to emigrate to Israel. [..]


Quote * * [..] GCHQ information security assessments, meanwhile, routinely list journalists between “terrorism” and “hackers” as “influencing threat sources”, with one matrix scoring journalists as having a “capability” score of two out of five, and a “priority” of three out of five, scoring an overall “low” information security risk. Terrorists, listed immediately above investigative journalists on the document, were given a much higher “capability” score of four out of five, but a lower “priority” of two. The matrix concluded terrorists were therefore a “moderate” information security risk.[..]

...and so forth




Quote [..]


year old abused:


soldier is accused. That British elite soldier who allegedly sexually assaulted the end of November in


im Stubaital a six-year-old girl, is now charged. He had been broken into the family's house in the early hours of the morning and had been caught by the father of the victim in the childs room.

According to prosecutors a report of the coroner in Innsbruck confirmed the statements of the six-year-old victim. The soldier currently being in custody, is now accused of rape and serious sexual abuse of minors.  The Briton, who was with the elite unit "


Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery" for downhill training in Tirol, broke drunken into the house of the family and attacked the six-year-old girl sexually in its room. The child's father woke up, saw the half-naked perpetrator - and beat him bloody. Then he called the police. Yet the soldier did not confess. On March 10, he must answer for the first time in court. The soldiers faces a prison sentence of up to






Christian patrol



218 506 185

Orig crop 910x820 px


 H  Those hypocrites who criticize → these courageous staff, should

first reflect over what they themselves ever did to protect

the Christian European and British values before the

anti-values of its invading enemy * *.



667 ~ 66 67





Quote [..] Die Welt versinkt in 230 Billionen an Schulden und wir fiebern um England. [..]


EU-Juncker to the British EU-officials:

"You work for the EU, not for the UK"


Muslim Council of Britain: It’s Up to White British to Integrate, Not Muslims


Britons, there is no excuse anymore for what you are doing to YOUR patria *.


Second cathedral embroiled in muslim prayer controversy

[..] “We live in a world that is becoming more and more polarised by people who claim to have the truth. No one has any proof of God – that’s what faith is about,” she told Gloucestershire Live. [..]
 H  Right. But maybe HE has given the man ears and eyes.  Didn't he ?



Queen’s Chaplain Who Questioned Quran Prayers in Cathedral Steps Down After Attempts to ‘Silence, Defenestrate’ Him.

[..] Less than a week after one of the Queen’s Chaplains spoke out against an Islamic Prayer denying the divinity of Jesus Christ being read out in a Scottish Cathedral, the senior churchman has tendered his resignation from that office. [..]


Londonistan [DE]

Orig.crop 540 px


14.06.17  →


Manchester May 2017





Islamists from Across Europe Moving to UK for ‘Freedom’ to Practice Radical Islam


 H  The price is rising, and rising and rising..



When will they learn the lesson  ?


Muslim London major and (what else..) climate swindler (.. fits all together) after second muslim terror attack within few month: "No reason to be alarmed".

 H  Compliments





124  65



Someone out there want to tell you something.


.."all we need is the simple-coexistence"..

That thing with the "simple co-existence"

does not work with an ideology.

Ideology is a desastrous tool. So, it is not possible.

It works with the truth, but not with ideology.

Is this so hard to understand ?


.. but will never stop to not only protect but further

spread their islamic ideology which is the root of all their thinking and doing. "Terror management (→greetings from MI5 )" * *  is just the other side of the medal. In other words: London, Manchester & Co show: You have

already lost.

You cant bathe your brain (and soul) in dirt ..

1212  56  2 78

402 px

.. without expecting any consequences to it.


It is pathetic to speak about victory under such

conditions with ongoing worsening developments,

until there will not be the turn around

toward the Truth.

If you  want to be taken serious after all,

you have to close the mosques.

last updated 08.06.17


27.06.17 APROPOS Greetings from MI5 

Alleged Finsbury attacker: impossible fake foto !

This is the world of manipulation. It can hit everyone


Labour chief Jeremy Corbyn: Those who support ISIS should NOT be prosecuted - it's a 'political view' DE
JEREMY Corbyn once insisted that extremists should not be prosecuted for openly supporting the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group, it has emerged after the London Bridge terror attack.

Where are now all those same leftists twisters and liars who stubborny denied islam to be more than a religion a political ideology ? Wasn't this guy up there maybe one of them defending islam as a 'common religion'?

Pants left down !


Quote (translated) [..] Khan over his Facebook page called on the Londoners to move together and send a clear message to the world, "that our city will never be divided by these vile individuals who want to harm us and destroy our way of life." At the same time he emphasized that the police would do everything to "eradicate extremism in our city" and pursue a "zero-tolerance" policy against so-called hate crimes. [..]


This is exactly that kind of superficiality that has made possible the islamization of nearly 60 countries on this globe, a process still going on. Those who import and protect extremism, now want to fight it. They will not make a difference between action and reaction (rather in contrary: they will criminalize the reaction even more than the action in order to cover the root), nor will they go to the roots, because they would have to admit their own fault. The inability of today's politicians is literally boundless. Terrorism is just a superficial symptom.


APROPOS Action-reaction 22.06.17: [..] with more (*) than 900 specialist members of staff dedicated to investigating all hate crime. [..]  in London.

Before the islamic invasion this kind of "crimes" didn't even exist, because in reality it is a NON-crime. It is the war of the corrupt one against the free word.


BBC censors "Allah" from interview about muslim attack.  DE

490 px

Here you can see on which side BBC stands. Certainly not on the side of the victim. Mafia sticks with mafia. You don't know it, you don't realize it. The brainwashed mind doesn't know to be brainwashed, but, ..

you're all badly brain washed by these established sinister media mafias.

And this is what happens all around the world.


Grenfell Tower




In a world of manipulation it can hit anyone, anywhere.


577px ~

57  77

 H  Mad. Absolute, complete social(ist) madness.

They enter the mosque with their shoes: agents attacked by Muslim faithful
Violent fight at Townfield Mosque. Islamists attack policemen. The reason? They did not take off their shoes and there was a woman among them.

Wanna get slowly eaten ? This is how it will be decided if this is British soil or islamic one.



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cloth nf. 01/086


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1.42 MB (1,499, 136 bytes)

→ 03.10.17


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Beating Wife if She Denies Sex is OK, Say Islamic Schoolbooks in UK
Women’s responsibility is “only to bear children and bring them up as Muslims.”


Feed the (camouflagued) beast

and it will eat you


The British government has rejected a petition calling for a Free Speech Act and an end to laws against so-called ‘hate speech’.

“For several years now the government has been infringing people’s most basic rights to speak freely on matters, by deeming their speech ‘offensive’ or ‘hateful. and declaring that such speech, even online, warrants being fined or jailed,”

Totally corrupted politicians dismantling the basic pillars of freedom and democracy


'Rent-For-Sex': Landlords Exploit Thousands Of Broke Millenials

Those people slide into something they will struggle very hard to ever get back out again.



















DeXter [9]




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