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04.12.11 ~ 124





Original page with PI-screen shot


5[0] Millions of visitor at 12:12 =



Current online: 1006 =



So this warning concerns first of all the manipulators [16] and their henchman which are the sinister relativists and goodists, but also those irresponsible one among mankind who believe that all those sinister developments out there would not concern them. After sending off the second one of my two respective comments shown here below, the 


on the PI -current online counter.


04.12.11 = 124



Another user with the highly symbolic nick 'salman rushdie' sent one comment in between my first and second comment. I then noted that this series of three comments has been sent at minutes 6,8 and 9 =



Considering that 15 o clock stands for 3pm, along the 689 this is the fourth digit for the 'universal hypercode'



provided by the Holy Spirit through these comment times. Btw. I shall remind the date 04.12.11 =



[As I opened the same page later once again the 142 ~ 124 reconfirmed  in the  current online counter. See screen shot >]



Finally I realized that the times on the respective screen shots [1] [2] are 15:09 and 15:12 [or 3:09 and 312]












*] 15 = 3pm // Sum up of 3+9 = 12

**] Vertical sum up of 1+5+1+5 =12

***] 1) 15:12 = 3:12 pm // 2) 1512 includes the sequence 512

****] Vertical alighement of 9&12 = 912




PI has been founded on 11.11.04.

Date which is linking:

41 | 114 | 411 | 4111 | 4 | 1111

or 11.11.2004 ~ 111124 ~ 1111 124



Exactly in the moment after inserting the sentence about the Holy Spirit in regard to 3689, I transferred the updated symbolism-page to the server, as I noted the 3331 [~ 333 / 31 ]  in the size details yet the last update done back at


[screen shot]

added 04.12.11



Apropos 5VOR12

In Österreich werden orientalische Asylbewerber nun als Wanderführer ausgebildet, im Wallfahrtsort Mariazell kann man jetzt auch zu Allah beten, in Deutschland werden Ehen auch nach islamischem Recht geschieden und in Dänemark soll es die ersten Scharia-Zonen geben.


[..] Der Grazer Polizeichef Alexander Gaisch unlängst mit einer politisch nicht korrekten Aussage für großes Aufsehen, er sagte: »Wir werden langsam unterwandert«. Die Demokratie wird nach seiner Auffassung bei den Migrationsströmen wohl nicht mehr dauerhaft

Gaisch sagt etwa über den Bau von immer mehr Moscheen: »Es kommt ein anderes Kulturgut rein, das wird größer. Das ist nicht unmittelbar gefährlich. Aber wenn die Politik hier nicht gegensteuert, halte ich es für gefährlich für unser Demokratieverständnis.« In vorauseilendem Gehorsam gegenüber dieser allmählichen Unterwanderung passen wir uns derweilen schon einmal auf vielen Gebieten dem neuen Zeitalter an. So ist die römisch-katholische Basilika von Mariazell der wichtigste christliche Wallfahrtsort in Österreich. Seit dem 12. Jahrhundert wird in Mariazell von Christen ein Mariagnadenbild verehrt. Nicht jeder Leser wird mitbekommen haben, dass Mariazell inzwischen zum interreligiösen Zentrum umgewandelt wird, in dem künftig regelmäßig auch islamische Veranstaltungen stattfinden. Während Christen am heiligsten Ort der Muslime in Mekka keinen Zutritt haben, öffnen die Christen ihre heiligsten Orte, damit Muslime dort wie selbstverständlich zu Allah beten können.     von Udo Ufkotte auf




06.12.11  [6 | 2111 ]



This started in the moment when I checked the clock on my laptop was showing 11:19 [~9111] which gave to me the impulse to check PI for anything new and indeed as I opened the hompepage the




in the current online counter along the clean 'hypercode'




in the 'visitors today'-counter. Above of it the




If you so will, two more related mirrored codes 129 [~912] and 419 [~914] in the total page view counter. Let me remind this is the snap shot of  06.12.11 [6 / 2111 ], at




 screen shot










After our return to Prague [from Italy] today I decided to finally apply to the current South Tyrolean online census. After entering I realized this census to refer to the date 09.10.11 =




Below of the date of reference [9 ottobre] the code of my personal questionnaire ending with 215 = mirror of




and which fits into today's date


The same code begins with 21 while this was the 15th census, again the digits 2115 or 215 | 11

5.12 & 11


Last but not least the code contains the




Original print screen done on 5.12.11 at 18:39 = 18 | 39 | 839






01.12.11 at 12:12



This was in Bologna, as Ivana and me sat down for a lunch in the business mensa restaurant I saw that clock on the wall right in front of me that looked like a picture with the violet coloured numbers and dots in between both the clock hands, while the other numbers and dots were all black like the clock hands themselves. Though then I soon realized this not to be a picture but a real clock yet while I questioned why the 12 and the 1-dot and 2-dot [~12 again] were coloured and the rest black, I realized that the clock right in this moment, exactly in this position [with the clock hands framing the coloured parts figuring 12 and 1+2=12 again] was showing the real hour







Note: For the evaluation of the pictures detailed data you shall consider that series of 1 - 2 digits such as 112, 122, 121, 1121, 21121 etc in a specific context as we have it in this case, are referring to the 12.


Original image no 12132  [3+2=5] 5TO12

The shot was made at 12:12:23 [2+3=5] 5TO12

Download time: ‎‏‎‎‏‎21:30:12  [2+3=5] 5TO12


Original image size 985 kB = 98  + the  5 for  the 5TO12


added on 06.12.11








who support, promote or even teach Islam and at the same time call themselves pedagogues  'Pädagoge' are nothing else that great sinister SHAMELESS; UNPRINCIPLED; SPIRIT- GOD- AND HOMELESS CHARLATANS


Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schweitzer

Religionspädagoge fordert mehr Islam an Kitas


5VOR12 !


added on 5.12.11







  ? READY ?  



 2211 TO 2012


Original picture size details

1.18 MB (1,24 3,33 5)

1.18 MB (1,24 5,18 4)

17:26:52 sum up = 23

Original picture size details

1.11 MB (1,169,026)

1.11 MB (1,171,456)

17:27:24 sum up = 23



added 18.12.11    











Second line: 836

Penultimate line 666

Last line: 81








First line: 612

Current online 1044 = 144

Penultimate line: 177









time: 14:48

Original picture size details:

3.21 MB (3,369,124 bajtù) [*]

3.21 MB (3,371,008 bajtù)

Remaining digits 178 | 7+1=8 88


[*] The same 3/3/6/9-digits in the yesterday's 3963-bill in Cestr restaurant with Ivana, David, Micha,Monika.

time: 14:48

Original picture size details:

2.73 MB (2,869,968)

2.73 MB (2,871,296)

Remaining digits 178 | 7+1=8 88



Since recently Michele provides us with wines from his store, few months ago we ordered by Michele among other a bottle of Prosecco which we opened in the New Years Eve, as I first noted the  L 1022012 being composted of the digits 1 and 2 exclusively, combination which -as you meanwhile may know- is linking to the end of cycle [12], here now sticking on the prosecco bottle with which we 'baptized' the beginning of the year '12. The bottle was from the year 1974 easily to be decoded through 7+4=13, resulting into the 1913. The final surprise came after opening the bottle: on the cork the key code




This reminded me on the bill ...

... from 27.12.11. That was the arrival day of Micha and Monika to Prague, when we had the dinner together in the Kolkovna restaurant, and which bills amount, emitted at 08:05pm, came out with the following digits:


1888 | 55|7


The Kolkovna restaurant is located in the 'house of the lance' situated exactly in front of [and facing] the 1888-crucifiX, at the same time building a triangle with the statue of the intelligent man on the headless one. As you can see on the top of the bill the address of the Kolkovna restaurant is V Kolkovne 8, 11000Praha 1 =




On this same evening after the dinner we moved to the Lamborghini bar on the opposite site of the street for some drinks. That one bill emitted at 20.34 came out with



with the 3 reconfirming both the triangle and Eye of Trinity, while this bar its address is Vezenska 1, 11000Prague1 =



The other particular detail I noted on this latter bill was the 15 appearing 3 times. 3x15 = 45 yet 4+5= 9, this tell the story that major impacts 45 will lead to awakening and to the turn around 9 toward life 15 in balance 1111, as this is Gods [3] will.


Last but not least I shall go back to the previous mentioned dinner in the Kolkovna restaurant, with Micha and Monika and where the first detail I noticed on this evening was the restaurants new menu card freshly emitted

right on this same date,...

... so, with start date 27.12.11 [2+7=9] = 9.12.11 ~


912 | 11


and with expiration date 9.1.12, containing the same digits of


912 | 11


at the same time building the nexus of


911 | 211


yet, considering that 2 and 9 are exchangeable there is also again the


119 ~ 911



This particularly strong warning comes along with the satanic symbol on the menu cards head line, right above the dates. This is what the warning refers to: The arise of the sinister spirit which - if not stopped in time- must consequently lead to the final take over of the mankind's enemy.


completed on 13.01.12

bottle post





Extra annotation in regard to Kolkovna-restaurant in  V Kolkovne- [street], added 11.02.12:


Kolkovna  restaurant is our preferred meeting place with Micha. We call it also the 'lance-house' .

Kolkovna translates to 'inch mark' or 'customs stamp'.

When you pay customs? You pay customs when you exceed the borderline [= the RED LINE - the LINE OF CONCORDANCE]. The humanity-especially the formerly Judeo-Christian civilization in league with the mankinds enemy [through the unhealthy money-pharaonic system to Islam a truly unholy alliance] submitting to the latter one step by step. As the clock stands at 12, the duty is payable. Do not think so that ANYTHING of that would be random or pure coincidence.. Nothing is random.











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