The Millennium of the TRUTH


[6] Sinister


Principles of disbalance

Exposing anti-forces

Tell children truth



Civilization VX Sharia




Women in Islam


Freedom of Religion




The bloody Führer

The moongod Allah

Allah loves mutilated vagina

The islamic headquarters

'freedom' for head scarf


Climate change

The West is guilty











Symbolism is the basis of all communication in the universe. Religious symbols, spiritual symbols, technical, mathematical or geometric symbols, music notes are symbols, letters are symbols, colours can symbolize, even words are symbols which can be interpreted  in different ways. Colours have a 'soul' of symbolism. The mimic is not only a mankind's symbolic language but even the preferred  language of symbolisms of the animals etc... Another new way of symbolism is the Christian..




1[10roman X]



Close interconnection | Xun | Spiritual supervisor | Pathfinder | Example.

Mystically representing the Sun [look up for 19 ]

[Within divine formulas of numerology the 1 can work as a simple connection or indication element, similar to the 2]

[Within certain numerological context the 1 can stand for 'I' (or 'we', 'us')]


Unity in Quality and Freedom:

authentic Unity does only exist on authentic high quality spiritual level.


A single '1' preceeding  

any of the codes, such as 186, 169, 185, 196, 127  136, 139, 193, 149, 146,134, 145, 154, 159 157, 167 178 179  1969 or 1389 or 1888, 1386 1693, or 1869 etc. may represent an authentic spiritual archetype|counsellor, put forward by the divine authority with the assignment to advice mankind in the accompanying numerologically indicated matter.


 BE CAREFUL   Even the 1 can be mirrored and so become a negative carrier ! Most famous example: 16 or 1.666

Zitat 11.05.14 [..] weil von jeder ganzen, natürlichen Zahl ihr Kehrwert existiert. (Die unendliche Menge der reziproken Zahlen befindet sich in dem endlichen Abstand zwischen 1 und 0; die Schnittstelle für die ganzen und reziproken Zahlen bildet also die 1, deren (mathematische) Spiegelung die


ist.) Die Räume basieren auf den drei Primzahlen (nombres primeurs: erste Zahlen) 1, 2, 3 (als Grundzahlen der drei Sorten Zahlen: Primzahl-Zwillinge; Zahlen, die durch 2, aber nicht durch 3 teilbar sind; Zahlen, die durch 3 teilbar sind) und auf der Zahl 8.[..]



2 | 22 | 222..


A single 2   

in connection with other codes|digits usually stands for connecting or linking adverbs like 'to', 'too', 'toward', 'and', '&', or similar words like 'for', 'in', 'by', 'due to', 'because of', 'in the name of'', 'in regard to', or 'against' ...' etc, can also be the simple numerical indication for instance: about the two [2] directions 6 or 9 ~ sinister | deXter]



stands for a particularly "strong reference" to..


[222 or 2222=Angel|Angels] Children of the Father, Expression of the Father, , Lightworker.

Or multiple reflection/reconfirmation.





[in that sense also: confirmation or reconfirmation]



Finally depending on the context the 2 can have negative meanings like 'copy', 'plagiat', 'mask', 'manipulated', 'double standard', 'plagiarized', mirroring, and so far it can appear as a synomym for the lie.



2 ~ 9  


29 [or 92]

For[2] the right direction in the Spirit of Truth [9]


In regard to[2] the right direction [9]





Can also represent a substitute of 911 |  2=1+1 11 911



2 and 9 are interchangeable



The digit 2 can stand for a 9.

For instance 211 may carry the meaning of 9.11 as expression of disaster although referring more generally toward the sinister seed and mind rather than specifically pointing to the islam plague which latter one is just one expression of it. The same works with 2111 with the quite same meaning of 9.111 however again referring more generally to the sinister mind.

While 9111 refers to quran 9.111, the 2111 is generally referring to the sinister spirit in its many demagogic facets [including goodism 2111~ 2111]. In any case 9111 and 2111 are very closely related to each other, so that their meaning is almost identical.

[For more explanation see on the Flagship-page looking up for the date 10.10.10 or 17.02.11]


While 1911 | 1191 or 1211 refer to "1corynthian 10:21" ~1121


616 [eventually 626] has the same meaning of 2111 or 666, in addition linking the 16 or 61 which are directly related.



3 | 33 | 333..


TRUTH | Intelligence &

TRINITY | Truth|Holy Spirit ~ The Umbrella.


REALITY | REAL stuff | REAL development/s, | REAL danger. FACT/s not illusions or fata morganas.


33 =27  7+2=9



Zitat May 2014 [..] Kann es sein, daß sich hinter der Einstein´schen Formel das Wesen der Reziprozität verbirgt? Das Phantastische an diesem Gedanken ist, daß zwischen der Zahl 3 und ihrem reziproken Wert, der Zahl 0,333…, ein quadratischer Faktor steht, nämlich die Zahl 32. Denn man muß durch 9 teilen, um von 3 nach 0,333… zu gelangen.  [..]

Apropos 333

Sofia Bulgaria

16.05.12 ~ 11/112

9min/13 sec = 913

Vojager 1&2, 1977

[screen shot]



4 | 44 | 444..




Concerning all four races, four winds, corners, directions, the whole Mankind | Mass consciousness

Wealthy [earth bounded soul/s]

Hope [similar to 56 or 65]

484 | 848 | 48 Spirit of The Sun everywhere [more →]

434 | 343 The Holy Spirit everywhere

494 | 949 DeXter spirit of Love and Fight everywhere

464 | 646 Sinister developments underway on global scale



24, 42, 242  → concernaing [2] all mankind [4] ~ global concern


148 = the three digit version of 1148, referring to cabal - personificatiion of imbalance/antichrist in fake money.




5 | 55 | 555..


TIME | Change | Impact | Time to change [5to12  (512) (125) (521)] | End and | or Beginning   2|15




 Healing | Dignity | Gift of Purification | Truth in Quintessence 



[ meaning of 512 in a four or five

[5112~ or 51122 same meaning of 512 in a four or five digit code including the 11 ]  

[125 = 12+5 | 215 = mirror of 512, see explanations with divine confirmation under the parent code 912 and its versions ]

[712 = turn around (7) since the clock shows 5TO12!]


615 = Those on the wrong way are called for urgent change

815 = Christ calling for urgent change

315 = Holy Spirit calling for urgent change

415 = Rightguards|team12 calling for urgent change

715 = Those turned around calling for urgent change

915 = Ogmios & the Rightguards calling for urgent change

25 [52] can be a two-digit-version of 5to12, or simply for: URGENCY IN REGARD [2] TO 5







59 [95]


from the tree to the garden

59  59  59→...

See also: 3896 | 85





6 | 66 | 666..



6 = Wrong spin, Spiral downwards








On both, individual and social level.

This is the spirit where both individual and societies are finishing to behave like a mad dog running behind his own tail, charging anyone and anything for his/their incapability to catch it.


ANTICHRIST  Spirit of Antichrist Antichrist developments, Great danger, Serious sinister developments,



66 Allah or any fake gods|examples| ideologues|demagogues. The sons [functionaries] and the systems of the lie, manipulation, corruption, infiltration, unscrupulousness, sexual imbalance, sinister doctrines etc.

Every kind of dependency.



466   combination of 4 and 66










7 | 77 | 777..


Change of direction






A week has seven days. The 7th day stands for the turn around, and the next day [= the 8th day ~ 1st day (*)] stands symbol for the new beginning.


New divine root|foundation|tribe|line

or an individuals spiritual "turn around",

change direction by open up for "Ask & you shall receive" awakening, jump, my choice to become "new born in [7+2=] 9" or simply:

"This is the REAL new staff!"  [1,2,4=Fathers Will, 1+2+4=7] [7Seals | 7 Gifts of the divine Spirit]


7 may also refer to the Jewish spirit


47 | 74 = mankind [4] as a whole is urged to turn around 7 for this is the way toward salvation and luck [4+7=] 11 !




8 | 88 | 888..



Christ |Spirit of Christ [I am alive!]


The Authentic Source

88 = Man should be aware of the fact that he is always standing with one leg at the brink to the personal abyss. Thus the most novel, most important fight is the fight against your own natural enemy/temptation. The man which is fighting this fight with its megahealing, strenghtening and armoring effect on both the body and soul, is at the same time collecting high spiritual scores [*] [AmicoBlu *→]


[818: just as 616 carries the same meaning of 666 with the 1 included, the latter one leading the (in this case wrong) way i/e direction, so 818 also equals 888, figuring at the same time the unity between the 1 & the 8]


Formula:  888:3 = 296



9 | 99|






9 = Right spin, Spiral upwards.

This is about to save yourself and at the same time to save the world.

99 = Winner speed








I AM on the right way, Awakening, Enlightenment|Anti-Antichrist|Spirit of Truth|in the name of Christ Great Genius, In the name of the Light|Spirit of Ogmios, Rainbow-warrior, [for ladies: Awakening, emancipation, personality, intelligence, self confidence]


Zitat [..] da gibt es eine einzige Stelle in unserem Körper, die vollkommen krebsfrei ist und bleibt: unser Herz. Oder haben Sie schon einmal von Herzkrebs gehört? Herzzellen vermögen es nicht, den Zucker zur Energiegewinnung zu nutzen. Sie erzeugen große Mengen an rechtsdrehender, physiologischer Milchsäure als Abfallprodukt. Weiter unten erfahren wir genauer, dass Körperzellen prinzipiell zwei Alternativen haben, um sich mit Energie zu versorgen. Das Herz vermag nicht in den niedrigeren Energiemodus, der Vergärung zu gehen. Genau diesen Kuschel-Modus lieben ja Krebszellen. Herzzellen dagegen nutzen nur die effektive Sauerstoff-Verbrennung, um daraus Energie zu gewinnen. Eine einzige von ihnen beherbergt an die 1000 Mitochondrien![..]


Nota bene: A 9 can ba a 6 and vice versa, depending on the side from which they are viewed.  Thus, it is up to the individual to find out what is behind of ANY number.




27 [or 72] 7+2=9

The first step is the turn around [7] from falsity to honesty, from denial to acceptance of the truth about one self, to get the right direction [9] [=18 = 8+1=9]

72 has the same meaning

more about 27 or 72


63 6+3=9    

The truth [3]  turns the 6 to 9   [36 hast the similar meaning]

36 same as 63 but specifically symbolizes the strict orientation toward

QUALITY in all its aspects | skilling | specializing | performancing ..


463 | 634 - COMBINATIONS

unite authentic QUALITY [63] & LUCK [34] which vectors are naturally related to each other, [although the way toward it may include hardships.]

45 or  54 =   4+5=9

Can come along in a three digit key as 945 or 954.

Meaning: Change [5] toward [9] is a global [4] matter.


Earth bounded souls [4] will turn around toward the path of truth [9] and light after major changes|impacts|purification [5]. This is the will of the one eternal creator&legislator.

[See divine confirmation (of 10.03.12)]


18=8+1=9   [81 has the same meaning]

1.) The highest of the ways  is given through the connection of Christ [8]  with any uprising spirit of truth.[9]. This is a way of living deeds instead of false i/e empty words. 


2.) For the lost souls: Salvation [9 ] lies in the spirit of Christ [8].

18 pays off


[418 or 4118 1418 = connection of the inspired legion with the Spirit of Christ]


[..]  Der Durchmesser der Sonne ist 108-Mal größer als der Durchmesser der Erde. Die Erde wiederum umkreist die Sonne in einem Abstand von 108 Sonnendurchmessern und in den Abstand Erde-Mond passen nicht nur alle anderen Planeten, sondern auch der Mond – 108-Mal! Zufall? Ach ja, die Quersumme von 108 ist neun und einschließlich Pluto gibt es exakt neun Planeten. [..] 


[..]  Nineveh was an ancient Assyrian city of Upper Mesopotamia, located on the outskirts of Mosul in modern-day northern Iraq. It is located on the eastern bank of the Tigris River and was the capital of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. [..] 


The Key|s

18 & 19 ~189



9 for(2)1 = the same meaning of 19 or:  921



In the spirit of Christ(8)  for (2) 1 = the same meaning of 18



has the same meaning than 999.






CHRIST [8] warning before the End of the Cycle & First Tribunal


3812 [or 8312] = TRINITY|CHRIST warning before the End of the Cycle & First Tribunal





1 Warning & 1 Chance [by the Spirit of Truth 9] to get back to the right [deXter] direction [9] toward a great sane future of 1001, while the current sinister way is a NO GO ! yet it is 5TO12


119: Same meaning.

811 = the red phone number| or: | connection | antenna | Prague connection| or: | warning/chance by Christ  [856 decoded = 811 too]

311 = the warning/chance by the Holy Spirit






Spirit of Truth [9] warning before the end of cycle [12]&The First Tribunal


At the same time the code expresses the direct connection between 911 and 2012 through the divine 11 [=1warning&1chance],

by carrying the respectively involved digits: 9,1 and 2 / and the connection of the whole story with the spirit of truth [9]


129 [=12+9] or 219 [=mirror of 912] have the same meaning [See Christ's confirmation through 88 9129 a nexus of 912&129 along the 88 on this screen shot of the 19.12.11]


612 is the warning to the 'south staff' that the clock of the FIRST TRIBUNAL shows 5TO12 for them!


915 or 955 have the same meaning than 912, replacing the 12 with the 5. 915 at the same time means DeXter 9 for life 15




TRINITY [3 | 33] warning before the End of the Cycle & First Tribunal



Holy spirit | spirit of truth VX antispirit of manipulation [16] lie demonism [6]




Symbolic code for insane islamic  law | Sharia

designed at expense of the weakest in a society.

[It stands in direct connotation to Koran 9.111]






Antichrist[=Spirit of Lie=6] | Anti-Antichrist [=Spirit of Truth=9] | Christ[=8]

An 'all about' or reference to the FIGHT of Christ VX Antichrist or the Truth VX the Lie yet to the 'end & beginning times', similar to the uni-hypercode 3896 which latter one includes also the Trinity|Holy Spirit [3].




Also: Key-code for the original 11:11


Ogmios birthday : [1]8.9.6[1]


Vespa 968 confirmation series


N.b.: The fight for balance does not aim a balance between balance and imbalance (which is kind of a self betraial). It aims the balance.







Relation | connection between a Spirit of Truth [9] or any [incarnated] rising Soul of Truth [9] with Christ [8] and the Holy Spirit [3]






Relation | connection between a Spirit of Truth [9] or any other [incarnated] rising Soul of Truth [9] with the Holy Spirit [3] in confronting the antispirit of the lie | plagiarism | barbarianism | Antichrist [6]



3896 [8396..]


Capital code | THE GARDEN

Universal hypercode | including :

Trinity3 | Christ8 | SpiritofTruth1 | SpiritofLie6 [~Antichrist]

[Note: in case of three-digit numbers this four-digit capital code can come along in -or be packed into- two consecutive numbers for instance 389 & 696 carrying all four digits of 3896 exclusively]


3896 LIBERTY Free jump



386 [Trinity | Christ/Antichrist]

Note: the sequence does not matter, means the digits can change their position [Respectively =  836,  863, ... ~







Warning & Chance

[Note: The Sun cycle is of 11 years]

[In specific combination with other specific digits it can also symbolize 'Fathers will', similar to 1,2,4, or 'open up toward'..]

[Also: in comparison with the new staff 1111, the 11 stands for the current standard]


 56 or 65 may be a substitute of 11 | 5+6=11] 56 expresses 'HOPE'.  




Orig.crop 404 px


''Mobile Broadband"


tubed & added 17.01.13


 1169 | 1196 respectively means 1warning&1chance for making the right decision between spirit of lie 6 and spirit of truth 9

 1168 | 1186 respectively means 1warning&1chance for making the right decision between spirit of Christ 8 and spirit of antichrist 6

 1136 | 1163 = respectively means 1warning&1chance for making the right decision between Truth 3 and Lie 6

 1139 | 1193 = 1warning&1chance for your turn around toward the path of truth 3 in Ogmios 9

 1198 | 1189 = 1warning&1chance for your turn around toward the Spirit of Truth 9 in Christ 8 

 1138 | 1183 = 1warning&1chance for your turn around toward the Holy Spirit 3 & Christ 8  ]

 1123 | 1132 = 1warning & 1chance for to leave the spirit of the fake hero, turning around toward the Spirit of Truth in Intelligence & believability ]




111 [11:1]


Warning before Goodism | weakness, relativism, unprincipledness, 'S-railed', blindness, and the resulting dangerous tendencies|consequences.

 3111 = Divine Spirit warning before goodism & imbalance

 4111 = Inspired legion warning before goodism & imbalance

 7111 = Turn around from the spirit of goodism & imbalance

 8111 = Christ warning before the spirit of goodism & imbalance

 9111 = Spirit of Truth warning before the spirit of goodism & imbalance or [9.111] symbolic code for sharia/islamic barbaric law


Confronting with 1111 [balance], 111 stands for imbalance. Being a carrier of the 'principle of no principle' and therefore being unable to distinguish between the principle [right/deXter] and the antiprinciple [left/sinister] lthe goodist paves the way to the mankinds enemy, first opening the door to him and finally submitting to him as his serveant and henchman.

Insatiability and any other form of imbalance



156 [considering that 56 stands for HOPE, while it resolves into 5+6=11, (&1 = 111) so pointing to the goodist soul] 

it stands for the hope which lies in the goodist their CHANCE for CHANGE in



147 [considering that 47 is composed of  4 [= mankind as a whole] is urged [4+7=11] to turn around [7] for this is the way toward salvation and luck, the 147 is another sequence which stands for HOPE in regard to the goodist soul [1&4+7→1&11→111] their turnaroud.





Balance Fulfillment, Communion, Luck, Abundance, Key for revolution 3000, The way to '1001'

[balance can also be expressed through other different type of balanced series such as for example 10:01, 20:02, 22:22, 15:51 etc..]





[531 or 135]

Freedom for the Individuals and the Nations in the Spirit of Christ!

Change[5] accepting the truth [3] in the Spirit of Christ [13/31], taking the right direction by 5+3=8+1=9 ~18


See also 951


See also 53|35





Consecutive digits

123 or 234, or 456 etc

False, bad, negative, waste, similar to 111 and 666

[in case of more than three digits it can be figured by any combination, series, sequence, date, composed by the digits 1,2 and 3 like 13213 etc]


The same meaning can have series/sequences of consecutuve even numbers [246.. 468..] or consecutive odd numbers [1357..]


567 | 678 | 789 = Danger of destruction






Father's will  [numerologically also representing Spirit(1) | soul(2)  | body(4) ]


[May appear in different sequences]


4|21   or  4|2|1






Father's will [is] in the Spirit of Christ Great Genius [8] and the Spirit of Truth [1]


Three-digit-version: 248




Father's will [is] in the Spirit of Truth





8811    [8+1=9 | 88+11=99]

1] 1Warning, 1 chance to turn around toward the spirit of Christ by 88

2] Christs Will equal Fathers Will  [Also: Approaching father through the Spirit of Christ]


1881 | 8118  FATHERS WILL

in the Spirit of Christ, of Truth, of Balance, of  Intelligence]


On a clock standard this is respresented by 18:18 clock 






1Warning, 1 chance to turn around toward the Truth in Trinity&Spirit of Christ

[Can also be parent series such as 331, 113 or 31] Get connected, or in spirit  already connected to the Holy Spirit

133 Connection between the 1 and the 33






[Or as three digit series = 114 or 411]

1 warning & 1 chance to join the inspired legion . Become a truthful! Connect with | join | the inspired legion [144000] to be on the safe side in the hour of truth!

The choice which everyone must do for himself, within.


Also 1|144 ~  1&144


4114, 1441, 1414, symbolize the balance equal target of the 144-inspired legionaire.






[Can also be 611 or 661 or 166, 116, 6111 (related to 2111)]

Warning about dangerous tendency| development|s. Spirit of antichrist developments.  

[Can refer to the reader as an individual or to general developments in society|system|country|mankind..]

166 ~  1 VX 66






[Can also be figured as a 711, or 117, 177]

Spiritually: "turn around!",

11=time is running 

7=turn around, change direction by open up for "Ask & you shall receive" awakening, jump, my choice to become "new born in [7+2=] 9"





Listen to and follow the way of the Spirit of Truth, become a truthful one.

An important choice which everyone can do for himself, within.

Can also be 199 / 1999

11  99



\/ 22XX11


22XX11 or 2211 | 1122 just like X, or double 21

Make your decision | Time for decision

Decide for your direction!

Specifically also :

Make your decision in regard to 12

[In case of three digits : 122 or 221]


22:44 ,and similar constellations have the same meaning, but also

Respect red line, Draw the line, Protect yourself



144 | 144000


 144 000 The inspired legion

The truthfuls | The warners |

Legion of change [=14]


Also: 1.44


Also: 8441 [1448] Christs first fruits

Composed of  8 | 1 | 144



Also: 12x12Apostles=144

Also: Fathers Will: 11&144

In the framework of concerted messages it can appear also as simple combination of the digits 4 and 1 [41, 14, 141, 114 etc]





1] Death | The face of death

2] No meaning

3] [when following or preceeding a single digit or a code] multiplying | underscore | amplifying | manyfold | perfecting | emphasize




[You] Angel or Angels calling you | Children of the Father | Fathers light living inside you




12 VX 21 [~12:21][tree digit:121]

While the 21 its CLOCKWISE orientation is aiming toward the 1: [21 ~  21] = QUALITY and  UNIQUENESS in which lie authentic FREEDOM, FAIRNESS, and SANE FRUITS , the 12 its the COUNTERCLOCK orientation

[12 ~ 12]

goes toward the plural, in this case symbolizing the mass | the indifference | or the 'get lost in the crowd', without or with wrong|malign orientation (which in the practice is the same), respectively dominated by manipulation with its insane long term ''fruits''



2x12 are the hours | 12 are the months | 12 have been the apostles | 12 are the zodiacal phases | 12 the stars in Maria's crown

12 stands for completion [or] end of CYCLE  ~ [20]12 ~ 212


The repeated occurrences of the digits 1, 2, and/or numbers, sequences, series, composed of 1 and 2 carry a strong warning character, by referring to 12.

212 refers even more directly to 2012  [along to: 1221]

412 combines the 4 with the 12, that means this  is a global concern, related to the whole mankind [4]

365 [the days of a classic year] have a similar meaning of 12 [cycle /end/ new beginning] while decoding it via 365 = 311 it sums up to 5

2112 [~21.12] Mirroring the opposites [similar to 69

Date 21.12 =solstice/Sonnenwende: symbolic date for turn around from 1221,= toward universe of balance [2112], same as 12VX21








Feminine aspect ~ Madonna



End of cycle + 1 = new beginning.

Whereby with Christ [12(apostles) + 1(Christ) =13] Today eventually with Xun [20(12) + 1(Xun) =13]


Christ great genius

as the two digit version of 813 the 8, the 3 and the 1, (also combination of 8 and 1331),   

138  combination of 38 & 1. The 13 may also refer to Christ] = the total greatest luck ever came across to mankind.


Xun [Ogmios] & Trinity

Xun [1] & Trinity [3]


Thus numbers|scores|dates composed of the digits 1 and 3 exclusively, are basically linking to all three elements in one:

Christ [13] Xun in Ogmios [1] and






or  814 | 841

Connection of the rightguard i/e deXter inspired soul [144],  with the Spirit of Christ [8]





or 931. | 319,

Connection of the [9] rising soul of truth with the [3] Holy Spirit = also[13]Luck 

Wherever is the Spirit of 9 there are also the Angels & Holy Spirit.

[Also the connection of 9 with 13] [Note the result: 9+1+3= again13]  [more about 913]


923 has the same primary meaning than 913, although in secondary meaning confronting the sinister 23 (also 2x3=6) with the deXter 9 .

329 The Holy Trinity for 9!




951 [952]



For the individual living the spirit of Truth [9] it is just a question of time [5] until to become an authentic King [1]


Since 2 and 9 are replaceable, 251 has the same meaning than 951


See also 531


N.b.: turning around the 951 = 159 [!] So, in this case it means they are one and the same.





Or with four-five digits:

9.144 | 19.44 | 1914 | 19144 | 19444

Stands for both the 9 [or 19] and the 144 which are led by the same spirit of 9.

914 [941]has the same meaning than 944, along the meaning of 'right direction(9) for(1) all mankind(4)']

314 connection between the holy spirit [3] and the inspired legion [14]. = PI








CHRIST Great Genius Comeback

[Can also come along as as 13:13]


13:31 also symbolizes the unity of Christ and the Holy Spirit, is ONE in Spirit.


13:31 also symbolizes Christ&Truth&Trinity [13] which living reflection/mirror [31] is given by the example of Truth [3] in Ogmios

[131 containing both 13 & 31 is the three digit substitute for the four digit 1331]





Love [4+1=5=change] [4+1 represent the digits of, [4x1=] 11:11 and the 144(000)]

[Can also be a warning for urgent action/change required]



15 [51]

Life [14+1=15 | Love=Life=Change]

Life&death (a question|matter of) | die & new born




Healing | Emergency | Saving [healing ~ Life(15)=Change(5)] for those who have ears and|or through purification.

May also appear in combinations like: 115, 511, or in case of a four digit as 1115, ..1151 and mirrors

1551 = Health in balance


1155 = 1warning, 1 chance to [5] change, turning around toward the path of healing 155.



16 [61]


Related to 6    


The  Spirit of Systemism, Aristocracy, Ideology [Socialism, Islam..]

Manipulation in all its facets, by System & its Money Pharaohs | False Peace | Enemy of Freedom | Danger!

POLITICAL CORRECT developments toward ideology | socialism | censorism | relativism | imbalance | KZ-zone | disaster | apocalypse | 16 is the opposite of 19 [Divine warning 16 Roses] [Manipulation VX Persuasion]  


16 is the spirit and the direction of the adversary, so spiritually the contrary of both the 19 [within formula 69] and of 18 [within formula 68]

6+1=7 !



16:19 = 16 VX 19









17 [71]


The combination of the 10 commandments and the 7gifts [seals] of the divine Spirit to mankind for its hopeful turn around [7] toward the way of love [14] and luck [13][43] before the clock shows 12.

Note: 7+1=8  [=turn around by accepting the Spirit of Truth in Christ!]


[17 is also the 1177 in a two-digit version]







[8+1=9 ()] [~89 or 98]

Connection between Christ [8] and any uprising spirit of truth  [9]. See: 98 we 698


This is the way of living deeds instead of false words.


18.09=Ogmios' birthday [symbolizing again 8+1=9]


81 just as 18 contains the digits of  Christs Will equal Fathers will ~ 8811

The 18 is also included in the year of the '1888-CrucifiX', as it is included in the three-digit-code: 188, being composed of the 1 & 88, yet linking the 1888.


188 ~

The 88 is the way to become a 1

1888 Who has ears * ?



[..] Der Durchmesser der Sonne ist 108-mal größer als der Durchmesser der Erde. Die Erde wiederum umkreist die Sonne in einem Abstand von 108 Sonnendurchmessern und in den Abstand Erde-Mond passen nicht nur alle anderen Planeten, sondern auch der Mond – 108-Mal! Zufall?

Ach ja, die Quersumme von 108 ist
9 und einschließlich Pluto gibt es exakt 9 Planeten. [..]







Relentlessly rising spirit of truth [8+1=9] under guidance, becoming a spiritual leader himself [9+1=10], finally1

19 is the spiritual opposite of 16

[91 (9+1=10) has the same meaning than  19]

[921 = 9 for(2) 1 = the same meaning of 19]


16:19 = 16 VX 19







189 [198]


THE KEY      

Can also be 918 or 819, 891 or 981

Contains both the digits of 18 & 19 ...

[also: 18+9 =27 or 19+8=27]

...and is therefore a closely related key to 27 - THE WAY.   More     More 


N.b.: 189 ~ 18.9 = Ogmios' birthday


928 = The Truth[9] is[2] eternal[8]


289 [298]= BORN IN FIRE []

becoming a victorious one: [88]


489 |498 = the whole mankind for 8 & 9



269 | 286


There are two directions:   

9 ~ TRUTH or 6 ~ LIE 


There are two spirits|roots that can reign over the man:

either 8 ~ CHRIST



2688  = with specific reference to the fight 88


2866  = with specific reference to the fight between the fake gods (66) and the Lord (8) i/e spirit of the Lord







For [or: listen to] (2) the 1

through balance | intelligence


12 VX 21

[~12:21][tree digit:121]

While the 21 its CLOCKWISE orientation is aiming toward the 1: [21 ~  21] = QUALITY and  UNIQUENESS in which lie authentic FREEDOM, FAIRNESS, and SANE FRUITS ,

the 12 its the COUNTERCLOCK orientation

[12 ~ 12]

goes toward the plural, in this case symbolizing the mass | the indifference | or the 'get lost in the crowd', without or with wrong|malign orientation (which in the practice is the same), respectively dominated by manipulation with its insane long term ''fruits''



21-Red tube



No to darkness [2X(2+1)=6]

through imbalance | through aristocracy (socialism|system doctrines) | through individual and mass ignorance












'THE FAKE HERO [other closely related staff: spirit of systemic or religious aristocracy | egocentrism | greed | [also: pharaonic Spirit, Cabal megalomania | manipulation (16)  | the 'hero' of the [anti]spirit of systemism, suppression, compulsion]

23 Symbolizes the copy|false|fake|plagiarized(2) hero(3), or the fake|manipulated(2) truth|reality(3), which is THE MASK put forward by the false, selfish, unauthentic, gamblers, plagiarists. | Inner Dualism | soul split | imbalance | finally leading to sociopathy and schizophrenia.

23 may also address the fake hero in lifting one self above the spirit and example of the LORD, especially if this is done in HIS own name.


23 has different faces:

such one, such one, such one and such one. etc. Frequently including hidden or open Präpotenz/arrogance, or playing God, usually hidden behind a mask of hypocrisy. When those more or less hidden 'faces' play together and take over they open the disastrous counterclock spiral, in which mankind is currently anti-spiritually rotating.


32  The spirit of fake hero and/or 'spirit of rapsus'

32 and 23 are mirror-codes, that means they represent two sides of one medal, similar to the worm & monster. Be aware: the biggest fishes among them are generally spirits of a well camouflaged [eventually systemic legalized] deep large scale corruption.




Sequences like 232, 323 carry both 23 & 32.



[623 or 236 and its mirrors 326 632: =

The sinister attitude of the 'fake hero'[23=2x3=6]  leads SOUTH [6] !


 2] Demagoguery

in all its sinister facets, religious camouflaged, socialist, populist, [macabre] ritualism etc.


 Digit per digit decoding: for(2) the truth(3)


Be aware that: with Islam the spirit of 23|32 is being lifted to a [fake | 6-spinning] religion.



27 [72]


Symbolizes the Turn Around toward

THE WAY [7+2=9]  

27 contains the 189 information through 19+8=27 = THE WAY toward LIFE 15


New beginning | turn around | change | new born [7] and/or seven seals [7] for [2] arising Spirit of Truth [9] toward LIFE 15


The new beginning | turn around | is the precondition for entering THE WAY



28 [82]



Spirit of Christ[8] for[2] Kings[1]

In the Spirit of Christ [8] you becoming a King 1[0]

The Spirit of Christ [8] making of you a King 1[0]


The 1 born in the Spirit of Christ.





Refers to

'Christ is here'  13:31 

and/or to the Holy spirit | Trinity 11:33 or both, since they are one in spirit. So it does 831 [~8+3+1] or 318


May also refer to John the Baptist (added here in 2018)




34 | 43


The truth | holy spirit [3] over all four [4] corners, or simply: = LUCK



39 | 93 | 933 |


Spiritual connection between the uprising spirit of Truth and the Holy spirit/Trinity, can also be 319 | 913.

Prayer 3000


493 /439 = the whole mankind for 3 & 9




See  144000


45 [54]


 The divine plan & major impact

45 4+5=9

Earth bounded souls [4] will turn around toward the path of truth [9] and light after major changes/impacts/purification [5]. This is the will of the one eternal creator&legislator.

[See divine confirmation (of 10.03.12)]


Can come along in a three digit key as 945 or 954.

Meaning: Change [5] toward [9] is a global [4] matter.


Related code:


Meaning: Change [5] toward [8] is a global [4] matter.


Meaning: Many earth bounded souls [4] will turn around [7] after major changes/impacts/purification [5]

645 has the same meaning including the turn around of antichrist-individuals (6)]


Meaning: Change [5] toward [3] is a global [4] matter.




53 [35]




 See also 135 | 531



49 [94]


 The right [deXter] direction [9] for the WHOLE MANKIND [4]  


46 = the opposite meaning/warning: The mankind as a whole tending/moving toward the wrong direction



73 [37]


37 Turn around [7] with the holy spirit [3] will guide you on your way becoming a 7+3= 1[0]

[When your body is healthy it signalizes with a temperature of 37°C, while the zeropoint: -2|73°C]



 In the TURN AROUND [7] lies the Key for LUCK [13] & LIFE = 731

Sync. happening 731







75 [57]


Combines both 7 (TURN AROUND) AND 5 (CHANGE) whereby 5 stands also for 5to12, yet the sum up of 5+7= 12


So, this is just the




76 [67]



Can be both positive or negative


Everything is mathematic


TRINITY  |  HOLY SPIRIT warning before the mathematical consequences.



Nexus of 75(57) and 76(67)




833 [38][83]



BONAVENTURA Being under protection.

Guided by Christ and the Holy Spirit. Unity of Christ and the Holy Spirit.

[also valid for other 8/3-combinations in three or more digits, such as 883, 338, 833..]


483 | 438 = the whole mankind for 8 & 3


388 = the same as 38, with specific reference to: the truth 3 in 88



85 [58]











586 =  Urgent change [5] from 6 to 8 and/or to 58

859=  85 & 59



86 [68]


Christ | Antichrist

Spirit of mankinds friend VX

Spirit of mankinds enemy

[in a three digit number can appear as 618, 816, 826, 668 or 688, in case of four digits: 6688]

Do you remember the 68 revolution which spirit was originally based on the freedom of the individual against the falsity in the power of the system. Unfortunately those guys have ended becoming system apparatschiks themselves. THIS time however it shall be the REAL one.






286   the two [2] roots: Christ [8] or Antichrist [6] more

486  respectively means this battle between the spirit of the principle and the spirit of the antiprinciple concerns the WHOLE MANKIND, EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL on this globe.

686 ALERT! The antiprinciple gaining ground, i/e in a increasing predominance!






Draw the line. 

Save and cultivate the sane seed.

Take care before and separate the irreconcilable. Separate the chaff from the wheat! Save the sane seed from being destroyed/swallowed by the spirit of [rooted in]  insanity!


696 [one step forward, two steps back]

This is the opposite of 969:

This is the antispirit taking over in a creeping way,  through manipulation, suppressing, persecuting, terrorizing and/o, drying out its enemy in balance, peace, truth,  humanism, civilization = in the spirit of Truth in Christ.




69 [96]



[6 VX 9  or  SX VX DX]


Persuasion 9 VX Manipulation 6


Spirit of Truth VX Spirit of Lie.

[May appear in 3 digit codes as 619 916 or 629 926 , 649 966, 996 ] [More about this important topic: metaonion ]


496 = the 69 is concerning the whole globe | all mankind | every single individual [4




569 or 659  = Urgent time (5) to make decision between 6 or 9



Apropos 69

22.06.12: 69 ermordete Frauen:

So viele Opfer gab es bisher allein

im heurigen Jahr in Italien.

69 Balloons for 69 murdered women


648  = Spirit of Christ VX Spirit of Antichrist concerning the whole mankind [4]



[Metro ticked via cell phone]


IMG size 196 mb

Orig. crop 684  IMG no 0124

Hour 14:4|4:51


tubed & added 18.11.13






Imbalance under different aspects.

[May also specifically refer between MAN & WOMEN]

Under sexual aspect: "Oro nero" / Black gold -  generally praised as the real one.


Universal law of balance

Women in islam

378 Holy Spirit warning before the spirit of imbalance




79 or 97 = turn around [7] becoming a  Spirit of Truth [9], a Christ first fruit [~144]


Way of positive consequences


Example Ogmios' 7 and 9  [~79 or 97]



798 = turn around [7] becoming a Spirit of Truth [9] in the Spirit of Christ [8] 

497 respectively means the same, referring to the whole mankind, to everyone. 




Refuse|confront [X] the false|wrong|lie etc... for the Victory [V] of the right, true etc... or simply:

Choose Victory in Truth

Victory over the pest




X [XX]


Choice | make your choice | choose

Alternatively it can have the meaning of two overlapping swords, the sign of fight | confront | cancel | remove | stop etc...




V [or W] ~ Victory

Triangle formed of double V [~W]  



~ Victory by completion



1001 realizing a fairy tail.








[Numerology above was inspired/spiritected/tubed until 11.2009]


... except of:

[222 - added 13.06.2010]

[ 14,15,16,69, 18 added in Feb-July 2010]

[ 19 & 921 added in August 2010]

[944 added 16.11.10]

[13.31 added 24.11.10]

[13 added 12.12.10]

[Healing/Dignity added 21.12.10]

[913 added 13.01.11]

[22:11 / 22XX11 added 22.11.11]


[27.01.11- Only today a youtube-user pointed out to me that 'dester' is generally written: DeXter]


[2~9 added 17.02.11]

[3311 / 4411 added 03.03.11]

[Allah numerology added 17.03.11]

[17 added 19.03.11]

[7Seals / 7 Gifts of the divine Spirit - added on March 2011]

[7+2=9  added 03.04.11]

[912 added 09.04.11]

[9911 / 7711 / 6611 added 10.04.11]

[155 added 15.05.11]

[123 added 22.05.11]

[alternative meaning of 'X' =fight added 30.05.11]

[31 added 06.06.11]

[83 added 11.05.11]

[81 added 27.06.11]

[45 added 09.07.11]

[28 added 02.08.11]

[73 added 15.08.11]

[812 / 312 added 21.08.11]

[616 added 23.05.11]

[531 added 02.09.11]

[396 added 22.09.11]

[951 added 05.10.11]

[23 added 06.11.11]

[623 added 12.12.11]

[969 added 22.12.11]

[844 added 11.01.12]

[47/74 added 17.01.12]

[49 added 20.03.12]

[314 added 29.06.12]

[289 added 03.07.12]

[76/67 added 01.09.12]

[34/43 added 09.11.12]

[484 / 494 / 464 added 27.01.13]

75 added 11.03.13]

586 added 01.07.13]

649 added 27.07.13]

643 added 05.08.13]

53 added 13.08.13]

859 added 18.08.13]

569 added 01.05.16]

576 added 19.01.18]
















 Jeshua Ben Joseph [Jesus Christ]
J =17 1+9= 10





The number 8 is the standing ETERNITY-Sign    

E =22 2+2= 4
S =8 9= 9
H =19 2+5= 7
U =6 2+2= 4
A =26 9= 9
B =25 7= 7
E =22 1+1= 2
N =13 2+2= 4
J =27 2+3= 5
O =2 9= 9
S =18 1+2= 3
E =22 1+3= 4
P =11 1+3= 4
H =19 1+3= 4
Vertical: =247 Horizontal: =103



247 +742 [=mirror-nr] =989 9+8+9 =26 =8


103 +301 [=mirror-nr] =704 7+0+4 =404


[Note: Numerology with mirror codes work best for figures in connection with 11:11 and the end- e/o beginning time]

  [Spiritected: December 2009]          







August 2009

First spiritection over the meaning of the keycodes 666 [6] and 888 [8]

on Ogmios-blog









124 = the numbers of the 21st Century

The number of the End- and Beginning Time

and their connection with Jesus Christ the LORD and Savior

1,2,4 =  11:11 + 144000 + 11.11.2012 + 21.12.2012



4 [or 44] has actually two meanings:

1st. within the sequence 1,2,4 it represents the physical or material level.

2nd. in connection with 11:11 and the 144000 it represents the fulfilment of Fathers will through 1+4+4=9=AntiAntichrist, then 4x1=4=11:11 along the '144000' are building the link between earth and light.

4= also the mirror of the four divine colors [rainbow] + the four winds/directions/corner + the 11:11 four incarnated angels 'horseman' of the revelations



124  -  14|2

[Note: the round stone-block with which Jesus's grave was closed had a diameter of 14feet2inches, and was 2 feet thick] [The therefore carved channel in front of the grave was/is


feet long, 2 feet broad]  [Jesus had 12 Apostles- Jesus's birth  day is: 24.12], the way toward crucifixion had 14 stations.

[inspired/spiritected until 14.12.2009]

Ogmios civic numbers:

in Italy: 63 [note:6+3=9=Anti-Antichrist, so a personal reference], later  14 ex 4a=41[=144 predicted truthfuls]. The other civic number on that my parents house was 12. [12 / 14 = 1,2,4=Fathers will]. Later in Prague: 11, then 1165 [note:6+5=11again]. My work office rented in Palace Blanic on Wenceslas square nr 56 with the direct view from the window onto the place where

Jan Palach

put on fire himself and died for protest against the socialist KZ,  i/e calling up the peoples/folks lost freedom.


Mothers birthday: 1.11.  The sum up of mothers complete birth date results in 3 [trinities will] = the same as of my genetic fathers date  sum up [=3] although his data are not really of interest, since he was born from the evil one he yet firmly resisted all the divine spirits trials to save him, until at a certain point his time has run out, that means we were informed by the angels gave him up. On him is now waiting the night of darkness. Just to be clear: it was my own free decision to take over this my incarnation under exactly these conditions knowing what will be awaiting me, and knowing the fruits arising from ]. I remember on that night when I woke up and realized even my mothers birth day to be in line with the 11:11 and  21st-century numbers it definitely took me away the sleep, so I checked the digital clock which showed 1:11am. Thanks to the divine spirit to confirm on this way that even mothers date is not just a case but part of the puzzle.


"After taking the scroll from God and being worshipped by all creation the Lamb now opens the seven seals to reveal its contents. The seals as with the trumpets are in a group of four, two and one. The opening of the first four seals is introduced by each of the four living creatures in turn. Each one of the four living creatures reveals a horseman, the first three are summed up by the fourth horsemen.[11:11]" [Revelation 6:1]  

[spiritected on 22.12.2009]






1+2+4=7=Divine root/David Line|FathersWill

[spiritected on 02.01.2010]



14th.February=Valentine.|| Father=Love || The day of love = 14.2. = composted of the digits 1,2,4=Fathers will.

[spiritected on 04.04.2010]





The sequence 1,2,4 also contains the symbolism of the spiritual and time/frequency EXPONENTIAL which is finally leading to the eternity. In simple words: who has 1 has the potential to add 1. Who has 2 has the potential to add 2, who has achieved 128 has the potential to add 128 etc up to ETERNITY. 

Evolution can take millions of years until to come to the curve. However, once the curve is achieved, things get a completely new potential which requires the supervision of authentic spiritual powers in order to stay in line avoiding apocalypses.


 Mankind is right now at the curve! [Ogmios 12.2009] "For to everyone who has will be given, and he will have abundance, but from him who doesn't have, even that which he has will be taken away." [Jesus Christ the Lord and Saviour]






"For the Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the joints dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is able to judelge the thoughts and  intents of the heart"

Hebrew 4:12  [=code 1,2,4]                      

[Spiritected/added:  02.2010]











3|33 = Truth = Trinity | = father, son, divine spirit

3rd Millennium = the Millennium of the truth


"The DIVINE SPIRIT can do more for us than we can ever imagine, until we are ready for HIS guidance. CHRIST & DIVINE SPIRIT build ONE fantastic work team" [Ogmios]













The number 7 symbolizes Root | Rebirth | Begin | Tribe | Line, such as

the David Line [root of Jesse]



[1+2+4]=7=Divine root|David Line|=FathersWill

[spiritected on 02.01.2010]





Ask And You Shall Receive




The open up triangle (blue) stands for opening your mind toward heaven/ toward the divine spirit/angels. The open down triangle [red] stands for the heavens/angels answers [see the open down triangle symbol of the trinity creation by scrolling this page upwards right above this table, inspired by Master Saghe Joseph, one of the enlightened]




Tara's Ask & You Shall Receive Inspiration

Looking for inner peace?

Be aware that this is NOT the time of

dreamers, because the beds are burning. Only

those  who  rise  their  voice in this battle

of  all  battles  between  the  truth  and

the doctrine of the  lie//barbarianism

will be on  the save side in the

times of troubles ahead!


Added 16.03.11


Sexually abused, heart cut out alive, crucifix rammed into the throat, Armenian Christian girl, March 2011, [more about Today her, tomorrow who ? You ? Why not ? Single case? No, one of hundreds of millions of -by the apostles of the mankind's enemy- persecuted Christians worldwide. Who cares. right? No doubt you have better things to do than to open your mouth. Much more important things, right? Because you're a good one person...right?  The heaven will beat you 5TO[20]12!!! //  Don't you realize that these things are happening in the name of a godhood  within our/your own human FAMILY. Don't you know the meaning of the term "F.A.M.I.L.Y" ??? Don't you belong to ???

Ogmios, Spirit of Truth  16.03.11.




 OGMIOS 2010          







69 meaning  = leading an individual from the universe of antichrist[=6] to the universe of the truth and light [=9] through persuasion. A face to face situation between 6 and 9 makes only sense when the 9 is STRONG. STRONGER than the 6 in order to assure a desirable result, if such at all is possible. There is no bigger master of persuasion in the universe than the Son and the Divine Spirits/Angels, once you get connected with ]                                       PERSUASION VX MANIPULATION >

















Google for Saturns and Venus Hexagon due to Hyperdimention Hexagonal Energy flow




 The Chariot of Ascension




Triangle with eye = symbolizes the eye of the God who sees ALL.

The triangle stands for the  TRUTH in the TRINITY.









The highly symbolic number

mentioned in both the Bible & the Mayan culture





of the digits 1, 4, 4, in different versions result in:


4+4 = 8 = Christ/the eternal one

1+4+4 [or 1+8] = 9 =Anti-antichrist / Ogmios / Spirit of truth

[Note: Ogmios' birth day =18th.of 9th. 18~ 1+8=9 ]

1+4 = 5 = time/end/beginning/change


12 Apostles X 12 =144[000]



THE 144000
















Movement upwards  =light spiral  / or downwards  = fatal spiral  Does Mankind see and understand this heavenly motivation below on one hand, and the warning of the 144000 on the other hand ?


Norway 08am of 09.12.09  [note the time and dates digits]

No matter how this spiral was created, it has been arranged/incited/inspired by the Angels and Christ. Additionally to the date and time above note the date of spiritection, [which was the same day when I decided to explain the meaning of the spiral on this website ] confirming with the digits 1,2,4 = this was Fathers will.

spiritected on 24.12.2009



tubed on 30.05.2010                                           


Noted on 10.02.14 ~ 124  1|412: My bedroom lamp.

1.31 MB (1,38  4,050 bajtù)

1.3|2 MB (1,38 4,44 8 bajtù)



Realized on 06.11.14 ~ Our kitchen lamp.

1.31 MB (1,38 0 39|2 bajtù)

1.3|2 MB (1,38 4,44 8 bajtù)









28.02.13  Scientific finding:  The center of the galaxy is


by~8|4% of light speed


Nb.: They call it black hole. What a mistake! It is not a black hole but the reign of light, where all limits fall apart. Since this is the reign of the spirit, light is no longer emitted, but contained. This light is that strong that its emission would instantly merge/dissolve/absorb everything surrounding it from our physical dimension. This is the reign of the TRINITY.







Spirals on Mars













Life-tree= proficuousity

through the causal chain every single positive or negative action, thought, feeling  finally causes huge changes in the future universe. [each small action, thought, feeling  is a new small root. The trunk is the sum of all actions, and the tree-tribes figure the causal chain. The whole tree = final result of your life. Only positive, decent and mentally firm individuals can/will build a healthy life tree especially when in co-operation with the divine spirit.


24.09.10   Rainbow tree

02.11.14 Direction tree  





Weeds: Negative individuals produce weeds.






Once an individual has grown up to the level of a life conception which is based at altruistic responsibility such a person has grown into a position where it will get strong help from the holy spirit which will help to arrange its life in a way where it can save or lift up other people near him [motivating them to fight weakness and temptations offering them serious chances making them over the years or decennies finally responsible themselves etc]  such individual does spiritually profit [rise] not only through the fruits of his own good work but also through the fruits of the fruits and through the fruits of the fruits of the fruits etc... because those people which you have saved of lifted will start to emit positive influence onto other people near to them or to their children and so on. Finally every single positive accomplishment causes a nearly endless chain of positive follow up effects, similar to a snow avalanche which always starts small [with a few snow corns] but ends in a huge effect.  This is how our life tree is made up, and...

... it is our LIFE TREE [or the weeds] which we take with us once we go home/pass away.









/ just working on /


Butterfly: transformation/ be free/

get freed after a period of

troubles stumbling darkness etc.


Umbrella = Holy Spirits guidance/

protection / safety for heart/

soul/mind and even physical!




four leave clover

/...working on.../










Christ was the first HUMANIST AND ENLIGHTENER of his calibre ever incarnated on this globe, and so the crucifix is the highest existent symbol of civilization on this globe. The owner of the cross-symbol is Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ is the one who introduced humanism on this globe. So the cross stands for the source of the most basic universal and human values, such as individual freedom, equality between man and women, solidarity, civil spiritualism, human rights.


All authentic religions go in the same direction


<< Islam however goes the OTHER direction.








The crucifix is the most important symbol of RESPONSIBLE tolerance per se. Which symbol represents more RESPONSIBLE tolerance than the crucifix?


"Il crocifisso e il simbolo piu importante di toleranza RESPONSIBILE per se. Quale simbolo mai rappresenta piu toleranza E RESPONSIBILITA' in uno che il crocifisso?"  


Responsible tolerance is based is oriented toward on the spirit of quality, authenticity and freedom instead of manipulation and plagiarism, and considers the long term consequences, instead of the short term effects.





The abolishment of the crucifiX means the loss of ORIENTATION and of the most basic PRINCIPLE of life and existence.

which opens the door toward the step-by-step-ABOLISHMENT [REPLACEMENT/ DISMANTLEMENT] of the universal principles introduced and represented by the Christian values such as human rights, equality between man and women, individual freedom, democracy, through the DENIAL of their PRIMARY SOURCE = Christ's message and example! Indeed, there exists no bigger sin in this universe than the abolishment/denial of the Father through the denial of the values brought by HIM through Jesus Christ!


[inspiritected/completed on 11.02.2010 at 11.10am]







Der Generalvikar des Erzbistums Köln, Dominik Schwaderlapp, sieht die unantastbare Würde des Menschen als ein Geschenk Gottes, das unsere Rechtsordnung schützt“. Wer daher Kreuze aus Gerichtssälen entferne,

trenne demonstrativ unser Recht von seinen Wurzeln.

Update on PI 19.02.2010  





e' proprieta' di Gesu Cristo e portatore dei

valori umani e di civilizzazione. La croce e' bene che stia presente in piu tanti posti possibili specialmente finche abbiamo da affrontare l'infiltrazione sistematica di un'ideologia barbarica pseudo-religiosa come l'islam la croce con cio' che simbolizza sara' certamente ancora una volta la nostra salvezza.

[Ogmios 30.04.2010]



Il crocifisso non e' un semplice simbolo religioso ma un simbolo CIVILE E CULTURALE . Religioni sono fatti dalla gente, ma il crocifisso -anche se usato dalla chiesa e abusato da certi tiranni - rimane proprieta' di Gesu Cristo come INDIVIDUO. La nostra cultura e i principi della civilizzazione basano sui valori che rappresenta il crocifisso di Gesu Cristo: UMANITA E CIVILTA' in CONTRASTO a demagogia e barbaria.



















DeXter [9]


Who we are

Principles of balance

Warning & chance!



When is religion religion

The Church

The angels language


Healing & health

Jesus blood &covenant




Sense of life

The non-created One





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