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The CABAL!  







 CARTEL                 CABAL      







06.09.11 & 07.09.11

Pay attention to the series of perfectly identical picture size data

4 times [1234↓]

within 2 days, means: concerning[2] whole mankind [4],

with the following numerological information

912 | 9 | 33 | 888




06.09.11 [~ 69 | 11]










Scroll over to evidence the crucifiX with bird  [06.09.11 at 17:19]


910 kB (93 2 ,616)



912 kB (9 33 888)

           Three more times identical data  [234]



[06.09.11 at 18.45]

Picture size detail data


909 kB (931, 081)



912 kB (9 33 888)

             Three more times identical data  [134]


Scroll over the picture to evidence the crucifiX with the X  at the  sun 

Day 06.09.11 ~ 69 / 11

Time: 18:46 / 4+6=10 ~ 811]

Picture nr 8080 ~ 88

Picture size details

865 kB (886,531) [6+5=11 ~ 811  8811]

868 kB (888,832)





[turn around(7) toward deXter(9) direction, for there is 1warning & 1chance]











             07.09.11 at 13:19


07.09.11 at 12:56:18           

789 kB (808,389)         

792 kB (811,008)        


909 kB (931,629)



912 kB (9 33 888)

  3 more times identical data:  [124]

This happened on 07.09.11 when Ivana and I were underway on the highway toward Italy as we stopped by at a gas station with a McDonald restaurant located near the Czech border to Germany. Arriving there I was listening a German radio broadcast [Bayern 3] concerning the indebtedness of European countries. While still listening this broadcast I noted a Volkswagen car [Note: Volkswagen translates into car of the folks] parked at the entrance to the McDonald parking area. This car was positioned in such a way that you MUST see it - along to its particular car reg. numbers- when entering the McDonalds area:

3S4 4444

Since S=8 this decodes into

 38 | 44444

   [see also 'who has ears']

At GAS station


Honestly I wasn't intended to take a picture from that car, though then, when inside McDonald we got the bill for our orders with a total amount of


Crowns, I changed my mind. So I went out extra to take a documenting shot of the car. As you can see that shot has a unique divine fingerprint, 912  9 33 888  along to 3 more shots on this page with exactly the same data. This message with this timing, coming along with a respective radio broadcast, means that the gigantic INDEBTEDNESS represents a great danger and an intolerable development which concerns not only Europe, but the WHOLE MANKIND. Every single one individual on this globe.






Shot taken at a gas station on our way back to Prague. 

'Meier' may likely be the most popular German surname. So this is just an ingenuous way on how to say that


concerns EVERYONE, including the most simple fellow man and certainly not limited on Germany.





This day we were again underway toward Italy. As usual and like the recent time on 07.09.11 we again dropped by at this same gas station with the McDonald restaurant located not far from the German/Czech border. Oh wonder, there was parking the same


-car of the last time at exactly the same place. [The driver again sitting inside the car evidently waiting for something or anyone. In all the years we used to stop by at this gas station I have never before seen this car. Yet in both cases he left before we finished our meal. That means he was there only for a short time.]


On the original image the formation of a V-ictory in Veritas in the background on the sky [here above marked with the red circle.]

Original image nr 10109 =1,19 ~ 911

1.14 (1,196,032)

1.13 (1,193,597)

Two more following shots on this same station:


Original image nr 10110

Shot made at 12:40

Note: 8889, yet A=8, position 1 while H=1, position 8, meaning where Ogmios is signed, the spirit of Christ is inside, and where Christ is signed the spirit of Ogmios is inside. In the background the V-ictory in Veritas sign.



Original image nr 10111 with V-ictory sign

Shot made at 12:41 ~ 124

Size on Disk: 0.99 (1,044,480) =  

99 | 144 | 124

This day in the radio broadcast I learned that the nowadays internationally generally applied Gregorian calendar in 1582 has been shifted from the

 04.10. to the 14.10.  [From 4.to14.~ 144]

      The Gregorian calendar was adopted later that year by a handful of countries, with other countries adopting it over the following centuries. The motivation for the Gregorian reform was that the Julian calendar assumes that the time between vernal equinoxes is 365.25 days, when in fact it is presently almost exactly 11 minutes shorter. The error between these values accumulated at the rate of about three days every four centuries, resulting in the equinox occurring on March 11 (an accumulated error of about 10 days) and moving steadily earlier in the Julian calendar at the time of the Gregorian reform. []




Picture no. 11902 ~


1192 of 29.11.11


Today once again underway toward Italy Ivana and -I as usual- stopped by at the same gas station near the border, as I first time realized the numbers & symbols on the respective board symbolizing:

1] The way out = the spirit of 144

2] 65 = 6+5= 11



[65 ~] 11

Original picture size 989 kB

‎‏‎Time: 11:32:32








  07.09.11  [Time 13:43 / 1+3+4+3=11]

Make your choice

for less materialism, less consumption but MO[O]RE real Life, Love and more Freedom!


966 kB (990,187 bajtù)

968 kB (991,232 bajtù)

The remaining digits beside of the 9, 6 and 8 sum up into 1+7=8 and 1+2+3+2=8, means  both lines resolve into 8/9/6 digits

= 96 96 9 88

= 968  99 8

 07.09.11 [Time: 17:21 / 1+7+2+1 = 11]


[Versichert?] ~Assured ?

Answer:   W 41214 X

For the Victory [W] in the Spirit of Christ [] is Gods Will [124] to be chosen [X]

[...wo denn sonst!]~ Where else !



decodes into 12

mirror number 123 ~ 6

So these digits unveil to whom [123 / 6] and to which happening [12] this question [assured?] refers to.


Picture nr 8108

Picture size data

818 kB (838,226) [81~18]

820 kB (839,680)

 07.09.11 [Time: 17:27 / 1+7+2+7 = 8]

Picture nr  8110


908 kB (930,6 65)



912 kB (9 33 888)

        Three more times identical data  [123]


This is the same car of the previous shot, now passing a speed limit board, re-confirming the message given with the first shot:


X 88


Note again the perfectly identical picture size numbers 912 kB (9 33 888 concluding this series of combined messages.







16-18.09.11 [689 / 1111]



on 15.09.11 we [Ivana, David, Dagmar and me] went to Bratislava [Slovakia] since we decided to participate this year at the Bratislava fashion weekend.


On the way to Bratislava, 15.09.11


I noted this when we started in Prague 963 I noted this at a stop when arrived in Bratislava

3936 [1] 9396 693 [1] 9693
Picture size on disk 1,8 mb Picture size on disk 900



1] Starting from Prague 689   [size on disk 856 /5+6=11 811]


2] On the high way 986  [ 0.98 (1,036,313 bajtù)]


3] On our first stop 689  [ 1.01 (1,066,692 bajtù)] 111/666 [9+2=11]


4] Filled my tank, realized the amount of 1156 | 3 [*] [896 kB]


5] Again on the high way 986 - ABA [0.97 MB (1,024,958 bajtù)]

[this is how the 968-staff looks like with the one B less, just as it is. You can find us here on this one card set left behind by David on our flats table where I found them and which he (David) collected (like a gift for Philip) in the near food store where they give out such a card for every 200 Crowns of purchase. This was the day when (and the way how) to David was assigned the green 4 which you can find here along the red 9 which is me and the blue 2(0) which -as we know since years- fits to Ivana.]


6] At the information point of ex country border Czechia/Slovakia: 4 | 896 [1.07 MB]


7] First impact on arrival at the hotel (Crown Plaza) in Bratislava: 911 [2] [1.11 (1,165,002 bajtù)] . Btw the only bill I had to pay in the hotel was for a separate snack because all the rest was arranged and paid through the agency. That bill turned out of 19,1 Euro. = 191  or  911 again.You can chose.

If you chose the first version [191 ]  then see here also > The bill was emittet at 15:08 [1+5=6 => 68 and it was photographed on 27.09.11 at 14.40

Original picture size data

981 (1,005 ,310 bajtù)

984 (1,007 ,616 bajtù)








666 | Al Faro | Eurovea

After checking in at the hotel we went to the place of the planned fashion show. Underway at the stop the tramway nr 6[0]66 =  


right in front of me. The nearby cars reg number 899 yet the board at the right upper corner with the writing 'Notar' [~note] gave to me the hint to rise my attention. Immediately after we turned right at this crossroad another car surpassed us with the 666 digits. [He was too fast for a documenting shot]. Anyway, you can guess that from here I was truly curious what may come along more, this evening. Arrived at the staffs building near the square of planned fashion show, we did our preparation works. Nothing special happened. After the work done, the 666's already forgotten but still of good mood, we decided to have a dinner in the nearby restaurant placed right at the corner to the 'fashion show square', so between the square and the staffs building. I helped out with a couple of google photos:


So we sat down on this restaurants interesting front bridge which riches the near Donau river. From the bridge, turning around, I suddenly realized the restaurants name was:




Original picture  nr 8|333



Now those 666's on our way to this place made indeed perfect sense. And as if this wouldn't be enough, as we sat down some guys came to the near table, one of them right looking toward me, wearing a big 6 on its green shirt, which is the answer on my former rhetoric question if Islam mafia and Pharaohs wouldn't pack to play their unholy 6-game together.


Original picture >  size details:

1.26 MB (1,331,324 bajtù)

1.27 MB (1,335,296 bajtù)

next day 16.09.11








Today I realized that the near staff building has a lighthouse on its roof. [Al Faro = translated from italian means AT THE LIGHTHOUSE. Yet the restaurants symbol refers to exactly that Lighthouse of the 'staff building'] So this one combination or message talks to the European leaders but first of all to the European folks people, to EVERY SINCLE ONE out there saying where they shall turn YOUR attention to in future: Away from the Pharaoh's toward the heavens FARO which in the dark times of troubles ahead will lighten you and help R[E]STOR[E] [via] ANTE [of] the deXter Spirit, for YOU and for Europe & give/build ['STOR'] the ANTE [example/preview] of the NEW mankind which latter one shall set its sails for a new healthy awareness and horizon by first getting back on the right track again.

Its about YOU and YOUR future!






The heavens Lighthouse for the new Europe [EUROVEA] to come, located at the nr 1[0] of 'Pristavna' = at the haven~heaven or port=portal~way out~key.

16549 ~ the 1 shall be guiding Europe's turnaround from 6 [over 54] to 9, that will be a different Europe than today, a team of FREE nations, not indebted slaves of the banker pharaohs and non-elected system apparatschiks. The new Eurovea shall be based on democratic, deXter principles and shall be led/inspired by the spirit of the Son/Sun.and the truth., yet ready to defend those principles against any developments of sinister anti spirit in what ever guise it comes along, instead to lay it the red carpet.[1] [2] [3] etc..


Orig. pic 1 [1.04 MB (1,097,706 bajtù)] = 14 & 19

Orig. pic 2 [1.12 MB (1,180,626 bajtù)] = 211 | 811

Orig. pic 3 [1.05 MB (1,103,026 bajtù)] = 15 | 311

Orig. pic 3 [1.01 MB (1,060,288 bajtù)] = 11 | 16

still  16.09.11


Today we decided to have our lunch in the restaurant of an old Jewish friend [Nathan] which years ago moved from Prague to Bratislava and opened his top restaurant there, not far from our hotel, yet located in the same 'Eurovea zone'. I must say in those few days in Bratislava the 896 were around on every corner. I didn't take any shots of them anymore though when they came around even twice at once -as it was the case on our trip toward Nathans restaurant- it was still worth to document it.

Arrived at the Nathans restaurant we parked in the nearby parking area. When I got out of the car I noted the 222 reg plate on the car parked  next to us and one more 222  at 3-4 more meters sideline. So again twice at once, reconfirming on this way the double 968 of few minutes before, eliminating the eternal doubters fata morgana of 'coincidence'.


Original Picture

1.24 MB (1,308,229 bajtù)

Original Picture

1.07 MB (1,127,973 bajtù)

Original Picture [1,3MB]




222-LOVE&FIGHT VX   222-SKODA on

Original picture 8369 or [8] 369


Analysis: 222 on red reg plate with 2012 along to upwards arrows VX 222 with Skoda-sign.



The angels/holy spirit urge in regard to 2012 to fight [red] for the right direction [upward ~ 9 (in contrast to 6)] in order to avoid the worst case [Skoda-sign]



As we finally sat down at one of the tables placed outside of Nathans restaurant [terrace] 4 padres came along.



After downloading that original picture size turned out to be of mb




What is means? What is the symbolism ? What is the message?


No one can take over the personal spiritual growth for anyone other. Many live superfluously among mankind. They come back to earth again and again in endless cycles of reincarnation. They don't move ahead but live endless lives of apparent coincidences. They feel and act [and therefore make themselves to] victims of their own [apparent] coincidences.


In reality however, the coincidence does not exist.

You can either follow the law, or ignore it. Blessed in the first case, the bill is already waiting for you in the second case.


Independently if in- or outside of the Church or anything: Those who today stand up and rise their voice in the name of the Truth, of the deXter Principles of the Spirit of Christ, will acquire the power of authentic spirituality, since everything is mathematic in the universe. Earlier or later you brothers will begin to experience 'coincidences' which aren't such. Then you will understand that slowly but surely, step by step, you have entered into the sphere of activity of the high spirits, which we say the holy spirit.

[Ihr gewordenen und werdenden Söhne der Wahrheit werdet im Laufe des Lebens irgenwann anhand von Zufällen die keine sind merken dass ihr in den Wirkungskreis des Heiligen Geistes aufgestiegen seid.]

Those who relentlessly proceed on this road will become the future AUTHENTIC spiritual Kings/Pharaohs of the new mankind of the new millennium. A mankind which -in contrast to today- will have ears [not only for the lie =sinister populism, but for the truth] and soul and spirit and reason, and the will to stand up for the true values even knowing that the truth may be less comfortable than the populist lie. A mankind which will be ready to pay the price for the authentic freedom and its authentic fruits. This is indeed a unique chance in mankind's history.


Btw later [on 05.11.11, I realized the phone number for Nathans meat-restaurant El Gaucho to be 32 12 12 12. [3+2=5] => 5TO12 [the number 3 plays a particular role in connection with 5TO12] This reminded me on the Cestr message>

still 16.09.11


As we returned from Nathans restaurant back to the staff building another 222-car parked right there in front of the building few meters from the entry  door, see shot below with Ivana, Dagmar and David. When working over this material I realized the boards in the background simply reconfirming the explanations already given about the new mankind in the new millennium with the authentic pharaohs, through the respective symbolic scriptures on the boards: "Crown plaza" and "millennium" with a Crown. Even the term 'simple' fits perfectly, since from the viewpoint of their character those authentic pharaohs will be simple people. Simple, honest but straight and natural intelligent, means authentic, which is the essence of a grown up spirit.



16.09.11 at 17:09  [more about 16VX17]

Original picture size 1.07 MB (1,124,362 bajtù)



1331 in Garage

This busy day finished with a 1331-car passing by right in front of me behind the entry of the underground garage on our way back to the hotel. I wasn't prepared for a quick shot, so that on the picture the numbers on the reg. plate can not be recognized, though the message carried in this pictures size data speaks anyway an unmistakable clear language:

1.06 MB (1,119,634 bajtù)

1.07 MB (1,122,304 bajtù)




This day started with this one sticker I noted on the car parked right next to us in the hotels garage, figuring the





1.03 MB (1,088,173 bajtù)

1.03 MB (1,089,536 bajtù)




Today as we returned to the same garage at the same entrance [so at the same place where the 1331-car passed by yesterday] this one shot here on the left with 333 free places at parking 3 - residential 3. =



[This shot's bad quality because I managed it in quick action from inside the car when passing by in front of this board, while David was driving.]


As I cropped this round picture here above I noted its size being of 666x666pixels, =


Afterwards [afterwards!] I checked the original pictures its size = 1,23mb =



So, this is once more an invitation by the Holy Spirit to join the Bonaventura bus of safety and victory and this is once again coming along with an insistent warning before the consequences of the wrong way !


One more

hint from Holy Spirit + Christ on this same day back in our hotels own garage I noted the car parked next to our BMW had the reg nr "I AM 3331" [~333 / 31]. Another car parked exactly in front of us [exact opposite parking place] with the mirror nr "881-1333" [~13 / 333] unmistakably linking to both 333 and 13:31. Not enough: Nearby the 8888, shot taken at 18:18. and picture size 1,17mb. Find more about 17 [1,17] in next chapter.




Still 17.09.11


16 VX 17






Original picture size 986 mb [17.09.11 at 18:05]

1,6 and 1,7 meters of of maximum high in the same small hotel garage. A strange technical detail which captured my attention. [Btw the moving white car with reg nr 444 = concerning whole mankind]. You can better see the 1,7 on the shot below, done at our first arrival. Note parking place nr 9 [was the only one left free when we arrived], yet most striking detail: the red tube above on top, along the ceiling, with the writing



 Original picture size 1,17 mb [16.09.11 at 19:18]


published on 07.10.11

Still 17.09.11




Monument Gen. Dr.Milan Rastislav Stefanik

First Slovakian Minister of DEFENCE and Slovakian hero

Sculpture positioned at very few meters from Al Faro Restaurant, which btw is located at the civic nr 8 in 81102 Bratislava [~811 for(2) Bratislava]

Original picture 8399 from 17.09.11 at 19:03:38  / picture size 883


Tubed and added 08.10.11



Screen shot with 666, and 2211 of 08.10.11  .

Video uploaded on 13.01.08




Update 06.10.11 [6111]

"Europa ist auf dem Weg in neuen Sozialismus"

[Präsident des slowakischen Parlaments u. Vorsitzender der rechtsliberalen Partei “Freiheit und Solidarität”, Richard Sulík']



Update 11.10.11

For the moment Bratislava [as the last European parliament left up for decision] brings with its 'NO' the


to fall. [For the moment]



Update 13.10.11

Bratislava says yes to the



How is this possible.  The members of an entire party change their mind from one day to the other? What has politics become what dirty game ???


Here the comments 16 and 17 on the respective PI-article of which I could sign every word:

Ja in der Tat es ist unfassbar. Und es ist noch unfassbarer dass die Massen dies alles wie lethargisch, wie weggetreten, mit sich tun lassen. Nicht nur das. Wenn dann endlich eine glaubwürdige Partei wie DIE FREIHEIT in Berlin diesen Sommer antritt, kriegt sie gerade mal 1%. Die Masse will eben lieber für dumm verkauft werden. Solange, bis die unausweichliche Rechnung kommt. [Ogmios]


So, the Social Democrats their vote has been bought with an offer for early elections. It means those guys in this party calculate with good chances in early elections. And that is the reason for which they throw out from the window even their last principles [...If they ever had such] without any hesitation, from one day to the other.


That says all. Unscrupulous immoral power games. On the shoulders of the citizen.

The divine authorities comment can be found on the right lower corner of the respective screen shot. [time 20:12 [~2012] and date 13.10.11 ~ 3111] Btw. talking about comment nr16 and nr17, see here.



11.03.12 [311/312] Quoting news on

Bratislava: The Slovakian election campaign was completely overshadowed by the issue of corruption after an alleged secret protocol with the code-named "Gorilla" had shown up and documented the payment of bribes to politicians in the course of privatization in the years 2005 and 2006.

Ogmios comment:

Would you still wonder about ANYTHING?

More Bratislava on this same date 11.03 evening:


Krasno Horka Castle [built on 3 levels] burned


●  Screen shot1

1.] 11.03

2.] Svatek on andela = feast day of the angel


●  Screen shot2

1.] [11+12 ~ 2111

2.] Krasno Horka

3.] Bratislava 13:47 (4+7=13) 13:13 or 13:31

4.] Aktualized at: 20:54


●  Screen shot3

Hôrka se podaøilo zachránit 90 procent vzácných sbírek. = 'Hôrka' managed to save 90 percent of rare collections.


Seznam article

Added on 14.03.12:


Today I got an update from Ivana over Krasno Horka Castle, telling me about the Castles BELL [2] [3] was melted in the fire.
















[So wie man sich bettet so liegt man]

[this is related to the worlds Nations rather than to the single individual which latter one before incarnation are free to decide to work down an extra portion of karma, and sometimes someone does it.

966 kB (990,172 bajtù)

968 kB (991,232 bajtù)

868 kB (888,832 bajtù)

864 kB (885,142 bajtù)

976 kB (1,000,313 bajtù)

980 kB (1,003,520 bajtù)

1.05 MB (1,110,888 bajtù)

1.06 MB (1,114,112 bajtù)




Without hardship no fun

What has no price has no value

Who doesn't know the darkness can't see the stars

911 kB (933,851 bajtù)

912 kB (933,888 bajtù)

893 kB (915,272 bajtù) [*]

896 kB (917,504 bajtù) [*]

[*] On both lines the remaining numbers sum up to 26=2+6=8


More about these XUN series and our way back to Prague

on the 'Ogmios page'











of 200 horses by 7 women in 2006

2|6|2 926






Nachdem die Wahrheit auf dem Tisch ist bleibt nur noch zu sagen: Solange dieses Finanzsystem trotzdem bestehen bleibt verkommt Demokratie immer mehr zur Farse, und ist das was sich auf dieser Welt abspielt nichts anderes als der Krieg der Reichen und Korrupten gegen die Armen, Unwissenden und Wissenden. 


Ich rede nicht von Besteuerung (der Reichen) da dies nicht die Wurzel des Problems ^ berührt, sondern es geht um das kaputte Finanzsystem.

Besteuerung ist nur das übliche Feigenblatt. Ein konstant verabreichtes Pflaster von denselben die dich (vorab finanziell und über die dadurch auf Dauer entstehenden Ungleichgewichte auch existenziell) konstant verwunden. Darauf kann man verzichten.


Meanwhile, the monetary system is being shot up the wall by the famous central banks magicians. And politicians around the globe and the UN are in the boat with them.


Und im Rahmen der mit aller Beharrlichkeit angebahnten Massenumsiedlung von Afrika nach Europa soll den Europäern von Klein auf ein Schuldkomplex gegenüber Afrika anerzogen werden.

Keinen Schuldkomplex brauchen hingegen die gigareichen Zocker und Profiteure dieser Welt (die genau diese Ungeheuerlichkeit in ihrem Krieg gegen die bereits monetär geplünderten Völker maßgeblich forcieren) 

gegenüber den Afrikanern zu haben.


Krieg, Reichtum und Staat - 

Die Angst der Eliten vor Demokratie

12|89  829    2|468   76

4|97 px


A: Müsste sich die Elite vor Demokratie oder spezifischer vor mehr direkter Demokratie fürchten ?

B: Also den Eindruck hat man schon. [..] 

90 Prozent der politischen Entscheidungen werden zugunsten der Reichen und Eliten getroffen und nur 10 Prozent zugusten der einfachen Leute. Das ist das Ergebnis einer Studie.

Das Problem finde ich wenn man (unter den Eliten) argumentiert die einfachen Leute hätten nicht die ausreichende Kompetenz, bzw die Leute seien eigentlich zu dumm um zu entscheiden, dann geht das mit Demokratie nicht zusammen. Die Vorstellung von Demokratie ist ja die Leute entscheiden über ihre eigenen Geschicke. Wenn man sagt die sind sowiso zu dumm dann ist man eigentlich kein Demokrat, muss man ehrlich so sagen. Wenn man der Meinung ist wir wollen eine Demokratie und wir wollen aber auch kompetente Entscheidungen, dann muss man natürlich auf (ideologiefreie, faktenbasierte) Bildung setzen. [..] (statt auf Islamisierung und Afrikanisierung) Man muss genauso auf heuchelei- tabu- und scheuklappenfreie Diskussionskultur setzen. Immer da wo Tabus auftauchen ist was Faules im Busch. Das war schon immer so und wird auch immer so sein. 

[..] Wir könnten Demokratie haben oder aber konzentrierten Reichtum in den Händen weniger, aber nicht beides. [..] 

Mal ganz abgesehen davon dass sowas wie (oben erwähnte) "Kompetenz" in Zeiten der elitengesteuerten Politkorrektheit (im Gegensatz zu Linientreue) auch und erst recht in der Politik keine Rolle mehr spielt. Schau dich dort mal um.




Ps: Die Sicht der Herrn Schreyer dass man links weniger autoritär sei
und die Leute sich mehr selbst organisieren würden als rechts ist mir ein Novum. Möge ihn jemand aufklären oder eine Lesebrille spendieren. Die Linken sind nur gegen die Autorität des Rechtsstaates dafür aber umso mehr für die Totalitarität des linken Unrechtsstaates. Rechts ist ein anderes Wort für Rechtsstaat. Links ist dessen Kidnapping und Demontage. Sozialismus ist ein anderes Wort für Steuer- Kontroll- und Nanny State bzw für Planwirtschaft, großflächige Umverteilung und zunehmende Unselbständigkeit der Bürger, was weitergeführt schleichend leise ins autoritäre und totalitäre System führt, ganz egal ob auf nationaler Ebene oder auf internationaler Ebene, weil das eine das selbe ist wie das andere nur auf einer anderen Ebene.  Es dürfte deshalb nicht schwer sein diese gegensätzlichen Begrifflichkeiten auseinanderzuhalten. Ich denke nicht dass es hilfreich ist diese fundamentalen Begrifflichkeiten weiter zu vermischen. In dieser Hinsicht ist in den letzten 20 Jahren politisch ideologisch schon genug Chaos angerichtet worden.
Left is Wrong and Right is Right.








 CARTEL                        CABAL 










DeXter [9]

That's us

Right or Left?DX!

Bona Ventura







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