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You can find the recent updates simply by filling out

search field with the respective date/s:


 Before 10.10.10


For any date BEFORE 10.10.10 please use this standard

or this one for the updates of a whole month



 After 10.10.10


For any date AFTER 10.10.10 please use the following standard

or this one for the updates of a whole month



 More than one date [or more than one month]


For MORE than one date put "OR" in between each date.

[Note: "OR" must be in CAPITAL LETTERS][yy] OR[yy] OR[yy]


For MORE than one month put "OR" in between each month.

[Note: "OR" must be in CAPITAL LETTERS]

mm.yy[yy] OR mm.yy[yy] OR mm.yy[yy]





Once the respective page has opened you may use the classical search function

[press:CTRL&F] to find the date[s] with the respective updates on that page.

[Note:There can be more than one update with the same date, on the same page]




The original pictures size details can best be verified using windows picture viewer.

Download original picture, then open it with windows picture viewer, right click and then click 'properties'

[Do not turn the original pictures, since with that the data change]




Quotations, citations shall be linked/referred to the respective page.




Good luck !


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[Note: Search engine may take 1-2 days for re-visiting.

Also, when I get an heavens orchestrated message, it can

take up to 5-10 days until I find the time to work that out for online.

So  some updates may eventually be avaliable after 5-10 days on the search results]


In order to follow the letter-into-number decoding key/system pls visit the "mirror numbers" page.






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Nota bene: It looks like Google

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this site since 10th of February 2020.












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