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Black[6] RED[9]


944  unity of  '9&144'




This shot here above is from 16.11.10. Two days before [ 14.11.10 at 15:51] I crossed the VERITAS DEI VINCIT depicture [see on page1] being underway with Ivana in tramway. The civic number of that house was 904/44.  Two days later on 16.11.10 that red car reg. plate on a black car parked in front of the church at a few meters from home [see picture here above] with the number 944 captured my attention,  reminding me on that previous civic number 904/44. So I took the shot here above. Back home I sat down for a carefully analyzing, getting not only the 904/44 reconfirmation by Christ but also an unmistakable numerical+"colourical" double re-confirmation of the TWO directions [6]Black and [9]RED along with a genial wiring of the 144000 & Ogmios with Christ.


1. 944 confirming civic number 904|44

2. CHH 24+19+19=62 8 [=CHRIST]

3. S [for Sweden] 8 [=CHRIST]

4. Volvo car type 5+12+15+5+12=22+mirrornr22=44 | 4+4= 8 [=CHRIST]

4. XC60 [XC= 3+24=27 | 2+7=9] 96 or 69 [ > teams confirmation below 20.11]

5. 269 Small numbers on the reg.plate: 296 2 directions: 6 or 9

6. 2011 = 2 directions: make your decision 1warning&1chance

7. RED plate on Black car = confirming the two directions  [6]Black or [9]RED, recalling also my former music band its name: BlackRED.





As I went out this evening this Audi car parked right in front of our building.

What to say. Thanks to the team for this perfect confirmation of my claim above for 96 being equal meaning of 69.





944 & 398





 08.04.12  ~ 1248


Black RED - Train

CLOCK: 13:19 [or 1:19pm]

24= 2X12


Seen on 21.04.12 [~nexus balance 21412] on 










video by queen official        










    About two weeks ago I asked the team for a confirmation in regard to DX and SX. Today underway in my South Tyrol, this morning when parking in Neumarkt, this was the car which was parked side by side to me.

Between Right and Left [Rechts u. Links] you may choose DX [=Dester!] This is the word of [7+7+8=17 // 7+1= 8] CHRIST.

   R or L ?  answer = DX !


Note the Lancia sign perfectly resembling the veritas shield - for which I have got inspired about 10 days ago. Last but not least the meaning of Lancia which is lance or spearhead.


Discover  →





[added on 21.01.11]



    This day [03.12.10] underway by car in Italy when we stopped at a traffic light I turned my head looking backwards [just like that] and saw behind of us that ...

writing "VERITAS"  which turned out to be the name plate of a Vinery. It reminded me on this present page with the Veritas-Inspiration of few days ago [14.11.10] here above but not only...


Since we all know the proverb


There was this question left:





Note: This happened few minutes before the "Royal Shuttle"-happening. So this "Veritas-hint" is also linking the Royal Shuttle with the Veritas/Veritieri.





I didn't ever care of any vineries names, though today I learned [through the Czech TV channel 'Prima'] that the best Czech vinery's name is Krist which is the regular Czech spelling for


[The owner of the vinery came to this his job just like me to the medicine - completely out of the blue] All just a coincidence? WHICH coincidence?







Today Ivana brought me this bottle from the Krist vinery which she ordered as usual via internet for our home consumption. Note: This bottle was ordered and delivered to us already weeks before I learned on TV about the 'Krist-vinery' being the best one in this country and that Krist translates into Christ. Cool I thought, but understood immediately this could be just another arrangement. So I took the bottle and checked the numbers:             

The bottle is from the year 2008

Next I checked the address:  

Postal code 69605 = 6+9+6+5= 26 / 2+6 = 8

City MILOTICE applying mirrornumbers results into the mirrored total of 8

Civic number: 224 = 2+2+4 = 8      

A series of awards all [included the non readable one] from year 2009             



On the bottles backside the product encoding number: 8594071390884 = 85947139884 [5+3=8/4+4=8/7+1=8]= 888888 99


Finally I found a series of numbers in the last line, with the following digits: 95 1-09/30 628, which can be segregated into 95193628 [5+3=8/6=2=8] =>

8888 99 [1]

So, there is a [1-]key left, while the sum up of the code including the letters EVCJ95D10930CS628 results into 13.


Later more about this. When time will be ready.




Update 04.03.11

The circle of related meaningful connections

closes with my parents houses name



located on the




Personal remark:

There is nothing bad with a glass of good wine is a great gift of god until handled righteously. Islam version is typical demagoguery. Demagoguery works good for the less intelligent people or for those false one who try to hide the truth behind some demagogic nonsense, rituals and rules. In reality nothing of those things given by Godfather is bad per se. All nature is a gift. Only the bad handling or EXCESSIVE consumption is counter-productive. Anyway. I see you believe more in a bloody slaughterer then in the biblical Spirit of Truth, the living Word of Christ?






 [Komu nechutna vino tomu nechutna prace.]

Those who do not appreciate wine do not appreciate work.

[Old Czech proverb]



Personal note: Proverbs usually describe a rule - not an exception. Anyway, I dont know if this proverb really describes a rule. I only know that this is an old proverb and from nothing comes nothing. Though even if this proverb actually makes a rule, do not worry, sinister one have always been clever in abusing of  exceptions for distortion and denial of rules.








Die Türken haben schöne Töchter,
Und diese scharfe Keuschheitswächter;
Wer will kann mehr als eine frein:
Ich möchte schon ein Türke sein.


Wie wollt ich mich der Lieb ergeben!
Wie wollt ich liebend ruhig leben,

Und – – doch sie trinken keinen Wein;
Nein, nein, ich mag kein [Islamo]Türke sein.

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (1729 – 1781)


30.10.11 by Kewil on PI >              






As I opened the PI homepage with this Lyric of Ephraim Lessing on its top I realized the total visitor counter was showing


Only I had already clicked on the link to open the full article page when I noted this number. So it was too late for a documenting screen shot. That situation remembered me on the case of 26.02.11 documented right here below, with the 44444 and 44414, and so I expected to make this kind of indirect reconfirmation work again this time.  As the page opened indeed there was the


there. So, this time I took a screen shot. Since 5+4= 9 =


again. Now watch the message in those highlighted numbers, accompanied by the 1177.










44414 - 44444




26.02.11 - 27.02.11








On 26.02.11 the number 44414 on the visitor counter of my megatown channel captured my attention. I thought this could be a greeting from the heavens team for its inspired legion on earth [symbolized with the number 144.000]. Anyway, since I wasn't really sure, I didn't save any screen shot of that moment, instead I asked the team behind the scene to eventually reconfirm this my suspicion though the number 44444 [in line with the 99999 series of the recent Ogmios' reconfirmation]. Guess, on the same day late evening that number


was there. So this time I made my screen shot here above left side. However, now I was missing the '1' of the preceding number which was essential to show the connection to the 144, though I missed to save that screen shot earlier. What now? So I asked the team once again to give me another chance. Next day morning [27.02.11] I found the 44459 on the counter. Got it? You sum up 5+9=



replacing the '59' you get back again the



Note: the number 4  stands for the whole globe, for all mankind, or simply for the mankind's mass consciousness! So, this is the message or the story or the most ingenious confirmation for the holy spirits inspired legion being working on the mankind's mass consciousness!






   SEAL 7


 30.03.11 & 31.03.11 01.04.11











When I read about Hena on PI on 31.03.11 the first details I noted were the 1.1 nearby 14 = which gives both the numbers of 1Warning and 1 Chance + the 1411 for 4111 and/or the 144000 [Screen shot]. There is also one more 1.1 in the lowest line of numbers along the 1[0]1 lasces, again equal 1.1.


Watching closer there was the 7[0] lashes, linking to the next Holy Spirits gift. At this point I checked the other numbers on the visitor counters  where I surprisingly found a

 8 x 7

occurrence among a total of 44 numbers...that is about twice a much as statistically to be supposed [two of them stand as a 17]. Though the most striking detail lies in the fact that those eight 7s have been reconfirmed/sealed by the holy spirit during this same day [31.03.11] when I was working out this present seal. See here the   8 X 7  [= Christ for 7 Seals] reconfirmation detail.



The elaboration of this seal is based on the pages of PI [German] and in English on BBC >.






Hena was


years old




City: DHAKA numerology:

Full count: 23/19/26/16/26 = 110 = 11 

Mirror nr 110+011 = 121 = 4

Compressed count =5/1/8/7/8 = 11 

Mirror nr 11+11 = 22 = 4

Date when finishing workout this present seal: 01.04.11




Quoting BBC report "4 arrested after Bangladesh girl lashed to death" // "in the meantime we are looking for another 14 people including a teacher from the local madrassa in connection with this case" ... =





While transferring this update to the server the computer watch showed 14:40 =






Shot taken this midday 31.03.11 when working out this present [Hena's] seal. Note: 1411 again symbolizing the


along the 'AS' to be converted into 88.

Sign of car type BMW symbolizing "concerning the whole globe!" or "collective responsibility!!!"




Hena's village: CHAMTA


Compressed count: 6/1/8/5/7/8 = 35

Mirror number = 35+53= 88









Ages involved:

Hena was 14 years old, Khan [her molester]

was 42 years old. =Numbers





Date of the news:

1] On PI: 30.03.11=


perfectly reconfirming along with the eight times 7 + 7[0] lashes + two times 17, that Hena being another gift [seal] of the Holy Spirit. Hena has come to give her life in the attempt to open mankind's ears and hearts for our worlds children's destiny.

2] On BBC: 02.02.11 =


[updated at 11:12 (see screen shot)]

11:12 = 2.111 equal 9.111 [more about this topic in the

next field below]




Hena was lashed to death according to islamic sharia law applied in her home, the Pakistani district Shariatpur=

'SHARIAtpur '

Date of Hana's death: 01.02.11= 2.111 to be linked to

 9.111 symbolizing quranian/islamic law SHARIA   



Quoting BBC report "the village CHAMTA is 90km [56miles] from DHAKA town. Note: 5+6=11 resulting into





Village: CHAMTA numerology:

Full count: 24/19/26/14/7/26 = 116

Mirror nr 116+611 = 727 =














1411 &  1911

by 1811




Tubed on 01.04.11 at 14.04


full screen shot




Same day 01.04.11 [=1411 ~ 4|111]


parked in front of our building            parked on the opposite side of the road


On this same evening at 18:11 on my Iphone I got an [automatic] alert in regard to a message left in my postbox. The alert was sent from the servers automatic number 608989898 = numbers 698.




    "WE OPEN ON 14.04" =





First seen on 01.04. [=14] at the

butcher shop

in construction located 10-15 meters distant on the opposite side of our building at civic nr 10.


This day at this point I remembered on the earlier hint from 20.02.11 [=2211] involving this same butcher shop which is located in the corner building between the other [nearer] end of our short street and a small square. That day [20.02.11] passing by in front of the shop in reconstruction I noted through the shop windows the freshly installed tiles figuring red lions with the battle ax, then proceeding my way on the opposite side of the same square a red Renault with the lion and the 689 plate. At this point I documented both with the following pictures here below, which however I only publish today 02.04.11 [=124] after getting even the 144 [see above] on the same shop, and everything in front of our door. When uploading the pictures I noted the Renault picture was number 3222 taken at 15:51. Writing this line I check the clock at 22:20...


[Lvi dvur | court of the lion →]





The shot below from 13.04.11, the day before the opening day [14.04.11].

Note: The same car type [Renault] than on 20.02.11, this time with the 6A4 0014 [A=8]

1] 68 (note the 68 also on the parking sign)


2] 144= inspired legion (those underway to become a 1[0] or  1)


3] The nearby black car with 2AD 1011 [2 converts into "for"] [AD = spoken in German language: ade = to be translated into: bye bye]

For a 'bye bye' to the 111[imbalance&goodism]


                 [orig. shot]  


This is the biblical battle of those of the benign roots  VX those of the malign roots, fought by the inspired legion [144] against the mankind's enemy fed up by and manifesting itself in the Spirit of imbalance [111]. The inspired one will rise up to become the spiritual and moral leaders of the future mankind.


[added 20.05.11]




See our other butcher shop in Italy, Neumarkt >

[added 22.04.11]

Nota bene: Meaning of Neumarkt = NEU MARKT =  NEW MARKET











First thing I should let you know: Today is Ivanas name day.

To be honest, this was one of the very few days [dates] in my yet short 'numerology life' in which I expected already in advance to get tubed/linked/hinted into some kind of symbolic confirmation in this case in regard to the inspired legion [the symbolic 144.000] because fitting into this date. Though as usual if you expect something to come something...nothing happens. So it was. Nothing all the day. So I dismissed my expectations and went to gym.


However, when leaving the gym for home at a very few meters there was this nice writing on the near sweets shops glass door "todays name day is IVANA" [see first picture below] with that well visible "IVANA" on a white background which captured my attention. So I stopped and took a picture just because I found it so friendly and wanted to show it to Ivana back home.




Pic [file 3] 941 !


Now what happened step by step:

1st] Suddenly I remembered the special date of this day. Only in this moment I realized the coincidence of this special date with Ivana's names day.

2] The next thought was as consequent as logic: "Could this today be the  way of the heavens team to give a link to the 144-reflecting date?"

3] Next thought was the same consequent and logic: "Let me check for a civic number" ..I literally thought..."you never know, maybe it is a 14". This is what I literally thought.

4] The result you see below.



Then while proceeding toward home as usual - in order to exclude the classical 'just a coincidence' argument I watched for a possible re-confirmation which was right by hand, at few meters, an Audi car parked in forbidden position almost in the middle of the Wenceslas square road. [The driver was inside so he was just waiting there]:



Note the 8A8 converts into 888 Greeting from CHRIST GREAT GENIUS confirming/repeating his recommendation to join 1144 the inspired legion confronting the mankind's enemy in order to be on the save side when the hour comes. [Note also the 4 circles of the Audi sign].


 888 recommending 1144 !










10.05.11 & 11.05.11



[added 21.05.11]





       [see also 27.04.11 ]









144 & 9



This day was open door day for the church in Prague.CZ. This open door day was introduced since last year [2010] and has become a huge success. People can visit the church, cathedrals and domes and see those things which usually are not accessible to the folks. Ivana had the idea to visit the St.Vitus cathedral on the Prague castle. So we did and the journey began with the shot below right outdoor of our building at the Italian restaurant on the opposite side in our street, few meters from our entry door.



9999 & 911,

1] 1AB results through [A=1 and B=7]  into 117 = 7+2=9

2] Original picture size = 1,11 Mb. So this warning concerns the Goodists [=111]

3] Time of the shot 17:28, sums up to 18

4] Picture number 4747 symmetry 4+7=13 13:13 refers to 13:31 / you can also exclude the file [4] considering only the file-internal picture nr 747, that sums up again to 18

5] The 911 is the municipal number of this building, while the civic number is 4 = concerning the four winds and four corners, the whole mankind.



added 30.05.11    


Next, arrived  at the cathedral, among the many things to see we were mostly interested in seeing the



[German:Siegmund Sieg + Mund = Victory + Mouth]


Zigmund in its history has been accessible to the public few times only, yet 'Zigmund' is rung only at extraordinary events such as the swearing in of a new president or for instance

or in case of war/fight|battle [!].

Downstairs above the entry to the main tower a great crucifix immediately captured my attention since there was a small sun-flower [!] [2] fixed on its deXter side of the thorax. That was really striking on the day after a sun-flower message. This crucifix was hanging 5-6 meter high. So it wasn't accessible to anyone! This was really extraordinary. From that moment it was clear there is a new message underway now. In the next moment captured me that "X" directly on the entry door, along the 63 on the same doors frame [meaning: choose [X] the way of 63 which is the way of the sword of the word -or the way of the bell of truth- and which provides you with wings]


Upstairs then in the bell-rooms subspace I saw three numbers [1] [2] scribbled on the wall, each of them unmistakably linked:


1. 1969

2. 13.09 88 [13.09 = Veronika's birthday]

3. 11.11.04 [4x1=4 = concerning the 4 winds = whole mankind]

No other scribbles I could see on that wall.


Finally we could access the bells mansion.

Here the hunchback told us about the extraordinary technical details of the bell such as its weight of 16.5 tons and the fact that it represents a extraordinary art work of cast iron including a protruding crucifix with Jesus Christ on its surface all done of one unique piece of cast iron.




[open 1st original shot]

[open 2nd original shot]

[open 3rd original shot]

[open 4th original shot(view inside cathedrale)]


By the hunchback we were told Zigmund to be the largest bell in this country with 16.5tons of weight. 6+5=11, resulting into





So, 'Zigmund' warns before the goodism which is paving the way to the spirit of imbalance/lie/antichrist, and its functionaries, the wolves in the sheep clothes, invading our societies in the infested brains of imported masses !


Finally the hunchback revealed us the year when




has been installed in

ANNO 1449 = 144|9



144 | 9



Next we decided to leave through the opposite side of the castle. We never took that way before. Outside of the exit portal then the next 'surprise': A column based on a copper circle carved with 'VERITAS VINCIT' yet a lion on top of it, completing the story of today.









[open 1st original shot

[open 2nd original shot (the column with Lion)] 

[open 3rd original shot


Soon after we stopped by at the near restaurant Lvi dvur [court of the lion] for a dinner. The court of the lion is a gourmet restaurant which specialize on pork meet. Inside near to our table another greeting from ZIGMUND, as you can see, 'reserved' to those who have made their choice.




Court of the Lion

Soon after we stopped by at the near restaurant Lvi dvur [court of the lion] for a dinner. The court of the lion is a gourmet restaurant led by a top cook and which specializes on pork meet [!]. The best of the best Grilled pork. Inside near to our table another greeting from the 16.5 ton weighty ZIGMUND,  as you can see, 'reserved' to those who have made their deXter CHOICE.


Lvi Dvur

U Prašného mostu 6|51
118 00 Praha 1


Now compare:  

Zigmund's weight 16,5

U Prašného mostu 6|51


118 00 Praha 1 contains both: 8.11 1  [see also here: 8.11]





More about the 27 and THE WAY












DeXter [9]


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