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14.02.12 [124] / added 16.02.12 [612]





12-CYCLE & BREAK ~ 512









Payment confirmation received over iphone:

● Date: 15.02.12

● Message  1024 2184

Received  11:08

● Opened at 18:16

added on 14.03.12





16.02.12 [ 16 | 12 | 612 ]

Skype conversation





screen shot


11XX22  [XX ~ 1122]





09.02.12   [2+2=4 +1=5 = 45 | 54]



45equal54 ~ 9

[which formula I originally added on 09.07.11]


step 1


Today I found this bill left on the table by Ivana, and while I wanted to put it by side, the capital code 8926 in the lower right corner captured my attention. Then I realized this to be an iban code for an EU[R~9] account and the entire code was one UNIQUE NEXUS of a whole series of divine key codes, after the conversion of CZ = 68 =




containing the large key codes >>

689 | 966 | 211 | 893 | 936 | 8936 | 9361~1|639


along the small [two digit] codes >>

68 | 96 | 66 | 11 | 18 | 89 | 93 | 36



Not seen before something like this. The amount of the bill was over crowns




As I asked Ivana this turned out to be a bill of the laundry belonging to the nearby located Hotel.


Which once again underscores the 54 being concerning all 4 corners equal to all 5 CONTINENTS  = the whole globe or the entire mankind. Everyone.



Original picture no




Original picture size data:

1.98 MB (2,086,180 bajtù)

1.99 MB (2,088,960 bajtù)

A part of the initial digits 1 and 2 = 12, all involved data composed of the digits 8 , 9 , 6  =







step 2


The phone number of the InterContinental Hotel Prague: 296 631 111 =

296 | 66 | 63 | 31 | 311 | 3111 | 111


Original picture no





Original picture size data

1.89 MB (1,983,287 bajtù)

1.89 MB (1,986,560 bajtù)

The digits left: 1st line: 2+8+7=17 // 7+1=8  /////  2nd line 5+6= 11 ///// => 811



step 3


Finally checking the complete bill I realized the room number being  indicated with


[Ivana explained to me they always put this number there on the bills for their out-hotel clients.] along to a series of particular dates like the arrival date 01.01.12 = 2111  and the bill emission date: 02.02.12 = 1/222 /


Original picture no




Let us finally come to the very core of this bill, which I see in its central part, figuring the total amount of 54[0] made up of 45[0]  + VAT 9[0]. So, this message is nothing else than the divine reconfirmation of the formula >>>

>>> as this same formula is already contained in the date of this happening itself.



There was another small bill from another laundry laying nearby. This one bill figuring the order nr 619, the total of 33[0] Crowns, while the amounts were composed of the numbers 12 and 9, ~ 912. So I attached it to the first bill including both in one photo here above.





added 03.03.12




26.02.12 ~[2 6 212]  ~[26=8 812]








Article opened on 26.02.12 [612] at




[Orig.screen shot]

[Note the 2222-connection with 'la Finestra billmeaning the angels open here a window]



This evening

after a walk out with Ivana&David, then later with Michele, back home I opened the PI-website, where figured this one article by Kewil about an inverview with a certain Roland Baader  [which was until then unknown to me] on top of the homepage. Two details immediately captured my attention:  The Name Baader, reminding me on Baden, therefore somehow linking to Caspar alias Ogmios. The extraordinary date of his passing away: 08.01.12 [8 | 811 | 211]. So I opened the article and see there:  the definite hint of this evening with the >>


>>>in the page counter. When I read the article I got a bit speechless. After all this doesn't happen so often anymore to me, though this article was in some parts the word for word record of what I had spoken to Michele in our meeting half an hour ago. Some few sentences like 'the state has no own money' or 'a state bankruptcy is in reality the bankruptcy of  the citizen' etc.. where completely identical. Even the same English version/term: 'point of no return' I had applied. I went a bit further into details than Baader, telling to Michele that with a max 20-30% of debts [comparing to the gross product or turn over] there could be the chance to return back to reality, which means back to zero debts, but even then it would be 'bloody'. It would already require a saving program of one or more decades in order to avoid deep depression and crashes. However, the situation today is far far beyond of that line. I don't know how this is possible. Aren't we governed by unprincipled amateurs and cheap sinister populists?

One guess the surprise also for Michele when I called him so short after our talks, showing and explaining via skype this Baader-Article in part containing exactly and precisely some of my just spoken wording. Yet, this wasn't the only fact that amazed me, but also because it was the first time ever I heard such an open, unmistakably clear, yet factually voice, since from the beginning. Below you will find the 'Baader-text', or here on PI  or here on



 Though let me start from the beginning of this evening >>>




on this early evening Ivana, David and I went out for a dinner in the near Italian shop&restaurant La Finestra [~The window]. Before we left we picked up one piece of those special direct import oranges which -as Ivana explained and as one can see on the airplane symbol figuring on the stickers - are being flown in directly from the producer, so this shall be freshly harvested fruits. First surprise came when the women on the cashier put the orange on the balance:


grams. Since this 444-sequence was already familiar to me from earlier messages, this time I reacted quickly capturing the moment with my iphone. [pic 1966]. However, the bigger surprise came with the respective bill: Crowns


As I checked the bill there was even 2222 [which sequence returned later this night with the screen shot of the 444-Baader-PI-Article done at 22:22pm]  in the phone number on top of the bill, along the VAT nr: CZ 27886948 containing not only the 896 but which later I found out is to be decoded into CZ= 68 | 27=9 ||  =>> 689886948, so a nexus of 6-8-9 digits  + the one single symbolic


left, means 689 for all mankind!! From here is was clear that something going on this evening, only I yet didn't know what. >>>follows>>>



SHOTS 1/966 - 1/968






Size 2.11 MB

2.11 MB (2,215,038 bajtù)

2.11 MB (2,215,936 bajtù)

Note 936-connection with the next shot




‏‎17:59[:03]                                                       ‏‎17:59[:18]




1.62 MB (1,703,3 54 bajtù)

1.62 MB (1,703, 936 bajtù)

1.87 MB (1,96 1,806 bajtù)

1.87 MB (1,96 1,984 bajtù)

Note 936-connection with the previous shot


Phone number containing 2222 connecting to Baader

VAT to be decoded into 689886948, so a unique nexus of 6-8-9-digits, + the one single symbolic 4 > left [same as in the pictures size data] means 689 for all mankind!!


>>>follows>>>  So, half an hour later I met Michele, who started to talk about the reg. plate number of his former car being decodable from both sides with the same outcome. I didn't understand him and suggested to write that numbers on his phone display in order to better explain to me what he meant.

So he wrote the digits 9a02270, on his Nokia's message field to show it to me and which single numbers [excluding the 'a'] counted up

● from left to right result into either

1] 9+2=11 || 2+7=9 119 

2] 9 || 2+2+7 =11 911

● from right to left

1] 7+2+2=11, + the 9 left is again → 119

2] 2+2= 9 || 9+2=11 911
The truly particular detail herein is the fact that by counting up from both directions you get both the same results: 119 or 911 and that those results are one the mirror of the other. That is truly perfectly exceptional. At that point I asked Michele, what that 911 on top of the phone display, which he then explained to be the numbers of digits left for this message [911] + the message number[1]. At that point we started to realize that the 'a' in the car reg. code is to be converted into: 'a'=1, which means that in the top line of the display there were figuring the same key digits as resulting from the decoding of Michele his car reg. plate .number in the message field.

911 | 1

911  [1]

Finally there is the 'abc' in the top line, which I somehow knew would have a meaning, and which connection came to light next day moring,  here >


Later then,  when we sat down for the drinks the next surprise came with the [truly uncommon] cover of the menu card [pic 1990] figuring among other a copy of a bill on which top the


along a series of numerologically unmistakable sequences, shown here below.


SHOT 1/990

‏‎19:48 1/990

144 21 444 21112*

[*=mirror-nexus] [Note: the whole respective thread is 

composed of the digits 124 exclusively]

2.82 MB (2,966,005 bajtù)

2.83 MB (2,969,600 bajtù)



With the coloseum we have here an extra reference to ROME/ITALY. Btw, Michele grew up in the 'Campagnia', not far from Rome.







Here the respective text contents of the interview with Mr.Roland Baader, presented by Kewil on PI.


● Interviewer

Es gibt Umfragen in Deutschland, die aussagen, dass sich die Bürger eher mehr statt weniger Steuern wünschen. Woher kommt diese Lust der Bürger darauf, ihr halbes Arbeitsleben für den Staat zu arbeiten?

● Baader:

Die Staatsgläubigkeit ist ein uraltes Phänomen. Ebenso der Neid und die Trägheit. Rund Dreiviertel der Bevölkerung ist in irgendeiner Weise direkt oder indirekt vom Wohlfahrtsstaat abhängig. Sie wissen oder ahnen, dass Steuerkürzungen oder sinkende Staatsverschuldung ihre Privilegien und Almosen gefährden. Also sind sie dagegen. Außerdem hoffen sie, dass die Umverteilung von oben nach unten hei hohen Steuern besser funktioniert als bei niedrigen. Hinzu kommt, dass nur ganz wenige Bürger verstehen, wie Markt und Kapitalismus ihr Leben verbessert und sie vor dem Hungertod und der Knechtschaft bewahrt haben. Die meisten verstehen nicht, dass die Volkswirtschaft ein biologisches System ist und kein mechanisches. Also halten sie alles für machbar und wollen, dass die politischen Macher das notwendige Geld dafür bekommen. Ein schrecklicher Irrtum. Der Staat kann kein Problem dauerhaft lösen, er ist das Problem.

● Interviewer

Sie haben die amerikanische Bankenkrise vorausgesehen. Nun sehen Sie auch Europa vor einem Wirtschaftscrash. Gibt es keine Rettung mehr?

● Baader:

Nein. Der „point of no return”, der Zeitpunkt, an dem noch eine Umkehr möglich war, ist schon lange überschritten. Nur mit der genannten Parallelwährung könnte wenigstens das Schlimmste gemildert werden, sofern es sich um echte private Marktwährungen handeln würde, am besten auf Basis von Gold und Silber – und voller Haftung der Emittenten.

● Interviewer    

Was kommt nach dem großen Crash?

● Baader:

Eine Währungsreform zu Lasten der Bürger. Jeder sogenannte „Staatsbankrott” ist in Wahrheit ein Bürgerbankrott, denn der Staat hat kein eigenes Geld. Wahrscheinlich kommen auch Bürgerkriege oder ein großer Ablenkungskrieg sowie eine Explosion der Kriminalität, große Aufstände und totalitäre Maßnahmen, Enteignungen großen Stils, marodierende Banden, der Aufstieg von diktatorischen Radikalinskis und ein Gefängnisstaat mit Polizei und Militär als Schergen der politischen Zampanos. Ganz zu schweigen von Hungersnöten, Lebensmittelkarten und jahrelangem Dahinsiechen der Volkswirtschaften.
Die einzig mögliche Rettung wäre: Den Markt alles bereinigen lassen, eine große Depression durchstehen, und dann die Marktwirtschaft wieder ungestört von Politik ihre Arbeit machen zu lassen. Denn nur Marktwirtschaft ist gleichbedeutend mit Freiwilligkeit und Frieden, mit gesichertem Eigentum und Wohlstand – also mit persönlicher Freiheit.







03.03.12  [screen shot 04.03.12 (123/4) - 4 / 89988]










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