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Fiat money tycoon


Orwells "Ministry of Love"


Quote: "To put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god or an economic reformer like Keynes, or, even better, like Einstein." [George Soros]


Quote [..] Retired Green Beret Exposes How Secretive Non-Profit Organizations Erode The United States. The end goal is to destroy the Constitution and subvert the country. Are all NPO’s this way? No, certainly not. But the majority are, and this is one of the things that needs to be addressed by the current administration and Congress, brought to light by We the People…to keep Soros and his ilk from taking us in the direction that other countries have been taken…and at taxpayer expense, with the 501(c)(3) as their shield. [..]

Quote [..]"This guy is a spider with lots of nets," said Republican strategist Brad Blakeman to Fox News. "He controls a variety of groups through which he exerts his influence. We have seen [US-] internally with "Black Lives Matter", the demonstrations after Trump's introduction - this is what he does " [..]

 H  By sticking with this corrupt fiat money system you people are feeding up your own enemy. Preaching love, while leading you creepingly into imbalance, self-destruction, downturn, poverty, slavery. They are presenting themselves as your friends while sucking out your blood of your and even more your childrens veins, both personally directly and hiddenly through their uncountable subversive organizations ..


.. without you knowing it until too late!



16.03.17 Quote DE [..] When George Soros was a boy in Hungary during World War II and the German occupation, he collaborated with the Nazis to help confiscate the possessions of Jews who would be detained, and more-often-than-not killed. Soros has never been apologetic about this, and has often stated that 1944 was the best year of his life. [..]

 H  Sick mind





EXPOSED: Soros financed Protesters in Baltimore Promote Violent Revolution In America DE 

[..] Casa De Maryland Inc., an entity funded directly by George Soros, then leads a march down the streets of Baltimore, actively disrespecting traffic ordinances and shutting down streets. For the record, there were no traffic marshals in this march, as evidenced by the content provided above.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation has its tentacles in the funding of urban protests, disruption, and chaos. Soros has been directly linked to the Ukrainian Revolution and the ouster of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The Open Society Foundation has also been linked to other groups in various European countries that promote revolutionary calls to action.

Soros is notorious for funding revolutionary ideologies and has openly contributed $81.7M toward “Human Rights Movements & Institutions” in 2017, a portion of which is clearly seen in the recently disruptive Baltimore protest. Additionally, Soros’s Open Society Foundation has contributed $82.8M to matters of “Equality & Anti-Discrimination,” which is essentially euphemistic for the advocation of culturally regressive social reforms. .[..]



The Clooneys donate 1 Million Dollar for left radical open border Soros-Organisation!

10.09.17 However, when it comes to the border of his own private villa, Clooney doesn't joke anymore. Quote: [..] All this from the Hollywood star who recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he vowed to sue a photographer who snuck onto his property — a 22-room, 18th century Italian villa (bought in 2001 for about $10 million) — and snapped pictures of his wife and infant children.[..]


16.01.18 | 18.01.18


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[..] The


-year-old had considered winding down the OSF before his death but seeing the rise of the world’s citizenry against globalism and progressive interests, transferred

$ 18

billion of his own wealth into the fund in October 2017 and pledges to stay on as chairman for another five years – or longer. “I think you can say I’m quite lucky with my enemies,” Soros said. “It makes me feel more than ready to fight back and stand up for what is right.” The concept of “what is right” is fluid for the billionaire, depending on his financial stake. The speculator, who ‘broke the Bank of England’ by short selling sterling in


described himself as “one person who at one time engages in amoral activity and the rest of the time tries to be moral” [..]

Fiat-money-globalism only a 0, ..01% can profit, on the shoulders of the rest of mankind. This is a completely crazy ideology (extension of the socialism from the national level to the global level).  Just look at the dizzy house of cards they already have put up until now, then guess how far they would go.



Update 18.01.18

APROPOS "dizzy house of cards"





George Soros und eine zufällige, spontane, weltweite Frauendemonstration gegen Trump
In 157 Orten der Welt wird am Samstag gegen Donald Trump demonstriert - nur in Russland nicht. Warum? Dort ist George Soros eine unerwünschte Person. Hier bieten wir Material: Die Google-docs-Liste der Veranstaltungsorte von "Women's march", eine Sammlung von 403 Organisationen, die von Soros unterstützt werden - und die Webseite der "Women's march" und ihre Unterstützer. [..]

George Soros and a seemingly random, spontaneous, worldwide women's demonstration against Trump
In 157 places around the world will be demonstrated on Saturday against Donald Trump - except in Russia. Why? Because there, George Soros is an unwanted person. Here's our material: The Google docs list of "Women's march" venues, a collection of 403 organizations supported by Soros - and the Women's march website and their supporters. [..]



Soros warnt vor Zusammenbruch der EU – und schwärmt von der Nazi-Herrschaft


FPÖ-Chef Strache: Soros hat Sieben-Punkte-Plan zur Massenmigration nach Europa und finanziert linkes Establishment



Soros ‘Missionaries’ Bragged About Toppling Governments in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East






The CALL for blood and death is one of the most insane

levels a society or a group can sink to.

It is the level of satanism.



(translation): The alternative US site "Victuruslibertas" now quoted an insider from the US Department of the Interior: "There is a concerted attack against Sessions because of his work on the pedophile scandal called Pädogate." Two weeks ago the insider had described in detail how secret services abuse of politicians with pedophile tendencies and blackmile them with captured evidence. Some 30 percent of the Washington elite are involved - both Democrats and Republicans.

Now the insider said: "The Republican Senators

John McCain


Lindsay Graham

secretly work on the dismissal of Sessions." Involved are the Democrat

Chuck Schumer


secret service members

of the USA and Israel. Their goal is to get rid of Trumps Justice Ministers, "or at least to stop the pedophilia investigations." According to the insider, in addition to the

Obama administration

and the


, the Republican staff chief in the White House,

Reince Priebus,

is interested in the cover-up of the pedophile networks. After Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu had tried to dispel the pedophile scandal in a meetin with Trump as "a false presumption", he later had become suspicious and increasingly understood the dimension of the problem, according to the insider.

"The swamp is still much dirtier than I expected,"

Trump is said to have confided to confidants. A conversation with Senator Chris Christie revealed that the pedophile rings reach as far as Asia and the network "rooted in the deepest corners of the US and the

British political system".

Trump told his daughter about Washington: "This city is the pedophile center." "That makes me sick."

Trump now deliberately uses the term "trafficking in human beings" instead of pedophilia, according to the insider. Also, the real reason why Trumps 10-year-old son does not live in Washington is its security.

The insider had already mentioned Anthony Weiner's laptop a few weeks ago, on which there was a lot of incriminating evidence about various high-ranking politicians. A total of 375 high-profile names are linked to child abuse.

Weiner is currently being interrogated and is ready to
cooperate because he hopes for a deal in his favor. Schumer had repeatedly tried to call Weiner, so the insider. Both the Schumer and McCain phones are currently under surveillance. [..]


Quote (translated) 06.03.17  [..] High estimates that the revelations about pedophiles will bring down 30 percent of US media personalities. "Famous faces" will either be arrested or escaped - because they themselves are perpetrators, or have cowered the deeds of others. This is why the media is now fighting so hard. "These people fear for their lives," says High. [..]

Quote 06.03.17 (DE) [..] they are desperately afraid that anything come out, and thats why we see very unusual activities [..]

 H  The fruits of the fake Sanctuary generation. How deep can a society sink when losing anchor and balance, in favor of the false gods ? Horrible smell comes down from the rotten high tree. The higher the tree, the worse. I can tell you one thing. No matter how many there are of them,  if those guys involved realize that they can get away with that, guess what's on in the future behind the curtains.


Fixed by the Red Stones

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→ 23.03.17             


Trump tweeted on international women day underlining his "tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy."


Huffington post and other leftist media: "With his woeful track record of sexist and misogynistic behavior, Trump’s claim to have “tremendous respect” for women rang hollow for many Twitter users."


I am sure that Huffington Post and Co leftist media never covered Pizzagate neither exposed Clintons, Podesta, Obama & Co, Hollywood and/or establishment pedophilia. They are all holy for them.

So, Trump may be a bad guy but still an angel angainst those who hate him. We all have had the flu, but better the flu than the pest in holy clothes. This is the reality.

WikiLeaks Exposes CIA’s Covert Global Hacking Program  DE


Symantec Links Trojans, Malware to CIA Hacking Tools

 H  A beyond law and order organization, a no red line mafia, maintained with your own taxes.

Obviously Putin does not realize or recognize the chance that Trump represents. Maybe the trust is gone. It is almost impossible to restore the once unscrupulously and respectlessly abused trust.

Games !


In regard to the sinister blocking of Trumps first temporary travel ban from certain muslim countries.

"The majority of people convicted in our courts for liable offences since 9.11 came here from abroad. We also know that many people support or seek to commit terrorist attacks, trying to enter through our refugee program. In fact today more than 300 people - according to the FBI- who came here as refugees, are in FBI investigation today for potential terrorism related activity." [Jefferson Sessions, General Attorney of the United States]  



Obama, Clinton and the Muslim brotherhood
Not only that, but the directors of the Muslim Brotherhood has maintained relations also with the "lobby" in Davos for the purpose of financial agreements with the new Islamist Egyptian Government. This emerges from several emails exchanged between Hillary Clinton and some of her collaborators (Including Jacob Sullivan and Robert Russo), published by Wikileaks. [..]
One of the first documents reveals how high Members of the Egyptian Brotherhood, in agreement with the former supreme leader Mohamed Badie and his closest collaborators, were convinced that Egypt would become an Islamic State following the election of the government led by the FJP. The Executive and the army would then have worked out a plan to lead the country according to the islamic principles. For that purpose/target the Muslim Brotherhood would have carefully monitored the views of the Egyptian military, convinced that 90% of them would support the establishment of an Islamist regime.

The directors of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood relied on the fact that many Egyptian officials reentered from the USA, where they had taken part in training courses, with a strong feeling of hostility against the Western Society and the Christian and Jewish organizations as the enemy of Islam. Badie furthermore pointed out that the process should be implemented with caution and calm in order to avoid the allarming of the SCAF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces), but the objective was to replace the secular official with islamists tied to the regime in order to be able to control the army. [..]

It was Mohamed Badie who made the announcement to be very satisfied over the attention given to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, [..] Not only that, but the directors of the Muslim Brotherhood said they were satisfied of the outcome of meetings with the Obama Administration and the International Monetary Fund, which would accept the idea of ​​an Islamic state established in Egypt. The executive had even encouraged the arrival in Cairo of some delegations of leading US Companies scheduled for February and March of 2012.

Always according to the governing council of the brotherhood, relations with the Obama administration and other Western institutions would have made it more difficult for the army and layman to remain in opposition to the new islamist government.
The relationship between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood worried several countries in the Middle East, not only the government of Bashar al-Assad, well aware of the maneuvers of the Syrian branch of the Brotherhood in the attemt to put in act the same plan on syrian soil (as btw they had already tried in Tunisia) but also the Emirates who had clearly defined the Muslim Brotherhood a manipulation tool of Washington, thus banning them as a terrorist organization, a move already done earlier by Russia and Syria.

Moreover the facts speak clearly: the Obama administration supported the government of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt until the end, going against the will of the Egyptian people who gathered in the squares to ask anticipate elections after one year of the islamist "regime." It came to the point where the former US ambassador, Anne Patterson, was heavily contested by the Egyptian people for having backed Morsi until to the last bites, and was forced to leave Cairo in a hurry. In an earlier event Patterson has been immortalized together with the former guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, and later, during a university event IN THE UNITED STATES, WHILE she made the gesture of the four fingers of Rabaa, a symbol of the pro-Morsi  protests, together with a Brotherhood supporter. [..]

15.03.17 Obama's one-man-high-court in Hawaii ruling over Trump, to avoid protection of America *

17.03.17 Hawaii case - argument

Muslim terrorhood fears irreparable damage DE

must be protected - in contrast to the American citizen



20.03.17 Quote DE [..] Specifically, we have reason to believe that a Vatican “regime change” was engineered by the Obama administration. [..]

 H  Socialist manipulation carussell



The 44 Dollar Breakfast

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"The American public has lost confidence in the institutions of government."

"Our fellow citicen are absolutely convinced that we spend their money differently
from the way that we would spend our own. And they are exactly correct."


Congress Launches ‘Full George Soros Investigation’ DE


 H  So far so good. However, Soros is a child of the fiat money system. A corrupt fruit of a corrupt system. Wouldn't be much better to treat/repair the problem at the roots through the introduction of a REAL money system along to the removal of derivates i/e leveraged speculation, instead of running behind of the problems its bad fruits and effects? If Soros goes, others will take his place.



Call to murder, and no one cares. Where are we ?

In the sinister tolerant their mongo bongo land ?


NSA Documents Prove Surveillance of Donald Trump & His Family DE  DE
Bombshell discovery shows targets of NSA's "Project Dragnet"

WASHINGTON, D.C. – have obtained credible information from law enforcement sources regarding individual records of U.S. citizens under National Security Agency (NSA) electronic surveillance in the years 2004 through 2010 – a database that suggests both Donald J. Trump and Alex Jones were under illegal, unauthorized government monitoring during those years. [..]

 H  The fruits of 8 years of socialism and manipulation instead of Law and Order.


NYPD Releases Incriminating Clinton Evidence To Force FBI To Act DE

New York Police Department detectives and sources working on a production of child pornography charge against Anthony Weiner have turned on the FBI for creating “one roadblock after another” and have started releasing incriminating material into the public domain implicating Hillary Clinton in the underage sex investigation.

 H  What is going on with FBI ?


NSA Whistleblower Says NSA Spied On Congress, The Supreme Court And Trump  DE

..] "Inside NSA there are a set of people who are -- and we got this from another NSA whistleblower who witnessed some of this -- they're inside there, they are targeting and looking at all the members of the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress, both House and Senate, as well as the White House," Binney said.
"And all this data is inside the NSA in a small group where they're looking at it. The idea is to see what people in power over you are going to -- what they think, what they think you should be doing or planning to do to you, your budget, or whatever so you can try to counteract before it actually happens," he said.



Quote (translated):

US cinemas protest with Orwells"1984" against Donald Trump.
"Orwell's representation of a government that produces its own facts, demands total obedience and demonizes foreign enemies has never been more actual," the organizers write.

It remainds me on this one:

Quote (translated): Meanwhile, as the  "Welt" reports, the affirmation of resonsibility has appeared on a leftist online portal,. In the letter, entitled "All Hamburg citizen hate the police / The whole world hates the police," it is said that they will not hesitate to heat up the hot days before the summit, and have set the police cars on fire for this reason. It is also said that the goal has been carefully chosen. The police as a protector of the ruling order must be "attacked with full severity". Sender: "Smash G20".


hate the order (police), but like the SNAke


never said anything about Obamas wars


Latest WikiLeaks release shows how the CIA uses computer code to hide the origins of its hacking attacks and 'disguise them as Russian or Chinese activity'  DE
[..] WikiLeaks published 676 source code files today which it claimed are from CIA. It says the CIA disguised its own hacking attacks to make it appear those responsible were Russian, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean [..]


Peter Schweizer: In 2011 John Podesta joined the board of this very small energy company called Joule Energy based out of Massachusetts. About two months after he joins the board a Russian entity called RUSNANO puts a billion rubles, which is about $35 million, into John Podesta’s company. Now, what is RUSNANO? RUSNANO is not a private company, Steve. It is a fund directly funded by the Kremlin. In fact the Russian finance minister called RUSNANO “Putin’s Child.” So you have the Russian government investing in one of John Podesta’s business in 2011 while he is an adviser to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.

Steve Doocy: OK. Does anybody in the Trump circle rise to the level that there is this kind of money involved?

Peter Schweizer: No.
Just one question: Still investigating a Trump-Putin connection ?


All procedures have been followed correctly

and Trump has indeed won the election.

So, what does he want to say with that ?


Don't listen too much to Pentagon caspars.


"..calls Trump a f*cking loser at L.A.Library benefit"

Someone buy her a shirt.
She must be confused, thinks to be 20, alone in her bedroom.




















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